The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Ideas are Everywhere and a Freebie for your Special Summer Outfit.

I remember, years ago, I heard something like – If you think of something, a red convertible, for instance, you will begin to notice them everywhere you look. I always wondered why, when I thought of $100 bills, I did not find them anywhere . . .

Well, my last blog was about a lovely dress I saw in a magazine and now I am seeing embroidered dresses everywhere!. This blog likewise is about a great summer dress that is practical, comfortable and has a look that will have people complimenting you. When my friend walked through the door and I fell in love with this easy care, easy wear dress.

Don't you just love that her toes are just peeking out from the dress?

I wanted to capture the feeling of her dress with a self-belt and include pockets. I checked the Internet for a similar dress and found this one:

 This photograph is courtesy of

Then I went searching for just the right free-standing lace (fsl) and of course, John Deere, Adorable Ideas, and had just what I need. You can see this design along with its 'package' of other intricate designs at AnnTheGran or at Adorable Ideas (

As I have mentioned previously, these heirloom designs were created for exquisite wedding gowns. John and his staff have made them available to everyone at the incredible price of just $3.95, you will love the beauty of these laces.

Of course, this photo does not do justice to the lace, but it gives you the idea for the project. The original dress had lace that was about 5" long and went all the way around the dress. This lace is  7.05" x 4.35" / 179.07 x 110.49 mm.

For my project, I decided just to use the lace in the front. Depending on your size, from under the armpit to the other armpit. Mine is 19" which is really excellent for this embroidery, at 7" by 3 separate sew outs.

As you sew on the completed FSL designs, I would be placing one across the center and the other two to the armpit. This dress does have elastic on the top. Make sure to attach the FSL below the elastic to assure fit. Some gathering may take the lace with it, but that will add to the lightweight freedom of the design.

Here is my vision in both white and beige. I cannot decide which I like better.

 Dress it up or dress it down, it will be the envy of all the women around you.

These two are available here at Annthegran, check them out.
This one would add a small ripple to the lace edge. It is 9.18" x 4.06" / 233.17 x 103.12 mm requiring a 6" by 10" hoop.

This design is truly fit for the most elegant of bridal dresses.  8.65" x 4.36" / 219.71 x 110.74 mm, requiring a 6" by 10" hoop.

Here is your Freebie, courtesy of Adorable Ideas:

AINL67C The Avid (989.5KB)

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I like the white better. Smile Thanks for the freebie!

Thanks for your vote!

The lace is just a mockup that I 'Photoshopped' on to the dress. I did want to show that the lace needs to be under the elastic, not on it.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  


I promise to all you 'northeasterners' that spring is coming and summer too!

Love FSL. Thank you for download.
I prefer beige/ecru photo for dress

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