Quick Coasters in the hoop- Designs Included

Quick Coasters in the hoop- Designs Included

Ever need something right now!  Well last year one of the charity craft bazaars in my mom's neighbourhood needed lots of little things to fill in.  So we made a bunch of these in one night.  In sets of 4 of these quick coasters, tied it with a pretty ribbon made their way to the sale.  They went fast so we decided to let our granddaughter  help make a set for her Sunday school teacher.  Since she was barely two and just wanted to push all the buttons it was perfect.  Here is a set we kept and, at the bottom a leftover test snowman.  I made these designs when I first began but you can download both below if you like.


Here is what you need.

Cream wool felt squares cut 6"x6"

Red wool felt squares cut 6"X6"

Medium weight cut away stabilizer

Temporary adhesive spray

Embroidery thread

Pinking sheers

Here is what we did with these.

 1.  Hoop some cut away stabilizer in our 5"X7" hoop.

2.  Using the spray adhesive center the red wool felt on top and secure.  Do the same on the backside of the hoop with the cream wool felt square.

3.  Carefully slide the hoop onto the machine.  Embroider the design.

4.  Remove from the hoop.  Using the pinking sheers cut around the outside edge. 

Make 4 and tie them with a pretty ribbon.  Click here to download the snowflake and snowman coaster designs.


That's it!  Well I am off to finish those last gifts.

Take care and Happy Holidays.


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I love these!  The felt doesn't absorb the moisture like other fabrics would.  Do you think it would work if you sandwiched in a heavy piece of plastic - like the tablecloth weight you can buy by the yard - in between the layers after you embroider to keep the moisture from going all the way thru?  That would mean you would satin stich around them out of the hoop.  It would be more work but more protection.

I tried to download the snowflake and the snowman  and could not download either one.

Cute coasters, thank you for the designs and ideas.

If you have difficulty downloading the design, try this:

Download and SAVE to your destination folder.  Then,  double click each folder as it comes along.  The designs are there, and I had the same problem.  I don't know why this happens sometimes.


embroider this is having a big sale on blanks and they have acrylic coaster covers for $1.19 and others with cork bottom for not much more. I just love to make all types of coasters! thanks for the new designs

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