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Embroidering a lot during the lockdown? There has never been a better time to buy stabilizers and adhesives. It is something you will use and has a good shelf life. Plus, Ann the Gran is offering free U.S. delivery until May 6.

Here are some of the more unique items that also qualify for free U.S. delivery, and how you use them.

Print and Stick Target Paper

Print your design template on this magic paper and place it on the item you are embroidering, right where you want the embroidery to be. It has a sticky back to hold it in place. Line up the needle to the center point and stitch. Perfect placement. That is especially helpful when embroidering multiple designs on an item.

505 Temporary Spray Adhesive

505 is my go-to spray adhesive. It holds well, especially with applique and keeping batting in place when stitching in-the-hoop projects that involve batting and other items on both the front and back of the hoop.

Fuse-n-bond Applique Patch Backing

Often, making an embroidery patch is much easier than embroidering directly on some items, like totes, jackets, or shoes. Fuse-n-bond Applique Patch Backing makes it easy to adhere the patch to an alternate surface.

Stitch-n-Heat Film

Freestanding applique is one of my favorite embroidery techniques and Stitch-n-Heat Film from AllStitch is my absolute favorite stabilizer to use. This film works like water-soluble in the fact that satin-stitched edges stitch cleanly. Instead of rinsing water-soluble stabilizer away and letting the piece dry, Stitch-n-heat tears cleanly away. You can also use an iron to remove it when using it as a topper.

Goddess Sheet

A pressing sheet is often overlooked as an essential item in your sewing and embroidery room. They work really well at keeping adhesives from stitching to your fabric, iron, and ironing surfaces. Whether you are fusing vinyl, ironing adhesive stabilizer to the back of your fabric, or layering applique fusable pieces, your ironing board will thank you for using this Teflon fusing sheet.

Try something new!

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