Embroidering on Vinyl

There are a bunch of .99 designs now available. While looking through them, I found a couple of fabulous athletic applique designs that are perfect for using texturized vinyl.


Basketball Applique

Baseball/Softball Applique

Football Applique

Soccer Applique

The vinyl makes appliques look more realistic because they simulate the leather used in soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, and softballs.

Applique (video here) is done the same as with any cotton fabric, but there are some tips that make embroidering on applique more successful:

  • Slow down the machine speed.
  • Use the smallest size needle possible. Start with a 75/11 sharp (thicker vinyl, like marine vinyl, may require a larger sharp needle). Vinyl is pretty unforgiving. It will show every hole. Sharps will pierce small holes.
  • Avoid prolonged dryer time when laundering clothing appliqued with vinyl. Pop it in the dryer for a couple of minutes then hang to dry.
Debbie SewBlest

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