It's A Guy Thing!

Sometimes, there is absolutely no hope for dressing guys - forget about taking them out in public!Angry


Then there is this guy, he is actually robbing a bank. . . . Surprise


 And last, but not least, the ones that 'got away.'  (Yuck!Ick!)

  I cannot do anything about those guys, but I can help with a gift for the favorite Dad in your life!

 How many times have you wanted to create a terrific item for a male in your life but had trouble finding a project or a design?

I always knew girls rule, but when it comes to embroidery, the male of the species are just barely noticeable. Or, am I just not looking at it correctly?

All men get a Father's Day nod including the good, bad, the ugly and  the rest of the men who make us happy, smiling and proud every day of the year.

One way to show a man that he is appreciated might be to do a special pillow just for him.  I was thinking about a lumbar pillow for his soothing back support.

These are especially easy to make, especially if you use a cover and fill that is washable.  I have tossed my 'toss' pillows in the washer and dryer and they are just fine.

AnnTheGran has a lot of great designs for men.  The trick is to consider what yours is most interested in!  For instance, I did a Search for: fishing and found this one:

And to go along with it, I got this one (a freebie):

freebie fish:

 Which will create something like this:


How about something for a really NEW DAD! 

That TERRIFIC new dad design is a freebie right here :

 Thanks for reading my blogs.  AnnTheGran's Site is a great place to learn. Support where you learn!


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LOVE the baby design. What a great idea!

Sometimes, dads get left out of the focus of a new baby. This is a great way to show them just how important they are.

I agree, Sewblest!  I actually envisioned this in his office, framed and proudly presented.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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