Keeping it Simple - Easy treat bags for Valentine's Day

I love hearts so Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  And it is right around the corner you know.  Since it is snowing and super cold out today I decided to get a head start on the day for love.  My granddaughter has already told me several times recently what her favorite treat is.  And my daughter mentioned the other day that she needed more snack bags so I decided to make some fun treat bags that could double as reusable snack bags.  I decided to make a flapped fold over style bag since the Velcro on the others I made sometimes seems to get stuff stuck to it in washer.  These will hold the treats in and keep them fresh with a flap and a fold-over top.  Here are the first of my finished treat bags for Valentine's day:


You can download the design below.

To make these here is what you need:

Two rectangles of fabric measuring 18" X 7"

Embroidery design of your choice

Design template (you can print one from Alpha Xpress or Catalog Xpress or ELS)

Cut away stabilizer

Embroidery thread

Lapel Stick temporary adhesive

sewing thread

Here is what you do:

Embroider the design  (You can download the blurred hearts here)

1.  Lay the outer rectangle face down and fold in half to 7" X9" with the fold at the bottom.  Fold the top edge down 2".  Now decide where to place your design template and pin it in place through the top layer of fabric.

2.  Hoop the stabilizer.  Use the Lapel Stick around outside edges of the embroidery area and center the design template and fabric in the hoop.

3.  Place the hoop on your machine and check the needle placement.  Remove the template and embroider the design. (Note: These hearts have 3 thread colors that i embroidered all the same color>)

4.  Remove from the hoop.  Cut away the excess stabilizer.

Sew the treat bag

1.  Place the lining fabric right side up on the table with one short end at the top.  Place the outer fabric face down on top with the top of the embroidered design upside down.  Sew along the top short edge.  Turn so wrong sides are together and press the seam.


2.  Place back on the table with outer fabric on top.  Fold the seamed edge down 2".

3.  Now reach under and fold the lining so that the other raw edge is about 2" above the upper fold. Lining right sides should be together.

4.  Now fold the raw edge of the outer fabric up to meet with the raw edge of the lining.  Pin sides.  Sew both sides using 1/2" seam. 


5.  Reach in and turn right side out.  Fold raw edges in about 1/2" and press.  Top stitch the open edge closed.


6.  Fold the flap down and turn the folded top over it.  Your treat bag is ready to be filled with treats and bring smiles all around. 

I hope you have fun making these simple little bags with the blurred heart .  I am going to try a few more using rip-stop nylon for the lining.  There are lots of heart designs on Annthegran. 

And if you need some other quick ideas to show your love you might like one of these:

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Or use the blurred heart and make a E-reader case for someone special. 

These photo blocks would be a great gift as well for any Grandma.  Use the JOY or create LUV in Alphabet Xpress.

Whatever you do enjoy the day - it only comes around once a year.

Take care,



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