The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Unique Tips, Part 4. And a Freebie for two crafts

Here are some of my favorite personal tips. I am always seeking great ideas that make life more fun!

Tip 1 - Decorative Painting for leaves, grass, raindrops and other small but plentiful items in groups. This tip can be used for a multitude of things. i.e., Paint the glass on top of a framed picture. Got a crack in a wall? Cover it with floral colors making it a decorative item and paint the crack with green for an innovative camouflage. Got a piece of furniture you just repainted but it lacks character? Use bright colors to add interest to the desk, chair, and anything that is not walking, talking and breathing. It is fun and very addictive.

This one is also the Freebie below.

Tip 2  – My observations for house plants. I love live greenery in my home but I can be a serial killer (just plants). Start with leaving your plant in its original container. Re-pot if necessary, but keep the plant contained. Place in a larger container filled  with soil. I have been doing this for over 6 months and having more plant success than I have ever had. I cannot guarantee this will work, but getting watering correct is a dilemma for many of us (well, me). The inside pot absorbs just what it needs and this practice helps to keep the soil moist longer.

Tip 3 -  Along with the double container idea, one more very practical concept is to add 'silk foliage' to your live plants. You can do this both indoor and outdoor. The trick is to select (very nice) flowers in the right size. My recommendation is to purchase a colorful 'bouquet' about twice the size of your plant. This gives volume, color and interest to the vignette.

Here is the Freebie for this blog. I tried this idea recently and could hardly wait to share it with you. This Freebie combines embroidery and another terrific craft, painting. Embroider and then grab a balloon and some acrylic paint in a tube. Tube paint works best on fabric and the acrylic in jars is great for everything else. You will have a very original item. See Tip 1 above for details.

I selected a tree without leaves and had a swing as well. I do like the simple design that are quick and easy, with or without embellishments. Additionally, you can names and dates for weddings, anniversaries or baby if you like. 

If you missed earlier Unique Tips, find them here -  Original , Tips - 2, Tips - 3.

Thanks, danke, gracias, merci to all who have made my blog and ideas possible. And, I do mean you.

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Thank you, omnik2455, I do hope you are enjoying my blogs as much as I love doing them.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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