The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Decorate with trays

Leafing through multiple magazines, including HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens (how long has it been around?) and I have seen that some things are back/never left.  Serving trays are one of those things that seem to be a forever handy gadget and I think I want one for myself.

This project is a prototype for me and, as usual, my first thoughts may or may not be the best, but I do learn a lot from trying.  I looked on the Net and found some ideas:

You can even add some embroidered barbeque towels with this one.

OK, on to my idea.  I first wanted a tray from the 'home' store but they started around $30 and went up very fast.  Since I was testing my idea, I felt it was too expensive.  I settled on using a photo frame.  It is not the best idea because the glass is to fragile and it cannot be used as a tray.  I was nearly done with my prototype when I decided not to finish it and to watch for something in a tray that might be on sale.

Just the same, here is my vision of my own tray and the original photo frame.  My mother had four framed needle point (that she had done) designs one for each season.  It is a tribute to her creation but with my embroidery.

I did not take the time to flatten out the designs, but the first two were from the freebies that you get when you join Ann's Club.  They have fun ideas and great wordings that will inspire you and add a great deal to your projects. 

What an excellent idea for a tray, napkins and an apron for a gift for someone very special or a house warming!!  What about burp clothes and a tray for baby's necessities like powder and things??  So many projects, so little time.

Did you know that Brother makes a "Non Stick Foot" for sewing?  I just saw one - it is for consistent feeding with fabrics such as leather, vinyl and other novelty fabrics.  Your manufacturer probably makes one as well.

Did you also know that the 99 cent store sells Velcro wraps?

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