The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Holiday Decorating.

If you are a fan of YouTube (I am a fanatic - hopelessly beyond a fan), there are thousands times thousands of DIY ideas. These people are not only talented and innovative but also love to do their ventures in inexpensively as possible.

You may have heard that the DollarTree stores (DTS) have a craft section with all sorts of fun things to play (make that work) with. You just need to know that not all  DTS have a craft section. When checking for local stores, look to see if they have a "Craft Corner." It appears that about 25% of the stores have crafts and the others are sprinkled with craft supplies.

I did see this project sample and loved it. However, each of the 3 stores near me are 'out of stock.' But you can see the entire Blog project by clicking on the photo. 

You may be able to find these at other craft sites, but these are an interesting size (not to mention price). I just LOVE the 'mini' size. It could go under so many things, hang on the wall, or be a part of your décor in any room. BTW, my kids, and now grandkids, always have an artificial tree in their bedrooms that they decorate any way they want to. Decorate every room in your home!! 

Crafter's Square™ Rectangular Wooden Crate with Handles

Brand: Crafter's Square™

Colors: Natural

Material: MDF

Width: 5.875 in.

Height: 2.75 in.

Depth: 3.5 in.


Don't forget to add your own personal tchotchkes because these are a shadow-box style frames. My selection of designs can be checked out/purchased by selecting the photo.  



And, since Ann's Site has the largest selection of Freebie Designs on the Net, here is a Freebie from that cache. Click on the picture to get your copy.

Just incase you have a little time on your hands (LOL) this busy season, I found this beauty and figured it would keep someone very busy and save $290 at the same time. I actually think the price is very good considering the time an embroiderer would have to put into the coat. 

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My thanks to all who take a moment with me and my blog. Blogs are like a chat on the patio with friends! Thank you!

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