May Day, 5/1/09

May is my favorite month.  While I come from a small family, there are only 24 of us, but for some strange reason, 7 of us have birthdays in May.  It must be those waning days of the previous summer. . . . May has Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the summer breezes calling to each of us.  See the entire list, courtesy of or see some of my favorites at the bottom of this posting.  What a wonderful month!

I guess I am into pillows this week, and this one is an idea I have had hanging around for at least 6 months.  I just was not sure how I was going to do it.  Frankly, even as I was setting up to do it, almost nothing was in place. 

I knew I wanted to do some sort of Free Standing Lace (FSL) and I wanted it to be a really unique item and have lots of ‘pop’ to it.  I knew I wanted to incorporate ribbon in it somehow, and with little more than thread and an extra pillow, I set out.

I selected a design which is actually an awareness FSL.  I did it in pink to represent Cancer Awareness, one of the causes near to my heart, but I could have done it in the colors of any awareness group.  I wanted to do Autism because it has affected my life, but the ‘color’ is a mix in a puzzle design.  I hope you support issues that are important to you.

The FSL is courtesy of Embroidery Library and has a 3 section design.

I sewed three sets of them for a total of 9.  I naturally used my favorite water soluble stabilizer, Badgemaster.  I had no thread breaks, no problems and each design was perfect with just a single layer of Badgemaster.  YawnSleep, it is a no brainer and I can qualify for that!

After I soaked my designs in water, the stabilizer was gone in about 20 minutes and I used my brayer to remove most of the water.  I would never squeeze FSL, it could well alter the shape and cause real issues.  I also use the brayer to flatten it between two towels.  I feel certain that my items will be flat, shorten drying time and not stretched.


When the design was dry, I placed them on my pillow and added a small dot of glue on the back of the design so that it would attach to the pillow.  I use a fabric glue called Beacon’s 3 in 1 which is quick drying and easy to use.  It does NOT clog up the output point of the bottle (happy dance).

I went through my ribbon drawer and found this great nautical rope left from another project and felt it was just perfect for my ready-made pillow.  I just used a simple square knot and my project is complete.  I really liked the outcome, and hope you do as well.  Not including drying time, it took me a mere 2 hours of stitching out, a really quick and gorgeous item.

My pashminas make a great throw/coverlet and are now available in great pastel colors:  yellow, light blue, light pink, white, and a terrific violet along with the colors already listed.  These make wonderful cover-ups for pool and beach outings, especially for those young ladies who need to be covered up!!  The yellow shown is even sunnier in person.


It is not too late to pick up a gift for mom.   Remember that there is no shipping on my pashminas!  The new colors that may not be listed are from left:  Lemon Yellow, Violet, Light blue, Rose, Pink, Tangerine, Summer Grass and White. 

·         Last but not least, here are the celebrations for May, I think my favorite is Blueberry Cheesecake Day, but then again, there is Dance Like A Chicken Day as a close runner up!  I will definitely celebrate “International No Diet Day” with great enthusiasm.


Month Long Observances

·         May Is American Bike Month

·         Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

·         Asparagus Month

·         Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month


·         National Bar-B-Que Month

·         National Egg Month

·         National Duckling Month

·         National Hamburger Month

·         National Mental Health Month

·         National Salad Month

·         National Photo Month

·         National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

·         National Strawberry Month

·         Older Americans Month

·         Transportation Month

Week Long Observances

·         1st Week - National Postcard Week

·         1st Week -Teacher Appreciation Week

·         2nd Week - National Pet Week

·         2nd Week - National Police Week

·         Last Week - National Backyard Games Week

May 1st

·         Hawaiian Lei Day

·         Mother Goose Day

·         May Day

·         Space Day

·         Worthy Wage Day

May 2nd

·         Holocaust Remembrance Day
Called Yom Hashoah. This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day falls on a Friday so it is actually observed the preceding Thursday.

May 3rd

·         Constitution Memorial Day

May 4th

·         National Weather Observers' Day

May 5th

·         Children's Day In Japan.

·         Cinco De Mayo

·         National Teacher Day

May 6th

·         International No Diet Day

May 8th

·         National Family Child Care Provider's Day

·         No Socks Day

May 10th

·         Clean Up Your Room Day

·         Mother's Day

May 11th

·         Twilight Zone Day

May 12th

·         International Nurses Day

·         Kite Day

·         Limerick Day

May 13th

·         Tulip Day

May 14th

·         National Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15th

·         Aoi Festival Celebrated in Japan.

·         National Chocolate Chip Day

May 16th

·         Armed Forces Day

May 17th

·         Peace Day

May 18th

·         International Museum Day

·         Visit Your Relatives Day

·         Victoria Day Celebrated in Canada on the Monday before May 24.

May 19th

·         Circus Day

May 21st

·         Lindbergh Flight Day

May 22nd

·         Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day

May 23rd

·         Penny Day

May 25th

·         National Missing Children's Day

·         National Tap Dance Day

May 26th

·         Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 30th

·         Memorial Day, it is observed on the last Monday of May, which is the 25th in 2009.

May 31st

·         World No Tobacco Day





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Good idea posting the holidays, Pat! You have to wonder who thinks of some of these, let alone who celebrates! 5/2/2009 8:32:19 AM

Hi Pat,

I love you you used the design on the pillow which  can be used all year long. I have several women in my life who will receive this gift.

Thanks again for your ideas!

Nancy in IN

I would love to try this for the ornament.. where do I get the design.. which one is it.. loved it. a great gift..


Bonita Springs, Fl

Thank you all for your comments, you don't know what they mean to me!  The notes you make help me because I spend a lot of (loving) time on my blogs and knowing you like them is heaven sent for me!!

That design is courtesy of  The ornament is really easy to make and is really beautiful as a gift (especially a last minute one) around the holidays.


I am so excited about the many things I am doing on my PC!

I am starting to work on FaceBook for my other site where I sell jewelry and embroidery products.  The Guide (Thanks Beamish Boy) is great!

If any of you have Skype, let me know your name, and we can talk some time.  If you have a question, you could Skype me and I could help you individually!  How exciting is that?

My Skype name is  pat71896



Once again, great blog! Nice job of "thinking outside the box" and using your creative mind to change the use for a FSL pattern. Awesome!

I'm always excited to see a new blog from you.


tourlady522 5/2/2009 6:05:23 PM

Hi Pat, Thanks for replying to my last message.

It was great meeting you at the Community Circle.

Here is my Skype name: tourlady

Bonnie Abbott, Canada

Hi Bonnie, I have added you to my Skype.  

It was great to put a name to a face, and I enjoyed meeting you at the Community Circle.  That was a fun time and I hope we all can do it again next year.

Bonnie, what do you want to see in my blog next?


Here's another holiday for your May list:  The Feast of Weeks (in Hebrew = Shavuot) observed this year from the evening of May 28 until the night of May 30.  The English date changes each year since the Jewish calendar follows the lunar cycle.  This holiday celebrates the giving of the Torah (Five Books of Moses).  Appropriate embroidery symbol would be the 10 Commandments.


Vera-Thanks for that information.  I took the data from a site that I found which did not contain your information.

I confess that I am very lacking in knowledge of the Jewish faith and often wonder about all the things I hear about it.  For instance, in a brief description, what is Shavuot?  

Thank you for your input!


Lots of fun information here.  Good ideas too.  I'll have to look another month or two.  The pillow is neat and is an idea that would make a good gift for someone who has it all.


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