Simple Casserole Carrier


These casserole carriers are simple to make and are perfect for upcoming pot luck gatherings.  You can make them different by using an assortment of fabrics (maybe from your “stash”) and embroidery designs.


2 pieces of fabric cut into a 22 inch square*

2 pieces of fabric cut into 4 inches by 22 inches

*(For red and white carrier, cut 4 squares 11-1/2 inches square instead of one of the 22 inch squares.  Sew them together with a ½ inch seam and continue as directed below)

Small pieces of fabric of your choice for cupcake appliques

1 piece of low loft batting or washable felt cut in a 22 inch square and 1 piece cut into 4 inches by 22 inches

Medium weight tear away embroidery stabilizer

Embroidery designs - Dakota Collectible Collections #970426 Redwork Memories and # 970443 - Crafty Cupcakes.

2 – 3 inch metal or heavy plastic rings (Can be found in the purse section of Hobby Lobby or check the $1 jewelry store for bracelets)

4 buttons of your choice


1.   Place the right sides together of the 22 inch square fabric with the square of batting on the outside.  Place pins around the outside edges to keep them even while stitching. 

2.   Stitch around the outside edge, leaving about 5 inches unstitched.

3.   Turn the fabric to the right side through the hole you left unstitched.

4.   That will leave the batting sandwiched on the inside.  Slip stitch the opening together.

5.   Press the square. Top stitch around the outside of the square.  I stitched the width of the side of the pressure foot.  

6.   Mark a horizontal and vertical line through the center of the square so that you can follow them and straight stitch through all layers to hold the batting in place.

7.   Using a printed template of your design, mark the position of the design in the corners of the square, leaving enough space for the corner to be folded down.  I put a cupcake in each corner.   When using the redwork design, I only embroidered two corners because of the larger sizes of the designs.

8.   Hoop the stabilizer and the corner of the square with the markings lined up in the center of your hoop.  Stitch the first color of the cupcake design for a placement line.

9.   Place a piece of fabric over the stitching and stitch the next color.

Trim around the stitching as close to the stitching as possible.

Stitch the next color.

10.               Continue stitching an outline, placing the appliqué fabric on top, stitching, trimming and finishing the embroidery design.  Remove the stabilizer.

11.               Embroider the other designs in the corners. 


1.   Place the fabrics for the handle together as you did on the square fabric and stitch the two long sides and one short side.  Turn the handle right side out.  Fold the raw edges left on the short side to the inside and top stitch to close the opening.

2.   Stitch a line down the center of the length of the handle or top stitch along each edge as done below.


1.   Place the end of the handle under opposite corners of the square.  Mark a line 2 inches from the tip of the corner and line that up a line marked 2 inches from the end of the handle.  Stitch along the line.  Fold the triangle shaped corner down and stitch the decorative button in the center.

2.   For the corners of the square that do not have the handle stitched to them, fold the corner down the same measurement as the corners to which the handle was sewn.

3.   Place a ring inside this fold and machine stitch the corner down.  (If your ring is too thick for the 2 inch measurement, you may fold it down a little more to be able to stitch.)

4.   Sew your button on the triangle the same as the other corners.

          Thread the handle through both rings and your carrier is finished!    (The buttons do not show on this picture because I photographed it before sewing on the buttons.)


By Virginia

Please let me know any comments you may have below. Thanks!

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This is great.  Think I have found what I'm making my family for Christmas, of course I'll have to put their name on the to make them even more special...  Thanks for the idea.

Love the technique shown-my daughter is learning to use her new machine and was asking about applique'.

Love this idea. Will make a couple for Xmas. M J N

incaqueen69 8/14/2012 3:16:45 PM

Thank you so very much. I love this. Hope to make some for door prizes for my clubs I am in & Christmas Presents. TWD

I made one of these a few years ago and it is my favorite casserole carrier.  Super easy to make.

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Embroidery Advisor Presents "Sweet Dreams"

Embroidery Advisor Presents "Sweet Dreams"

Good Night! SleepTight!  Now that is something we all hope to do each night.  Whenever we don’t get enough sleep, there is usually something we can do about getting more and sounder sleep so we can stay in dream land longer each night. 

Some people prefer to have it totally dark to get a good night’s sleep.  To help achieve total darkness, sleep masks are one way that can be used to accomplish this.  If you would like to embroider your own sleep mask, then you need to check out the new Sleep Mask Designs from Starbird Stock Designs.  These stylized sleep masks have added flair to them along with a little humor mixed in.  Instructions on how to create your own sleep masks are shown on the bottom of this blog. 

    Sleep Masks   Sleep Masks   Sleep Masks

So now that you are going to embroider out a cute sleep mask, you might as well jazz up the pillows you are going to be sleeping on as well.  Starbird Stock Designs has just released new fashionable pillow corner and line designs which are perfect for sewing on your pillows that will spruce up your whole bedroom decor.  All of these design packs are currently on sale for 40% off so please make sure and purchase them at these reduced prices and start sleeping like royalty. 

Pillow Corners   Pillow Lines  Sleep Masks   PIllows and Sleep Masks Combined


                                     SLEEP MASK PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS:

                                               Sleep Mask Project Instructions


1 Sleep Mask Design

2 pieces of applique fabric
Spray Adhesive
Braided Elastic ¼” wide
Tear away backing
Sewing Machine
Bobbin thread to match the last color stop thread color 

Cutting the applique pieces.

Step 1: Create a template by hooping a piece of paper, backing or scrap fabric.
Step 2: Embroider the first color stop of the Sleep Mask design.
Step 3: Write the word “top" inside the mask template that has been embroidered.
Step 4: Remove from the hoop and cut out the mask along the stitches. Cut out the holes on both sides of the mask also.
Step 5: Place the mask on top of your top applique piece and trace the mask and holes.
Step 6: Then place the mask upside down on the top of the back applique piece, trace the mask and the holes.
Step 7: Cut along the outline stitches and holes of each applique piece and set aside.

Using the steps above conserves your applique fabric. To save time you can skip the step of creating a template by placing your 2 pieces of applique fabric back to back. Hoop the 2 pieces with the top applique fabric facing up and the bottom applique piece facing down. Embroider the first color stop; remove the fabric from the hoop and using a scissors cut along the stitching. Separate the 2 applique pieces and set aside.

Step 1: Hoop 2 pieces of tear away backing.

Step 2: Embroider the first color stop.

Step 3: Take the top applique piece and turn it over. Spray the entire backside with your spray adhesive.

Step 4:  Color stop 2: Place the applique piece inside the dielines and press down.

Step 5: Embroider the design until you come to the next color stop that states Stop Lay down applique.

Step 6: Remove the hoop from your machine. Do not un-hoop the design. Turn the hoop over so you are looking at the back of the design.

Step 7: Take the bottom applique piece and turn it over. Spray the entire backside with your spray adhesive.

Step 8: Place the applique piece within the outline of the mask. The applique piece will cover the back of the mask. Press down firmly.

Step 9: Carefully return the hoop to your machine and embroidering the rest of the design.

Step 10: Remove the hoop from your machine.  The picture below shows how the back of the mask should look.

Step 11: Now gently remove the backing from outside of the sleep mask and inside the holes.

Step 12: Cut a piece of the Braided Elastic cord. We cut ours 16 1/2” for an adult size. The size may vary slightly from person to person. Place one end of the cord through the hole in the front of the mask and fold it over so 1 ½” is showing.

Step 13: With a zig zag stitch sew the elastic together.

Step 14: Thread the other side of the elastic through the front of the mask and sew it together also.

You have now completed your sleep mask. It is time for an afternoon nap, go to your couch, lie down, slip your mask over yours eyes and relax into an enchanting dream.



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