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Project Runway

Tomorrow nite, Thursday, August 20,  Lifetime televison you will be able to resume the fun of watching Project Runway. The show that people of all ages love to watch week after week as the next designer heads to the finish line. Tim and Heidi have moved it to Lifetime Televison.  Personally I am very curious to watch this season from the first episode since I was most fortunate to attend Fashion week at the "tents" in Bryant Park in New York City this past spring.  Having attended previous Project Runway events in NYC I was curious as to how this one would be presented since "season 6" had not even been on TV yet.  The presentation was like previous Project Runway events except for one thing...none of the designer finalists were presented to the attendees.  The audience only saw the collections from the finalists.  We did get to see Tim Gunn as he was presented as a judge since J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez for those of you who are wondering about that nickname) had fallen and hurt her ankle the day before.  Heidi was also there but did not have to finish the event saying "Auf Wiedersehen" since there were no finalists to recognize (but I am sure they were in the audience)! 

Tomorrow nite's show will be different for other reasons...there will be 2 other shows prior to PR Season 6 that feature former contestants....and models! 





Lest I forget....Brother continues to be the exclusive sewing machine sponsor for Project Runway and boy has that been a neat experience.  We have been able to be part of Jillian Lewis' journey to success in the fashion world.  Last spring I had an action packed March with Jillian.  I got to attend her Fall 2009 Collection showing at a very fashionable salon in the trendy "meatpacking district" of New York City and the next day as part of the introduction of Fashion Week in New York City, I was invited to help her ring the closing bell at NASDAQ .   I have to tell you that when we took our grandchildren to see Lion King a few months before, we stood at theatre window gazing across the street from NASDAQ and I never imagined being part of this very exciting experience.  A few hours later I was home in Metuchen dining out at a local restaurant and I chuckled to myself as my husband said, "I'll bet no one in this restaurant would believe that you helped "ring the closing bell at NASDAQ" today. I am sure he was right about that!

Brother has also had a great opportunity to have "Daniel and Wesley" of last season fame help our dealer in Peoria host a publicity event for FCCLA....Family, Career, Community Leaders of America if you are wondering....Daniel and Wesley

These fellows did a super job of hosting the finals for a Project Runway competition at this convention...from what I am told, they stayed for hours gving interviews and signing autographs.  If you want to learn more about this event, click here. You will not believe how much money the winner invested in her garment and how she made it!




In case you have not heard Brother has a full line of Project Runway sewing and embroidery machines.  So if you are feeling like the next designer or you know a young person with big dreams, now is the time to check out these well priced machines! To learn more about the complete line up and special offers please click here.

 Well it's time for me to get my beauty sleep so I can be ready to watch Season 6 tomorrow nite!  I hope you will too!

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It was such a long wait for the new season, and well worth the wait. Both the pre-show and the season premiere were wonderful. Great line-up of designers this time and, as always, I get a kick out of seeing the Brother machines in action.

junemellinger 8/24/2009 9:51:53 PM

I thought the first show was great!  I sure wish I could remember more clearly the fashions that were in the finals at Bryant Park last spring!

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