Little Photo Holders for Mother's Day

“Meesy, why don’t Grandma and Gigi have pictures of us at their houses like you do?” my eldest granddaughter asked.  Since I provide them quite often I wasn’t sure how to answer so I told her that they didn’t have anything to put them in.  Of course she said, “Let’s make them something for Mother’s Day.” 

Now, Mother’s day is only a little over a week away and, at four, this little girl’s attention span is only so long.  But she loves to embroider and do crafts so what could we do for two grandmothers and four great-grandmothers in time for the day?

We decided on some simple little Photo Holders and here is the first three.

 Finished Photo Holders

Here is what you will need:

  • Large or Extra large Binder Clips
  • Felt
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Small Embroidery Designs
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Glue Dots or other double-sided adhesive


What to do.

  • Embroider the design on the felt using the tear-away stabilizer making sure you leave enough felt at the bottom to go around the clip base.

    Click here to download the little fish or click here to download the butterfly.  You can add lettering using Alphabet Xpress if you like.


    1. Measure the width of the binder clip and use this to mark a strip under the design that width.


    1. Cut the strip and loosely around the design.  Place the piece as you desire on the front of the clip and wrap the strip to the back.  Fold down and crease.  Cut along the crease.

     Photo Holder back


    1. Put glue dots or adhesive on front and back of the clip base.  Position and press the felt onto the clip.  

     Photo Holder close

    Add a recent picture and you have an quick and easy Mother’s day gift that is sure to bring a smile.  And my granddaughter says, “Meesy, this was the best day ever!    What more could I ask!


    Take care,


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    If this was any easier, the cat could do it!!

    Thanks for a fun and easy way to hold those little photos!


    really cute but the freebies won't load but will try another one of my designs.  Thanks for the cute idea - happy Mothers Day

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