Cutwork Snowman Gift Bag

cutwork snowman gift bag

I've had the idea for this design since this time last year, so it's well overdue! The design is part of the Christmas Cutwork Collection by Dakota Collectibles.

I added two variations on this design. Originally, the thread colors were shades of blue and plum, but I had a piece of "Let it Snow" fabric I wanted to use so, to match my fabric, I made everything white except for the scarf which is red.

Dakota Collectibles Cutwork Snowman

Using two colors also reduces the amount of thread/color changes. The other variation I used is that, instead of a clean cutwork window, I added organza because I wanted to use the design to make a gift bag.

Cut the fabric 12" wide and 25" long. Hoop cutaway mesh stabilizer with the fabric (right side up), leaving most of the fabric draped in front of the machine. The first stitch-out is the placement stitch. I usually stitch it out twice to secure the fabric and stabilizer edges in cutwork.

 Dakota Collectibles Cutwork Snowman

Remove the hoop from the machine but keep everything in the hoop. Turn the hoop over and carefully cut the stabilizer and fabric inside the stitching line. Then take a piece of organza slightly larger than the cutout and spray one side with temporary adhesive spray. Finger-press in place, return the hoop to the machine, and continue stitching the tack-down stitch. Trim excess organza outside the lines and continue with the satin stitches.

 Dakota Collectibles Cutwork Snowman

When you get to the second cutout (color change 5), repeat the above steps to cut out, place organza, tack down, trim, and satin stitch.

 Dakota Collectibles Cutwork Snowman

Finish stitching and remove fabric from the hoop. Trim away excess stabilizer. Fold short edges in one-quarter inch. Press. Fold over to cover raw edges and stitch close to the first fold to finish the top edges. Fold fabric in half, right sides together. Match top finished edges and stitch a seam down both sides.

 Dakota Collectibles Cutwork Snowman

Turn right side out, add hot chocolate and a mug (or bath therapy, or cookie mix, etc.), and tie with ribbon!

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Comments (3) -

Beautiful!  I love cutwork and you did a great job on this one!

Every embroiderer knows the name Dakota Collectibles and their quality is tops.  Getting excellent results are assured!!!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I love these designs! I am a bit confused. Did you cut away all the fabric? It looks like you have gold in the cut places, yet the finished looks white? Just wondering if ALL the fabric is cut out.. Thanks

Thanks, Pat!

I love cutwork and it really is not as difficult as it looks.


I did cut away all of the fabric. It looks gold because it was laying out flat on a wood surface before the seams were sewn. The finished bag does indeed show white because it is laying against the inside of the back of the bag.

That brings up a good point: I should photograph on a white background more often!

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