Embroidery Advisor Presents: Embroider those Winter Blues Away

The first day of winter has officially arrived on the calendar even though it doesn’t look like it outside, at least here in Minnesota.  We all know what is coming though in the upcoming months and unfortunately we will be spending many hours indoors on those cold brisk days. 

                                Winter Church Scene                           Winter Cabin Scene

To help make those frigid days fly by, Starbird Stock Designs has a couple of Design Packs you can embroider which will make beautiful wall hangings.  The 2 packs are called Winter Cabin Scenes and Winter Church Scenes and are shown above. 

        Winter Cabin Scene    Winter Church Scene                                    

Each of these packs has approximately 500,000 stitches total for the 9 pieces that make up the final wall hanging that measures approximately 18 ½” high by 12 ½” wide.   Embroidery tips and suggestions in a PDF file on how to create these wall hangings can be accessed by clicking here.   If there is a big blizzard, and you cannot get out for a few days and would like to do some more of these wall hangings, please check out the Fall Cabin Scene and the Fall Barn Scene packs, or the Tropical Underwater & Beach Scenes.  


Happy Sewing and Keep Warm!


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Are the individual pieces sewn together with a zig-zag stitch or put together with the iron on tape that is used to give a stained glass effect?

very very nice

I believe many of these are done with the black outlines (panes) of the windows already in the design.  However, the ones here go either way.

One of the good things about the panes is that if the alignment of the design is just a little bit off, the lines will mask that issue.

With or without the black line, the directions indicate to sew a seam to create the larger design.  

In the case of the 6 panel sets, they make a wonderful door hanging.

I have seen these done and frankly, they are so beautiful.  There are some for holidays as well as year round.  I particularly love the beach scene!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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