Great Embroidery Spaces in Out-of-the-Way Places

Short on space? Ever wish you had a dedicated sewing and embroidery space? It doesn’t take as much room as you might think!

A quick online or social media search will give you plenty of workspace ideas. Not everyone has a dedicated sewing studio with lots of counter tops and an ironing island. Surprisingly, you really do not need a large amount of space of your own. It is all in how your space is organized.

These are a few of my favorite closet and cupboard sewing nooks.

Armoires & Entertainment Center Makeovers

Entertainment Center Makeover by Remodelicious

Add a coat of paint, some baskets, peg board, and under-counter lighting to an old entertainment center for a cozy sewing nook. Typically, the main shelf pulls out so you can sew and go. Close the doors when you are done and everything is out of sight!

Sewing Armoire by Kenneth Wingard

This armoire takes the sewing nook one step further with the addition of a drop-down table for even more sewing and embroidery space. The table folds up when not in use and the armoire closes up, keeping your machine and supplies under wrap.

Closet Spaces as Creative Places


Sewing Closet by Gwenny Penny

Often, all you really need is an under-used closet. You don’t have to be a carpenter to pull off this project. Use existing shelving and add a table top surface over purchased storage drawers. 


Craft/Sewing Closet by DiybyDesign Judy


This former storage room got a high-functioning makeover. Cabinets, a desk, and shelves make the most of existing space. The window even acts like a skylight of sorts. When you are done being creative, close the doors and the room looks tidy.


 Closet Office With Corner Desk by Sew Woodsy

This space is perhaps my favorite of all five. It takes the closet concept to a whole new level. The door-less corner closet acts as a recessed work and storage space, then wraps around the corner in a U-shape. That gives a lot of counter top area for hooping, ironing, stitching, editing, cutting fabric, and a computer station.

Sew many great ideas!

 Debbie SewBlest