The Thread That Binds Us

I have been blessed with a wonderful mother. She is not only a great role model but also the kindest, most generous, selfless person I know and my dearest friend. How in the world do you ever pay tribute to such a treasure? Calligraphy Project Designer helped!

You may remember the Follow Your Heart project I created with this program. It used fonts and design elements of the program. I was DELIGHTED to discover that I could use other embroidery designs, like this one, with the Calligraphy Project Designer program.

I opened the design inside Calligraphy Project Designer and chose Jester Pro as the font. Because the design had a fair amount of text, I avoided using an overly scripty font that would have been harder to read.

One word at a time, I arranged the letters around the heart design until it was just right.

Give it a try, this program is extremely easy to use!

Debbie SewBlest
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