Avid Embroiderer Presents - Achieving another level in embroidery, and Robin Williams reminds us that there is good in the worst of times.

 I am always seeking things that will take my projects to another level. 

I review designs from digitizers to see how they create their designs. You would know the names, John Deer is one and the others are well known as well. 

At the cost of $3.95, this intricate design is so incredible. It is from the original John Deer collection from the early 1900's machine embroidering.

I learn a lot from those 'reverse engineering' from these professionals. I work with Hatch Embroidery Software and find it to be user friendly. Have a peek at it here.  

One of my personal nemesis was an intermittent shredding of thread. My issue with the shredding started from one day, December 2001 through November 2016.  You can read about it here and it includes the actual cause and fix. 

I must have sought answers for my frayed thread dilemma 10 to 15+ times on the Internet and in person at stores. One of the suggestions that seemed promising was to change from the standard #40 thread to #60 thread. (The higher the number, the lighter the thread.) So, I invested in a lot of the lighter thread. 

That did not help either. I had all this thread, about 45+ spools that had little value. . . Until I realized detail and sharpness have a place all its own. 

(Green wording specifically represents embroidery tips.) 
Here is a sample of my 'discovery sew' that opened my eyes. It is too bad that this does not show the difference between the weights of thread very well. The beginning is the 'standard' 40# and the lighter blue is the 60#. In person, there is a significant difference. 

The 60# thread  line is much more sharp, crisp and has very little 'lint' remnants on the fabric. My recommendation is to pick up a couple of basic colors  and give it a try. You will see the difference.   

For this blog's Freebie, I created a design from someone whom I have admired for years. Robin Williams was not only a talented comedian, but his serious work was impressive as well. As for his charity work, few have been as giving and caring as Robin. Note that instead of the 'sad and happy' theatrical faces I am showing both in smiles, it felt right to me. 

Crafting is among the most satisfying things one can do for your mental health. I am so happy that you chose to join me every other week and talk embroidery.

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