The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Knock off a Designer's Purse with this Freebie and Save $2,920.

I have always wanted to be able to design and create drawings and other Art. To me, art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. YouTube has a lot of DIY for anything you can imagine. I've tried to learn but I am still not able to draw a straight line with a ruler.

One method of creating is to see something that I find to be beautiful, interesting or charming. I especially love to look at costly items that I will never be able to afford or dream items for – dreaming. I then place my own take of what I see and replicate – but NOT copy – the general design. Some people would call that plagiarism, but I am expanding the idea or taking it in a different direction.

When I saw this purse. I liked it, not exactly salivating over it, but I appreciated it. It squeaked under $3,000. at $2,965.

Pick it up right here today!!

Fendi is a high-end fashion designer. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford the products. If you want to rock the universe, you can check out Hermes for insane pricing.

The price for this little green number is $83,945. I did not see a method of reinventing the design, so I chose the Fendi to ‘sincerely flatter’ it.

Overstock has this very similar bag for $45.00, pick up two of them at this price. And, it includes a wrist-let!

Then, embroider my Freebie – on a white piece of cloth or something in silk to attach to the purse. The manufacturer embroiders these articles before they are sewn into the product. So I am using fabric that I will be attaching (likely glue) to my purse. 

I chose contrasting colors for 'pop' to the design. And am starting to glue some bling to the flowers. 

This was a fun project and hope you enjoy it. Here is my 'pre-patch' Discovery Sew. (Remember Discovery Sew is to sew on similar fabric with the same threads so one can see the issues that might occur. Some of these flowers are a bit dense and stabilizing properly will prevent puckering.)

Thank you so much for visiting with me for this blog. I hope you can take a moment to Comment, below and share with me what you might like me to create a design. I have been doing hearts for several blogs and still have some I find innovative and will be sharing. But, what new would you like to see? Do you want more of the humorous types? Here are a couple of Freebies for you if you did not see them originally:

Comments (3) -

Thank you for the fabulous design! Love the idea of putting it on a purse. I can definitely see this method used on other items that one either you cannot or  don't want to take apart in order to add a design to.

Thank you for this beautiful design, I can't wait to try it.   One question - do you cut around the embroidery before glueing onto the bag, or did you attach a larger piece of embroidered  fabric to the bag?  

Thank you Grammaheh1 and EllenM! Thank you for your input, I love hearing from my readers.

Ellen, I pondered that several ways to 'wrap up' the project. Outlining or framing the design just took away from the look.

I left it open but knew it was 'unfinished.' I (just) came up with the solution to use fabric that blended with the color of the purse (or contrasted if you prefer), and use some 'Fray Check.' Assuming that you are NOT going to be washing the purse, Fray Check will hold up quite well.

I looked for an unbiased test on Fray Check and found this -  
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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