Target Rulers

I use target rulers to quickly find the middle of a quilt block, pocket, placket or other embroiderable area.  Once placed on the fabric, I slip a target sticker into the hole, aligning the crosshairs. Then I confidently remove the target ruler and hoop the fabric.

Once the hoop is attached to the machine, I center the needle over the target sticker, remove the sticker and embroider the design.

Ninety percent of the time, I’m comfortable with that process. But 10% of the time, I need a little more reassurance.  So I tape the target ruler to the fabric and hoop the fabric. I make sure the legs are not caught under the inner ring.TS2BL

Once attached to the machine, I move the hoop to center the needle over the crosshair.TS3BL

Then I activate the trace feature, also known as the trial key. TS5BL

I touch one of the four center points (top, bottom, left and right) of the perimeter of the design. Then I proceed to the next center point always keeping an eye on the needle to see if it continues to align with the target ruler’s crosshair.TS4BL

If the needle hits the target ruler right on the line, then I know my design is exactly where I want it.TS6BL

That’s a simple step for solid confirmation.

Of course, I could use a printed template of the design and perform the same steps but sometimes I don’t have access to a printer or more than likely, the printer is out of paper, ink, or both!  There’s always a work around when you have reliable tools in your embroidery studio.

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