Crash Course Cathy - Locations of AnnTheGran Users Worldwide!



Here it is…HOT OFF THE PRESS….drum roll please……AnnTheGran MAP – Level 1

In a nutshell I’ve heard from ME’ers from 39 US states, 1 territory and 16 foreign countries so far. THANKS again for your input!!!


Click here for an enlarged view of the map of AnnTheGran embroiderers across the United States that opens in a new window.

The following places are represented:

Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa,

Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey,

New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,

South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia,

Wisconsin, Wyoming and Puerto Rico.

World Map

Click here for an enlarged view of the world map of AnnTheGran embroiderers in a new window.

The following countries are represented:

Antarctica (just kidding!!!, but you know how much I want to go there !!! ), Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria,

Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa,

The Netherlands, United Kingdom  & Wales.


See you next time!



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hookedonembroidery 10/4/2008 9:40:22 AM

WOW......what a GREAT job you did my friend!! I hope everyone out there in "Embroidery Land" will send Cathy a great big "Hug" for all the time and effort she put into this. I give you an A++ !!


Here's a big HUG from Grapevine, Texas!  I agree - you did a great job and we all appreciate it!  Please add me quick - I was surprised to see only one other pin in Texas!


gerilaubscher 10/4/2008 9:50:41 AM

Hi! Great job! Please add me. Geri in Talking Rock, GA.

I have a Viking SE.

Great job Cathy  {{BIG HUGS}} appreciate all the work.  One Q - its just states that are represented right?  NOT the people in 'em??

Ok, now onto more blogs for us

Thanks again   DonnaMae

What fun to look at the different locations.  Add me:  Carolyn in Yoakum, Texas.  I have a Viking 1+ and a wonderul Viking SE.  Ann the Gran was the first site I used when I started machine embroidery in 1998.

It is fun to see where everyone is from. Please add me, I am just outside of St. Louis in Missouri.

jalcumbrack 10/4/2008 10:52:25 AM

Wow, Cathy!

The amount of work you must have put into these maps! Did you sleep at all??? I can only imagine the work that went into bringing these to the people, I know how Many Hours I spend in doing mine, so cannot imagine how many this must have taken you!!! GREAT JOB MY FRIEND!!


fairyuniqueemb 10/4/2008 11:24:58 AM

Wow - great job.  Please add Granite City, IL to your map.


Darla N. in IL

(It's across the river from St. Louis) - first exit off interstate 270)

Please add Washington, In to your map, It is in southern Indiana.

Thank you , Sharon

Great job Cathy! Us Oregonians are not slackers that's for sure!

Kathie in Aloha Oregon

Wow!  I feel good to see all the ME's around the world!  I would love to talk with each and every one!  Please add Caldwell Idaho to the list!  I am totaly thrilled with my new INNOV-IS 1200, my first ME machine!

Thanx Y'all for all the helpful info. on this site!

Shari Fearn


A big hug from FancyFarm, Ky.  You certainly did a lot of

work.  THANKS!!!!! I enjoying looking at all the EM.


nanacruchet 10/4/2008 2:24:01 PM

Add Chowchilla, Calif. to your map. (35 miles to the North of Fresno, Calif.)  Love my new Diamond machine and the ability to go to AnnGran to get the new embroidery designs.  Hardly get anything else done these days!!

Diolch, thank you Cathy from Wales.Well done.

I am in San Diego, please do add me.


Thanks Cathy - It's great to get a perspective on all the MEs out there. What a fun project - like all that are worth lot of work.  Thanks again from Vernonia, Oregon in the Northern Oregon Coast Range

travelbug1237 10/4/2008 6:52:53 PM

HH ME'rs....

 I am SO HAPPY that these maps finally got published!!! Just to clarify...

yes...these maps show ONLY the states and the countries. ( That is level 1 that I went in to more details in a previous blog.)

 I am checked in and sitting right next to OUR favorite TUTOR...ANDREW ( the newlywed) and he is going to say a couple of ( or a hundred words) here...

(This is the 1st session in a LONG time I haven't been sweating up a storm...)

So I am turning this over to Andrew...

Here you go Andrew....

Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to see all of the comments and socialization that goes on on this blog. I think that Cathy has met some pretty cool people if you ask me. We even have ten minutes to spare in our session. Cathy has told me that you all know who I am and that is pretty neat to me. I would love to meet you if you are ever in Oregon and so would Cathy. Cathy is nudging me and wants me to tell about my honeymoon in Hawaii. It was a lot of fun and a much needed break. My wife and I traveled to the Hawaiian islands of Kauaii and Maui. We spent a week at both locations and enjoyed every minute of it. I am 22 years old and still in school, so we are not rollii'n in the dough, but nevertheless we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and eating great food. Now I am back and ready to get Cathy up and running with her very own website and BLOG. So get ready and stay tuned.

Here's Cathy...

Well I am back....OOPS....almost turned off the computer by accident....I do want to THANK each and EVERY ONE of you who have taken the time to support me these last blogs and especially with inputing your places of residence.

Greg contacted me a few weeks ago or so & offered to take over the map duties.( Now I TRIED to get him to do this from the beginning....) but since

I  had spent so much time I wanted to do level 1 myself.

Some one(s) will be doing the other level which means they will need to go back and research each of your names and cities.

Thanks again for all your support since the suprise winning of the Brother PE 700 machine. In these past months I have spent a small fortune of 'goodies' but did little MEing...I did buy E a 270D that he LOVES and has been MEing daily for 2 weeks doing Christmas presents. I did one set for my son....He's got 8 children and now 27 grandchildren he is MEing things for!!!!


Chatty Cathy in  Oregon

PS I will make comments on this site for the next week or 2.

Bye for now.

Fantastic idea! You can add me to Seattle Wa!



Please add me.  Barbara Anderson, Lynn Haven, FL

serenemachine2 10/4/2008 9:46:58 PM

Yeah Cathy!  You got it done!!  Not much ME'ing for you though.  Now you have E doing it???  Mine just looks at the thread and machine's and rolls his eyes!!  Thanks for the blog, I always look forward to reading your newsy notes!!

WOW - What fun to see how widespread we are and yet we feel so connected!  Great job Cathy!!

I was happy to see several from Western Washington.  It would be fun to all get together sometime.  How  do we connect with others in the same area?  Do we get a start somehow in "GROUPS"?  Not quite sure how to get started.

Again, thanks Kathy for the great work.

SunRai Pat in Redmond, WA

I bet you don't have anyone from Mikado, Michigan?  A little town by Oscoda, right of Lake Huron.  I moved up here 6 years ago and Love it in the country..where I can do all the machine embroidery I want... Yes how can we start a blog with the people in our area?  I would like to meet other people that do embroidery.  What a great site.

Yup! Ya got me down there in Alabama.  That's a cool map.  There's probably more than just me here.  What's next for you?

Stitches . .


Please add me.  Carol Petersen, Wasilla, Alaska.

What a GREAT JOB. I love seeing all the people that are into MEing. We are looking forward to whoever is doing level two. is that going to be the individual people?

I agree with Sunrai about getting started in "local" groups.

BB how do we do that?

cme   8^)

jalcumbrack 10/5/2008 5:45:40 AM

Hi All,

This is Judy here, the best way you can "find" folks in your own area's is just put a post in the general discussion here on the site.

That is what we did here in Florida and ended up having our own special place on the site called Groups. Only because we were chatting up a storm and still do. You make a good connection with the folks in your areas, you can join in the Groups section too, have your own blogs and discussions.

Just put a call out to folks in your own area's, and wait to see who responds. If folks from your area see it and make a response then you have made a "connection" then you all can take it from there with e-mails. I have finally met someone that is here in My particular area, a stones throw away,and she is just a wonderful person and we are having so much fun already!

I have made so Many wonderfull friends on this site! I know you can too! Once you start e-mailing then You all can figure out how you can meet up. We chose to have a luncheon, we had a blast! It was so cool to meet everyone and put faces to names. So, that is the story of how we got started, I know you all can do this too!


Connie, in Erie Pennsylvania, with a Viking SE.  Great blog.

Oops...I thought I had emailed...please add Abilene, Texas.  Thanks...this is WONDERFUL!!! ;>)  MS

cme: It's very easy to get a group started. Just send me an e-mail saying you want a group and the location (ie. state, city, region, country) and I'll set one up for you. To contact me, just click beamishboy above this comment and click on 'Send beamishboy an e-mail' on the left side of your screen.

sewingbychristy 10/6/2008 2:07:17 AM

I am in Trail, BC Canada

travelbug1237 10/6/2008 5:22:06 AM

HH ME'ers....

Once again I want to thank you for all your support these past 6 months.

I've had a couple of calls and e-mails and just to clarify...

Yes, this is my last blog.

  I want to thank each and every one of you who have been supportive.

It's been quite an experience.

  Talk about a 'learning curve....phew..."

As far as the maps.....Someone else may take over the 'maps'  now as was offered in a private e-mail a while ago....

( It was very important to me that the level 1 map got published since I had already put so much time and effort into them.)

Why am I stopping now...well there is more than 1 reason but the one I will share is..... in a nutshell...

I have caused Greg extra work because I use an Apple computer when doing my blogs, photos etc. & I was 'very chatty' and he had to do a lot of 'editing.'

I was given the option however to 'convert' over to a pc which I am choosing not to do at this time...I LOVE my Apple. Smile

  SO  thanks again to each and everyone of you who had 'nice' things to say to me along the way and helped this 'newbie.' I will miss you!!

I want to say a special thank you too to Judy who was an angel on my wing ....who, from the very start ...answered questions from my readers about MEing that I had no clue what the answers were, but she 'filled in' while I was scrambling and sweating to learn!!! LOL ..... There are many others readers too who were 'helping me along the way." Thanks SO very much!!!

I'd also like to thank Lynn who has given me private 1 on 1 lessons now & lives in my neck of the woods!! Yeah!!! So I have some 'support' here locally too and hope to meet the other "Kathy/ies' close by!!!!

While I am in the 'thanking mode' I need to thank Ann & Greg once again for

the PE700 machine that I won in Florida and the opportunity to 'learn a new skill' both MEing and blogging. The best to you Ann,Greg, Pardeep and AtG.


I was asked....What's next....Well I still hope to go to Antarctica but in my immediate plans I am headed to the beach for a week or 2. Also my husband and I will also work on the 'art studio' that got WAY side-tracked all these months. It was to be 'up and running by now."'s still not ready but it will be done this time next year I would hope!!! SmileSmile

Last Christmas when I got my new Apple computer I had wanted to do a web site ( for the future ) for my dream  art studio/retreat Center & found out that Apple has a 'web site' program.

To be honest I had forgotten I had paid for the service and

my tutors and I got busy and side-tracked doing the 'blogs' instead etc.

Now I can get back to that.


 I nearly 'messed up' royally ......and just last week turned in my papers etc to 'renew my teaching certificate." I only had 6 days left to do so without penalities...I have NEVER ever let it lapse or get so side-tracked to get down to the last minute like I did. That was a wake-up call also.

( I have gotten a 3rd  call from Nike now and I MIGHT consider that ( teaching full or part time in their early childhood program) ...but for now I am going to the beach! Smile I told Nike my dream job would be to 'play' with 3 year olds...

doing lots of art, swimming and story time with hugs. ( I think throwing in

'nap time' wouldn't be so bad either!!!  SmileSmileSmile

Looking back to the last 6 months, as it turned out I spent a ton of money buying all kinds of things to ME but spent so much time blogging that I was not MEing hardly at all. That needs to change for goodness sakes! SmileSmile

So my "10 blogs" are up...well kind of (The US map with comments would have been 9 and the World map with comments would have been #10.)

(When I started there was no '10 blog' minimum and I am not 'under contract.'

     SOOOO this is my last blog.

Thanks again everyone. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL time MEing

and I hope to hear ( or see ) some of you!!!!

Lots and lots of Hugs from Oregon....

Remember I still have the offer for any of you wanting to come to the Oregon coast next summer around the 4th of July.  (& I still have the offer of 1 ME lesson for a free night with me at the beach house.) Smile


Lots of Love,

Chatty Cathy in Oregon who's going 'silent' for awhile. ( Well or I can try!) Smile

jalcumbrack 10/6/2008 7:07:59 AM

Hi Cathy,

Wow! I for one am going to miss seeing your writings on the site! You are such a breath of fresh air to this site, but Do Understand why you are leaving. I likely more than many others, Do understand! When something like this takes your Entire life over, and you are having trouble sleeping because of it, then it is time to let go of it!

As far as helping you, I recognized the struggle that was going on with you in your writings, and I looked back at myself when I was first starting to sew, and realized that it had to be very challenging for you,not only to start something new( ME) but blogging about it as well.(sort of like being thrown to the wolves so to speak!) I was so happy to lend you a hand when you needed it,after all, that is what we are supposed to be here for, to help others, isn't it?

However much I am going to miss your writings, I know and want others to know that you and I have become Very Close Friends! That is the one thing that I am the happiest over! Even though I may never see you visually again, I know that we Will stay in contact with each other, and that I am happy about! It is few people that I can actually call Close Friends, and you are at the top of the heap!

So, with all this said, Cathy, I wish only the best for you, no matter what you decide to do. Whether it be enjoying your beach house, or working for Nike.( isn't that called a JOB?) Just please keep doing your ME! I really hope you get your art studio done and ready also, I know How Much that means to you, you have to promise to send me a picture of it when it is done though! You are a very talented artist!

I, for one, just want you to do what ever makes you Happy!  I intend to do the same! As far as you being silent, I do not see that happening,EVER! But that is a good thing!!

Love ya, Kiddo! Stay in touch,(this I know you will do) LOL I would miss you too much! You take care, now go a play in the sand for a while,gather some clams, and more importantly, get some much needed and deserved rest!



I had wondered how you managed to fit your Blogs in with what your life was all about.  Maybe now, you can find the time to learn your embroidery and sewing without a million women over your shoulders!!  Stay on the forums as you progress with your craft.  And, oh yes, take good care of "our" Miata would ya?!!!!  


from Western Australia, I am from Denmark living in Australia. I have enjoying reading all your comments the maps are very interesting. I have got many god ideas and help from reading the forums here I am fairly new to machine embroidery but I have done different nedllework since I was a little girl. Tried many different craft loves learning new things I live in the country so not able to go to classes. as our nearest town is 120 km. away.

Aase Irene

Thanks for some great blogs.  I'm going to miss you and wish you the best of luck.


Can you add a pin for me.  I live in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.  Thanks

valclements 10/8/2008 8:32:27 PM

I don't know where you found the time to do everything but I wish you all the best in all you do. Thanks from (as I am also a new ME"er)please put me on the map.

London Ontario Canada

Cathy - Oh No!  I will sure miss your fun blogs!!  I do understand about taking on too many things and getting nothing finished or done well!  And changing to a whole new computing system would be way too much for me to tackle!   I sure wish you the best as you pursue your passions!

I'd love to visit you next summer.  And I wouldn't mind communicating with you by email.  I'm not sure how to do that!

Again - enjoy following your passions and be true to yourself!  Best wishes - SunRai Pat

SunRai Pat - We don't recommend posting your e-mail address in a public forum. For the reason why, please see the following post:">

To contact any user of our Community, you just need to click on the person's username beside their post or comment and you'll get their profile screen. On the profile screen, you can choose 'Send username an e-mail' and an e-mail will go straight to them, without you having to know their e-mail address.


I do hope you check back with us from time to time. Even if you do not start your own blog, it will be great seeing you here. thanks for all the help when I set up my "room". Your pictures and advice were great.

I know I for one will miss you greatly, and i can see others will also.

cme   8^)

serenemachine2 10/9/2008 7:26:02 PM

Cathy, of course I am sad to see you go, but I also can empathize with your predicament.  You obviously have touched alot of lives in the last six months, mine for one, and I appreciate all you have added.  God speed and please keep me posted on your successes!!

Cathy I am an avid embroider and since I became a grandmother have used my embroidery machine to add detail to quilts I have made for my grandson and great niece. I am in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland Australia.  My grandson is in San Jose California and my great niece is in Singapore.  I spent 30 wonderful years living outside in Australia and have spent the last ten back in Australia.  My family were amongst the first settlers.


I will truly miss you.  I never seem to have a lot of time to respond, but I looked forward to your blogs.  Take care and keep, in touch.  I am leaving tomorrow for a week long vacation to Arizona, there is a big car show there.  When I get back I need to start doing MEing for the holidays.

Good luck


travelbug1237 11/5/2008 3:17:26 AM


  It's very late here, but I stayed up to watch the elections...It is historic! Our Senate race here in Oregon is still not decided ..and it's nearly midnight!!!

I did want to get back to check my last blog just in case anybody had written anything...and some of you did & so I want to be sure and acknowledge you for that! Smile

  Kimbery51....I will miss you too!!! Thanks so much for the nice compliments!!!

(I hope you enjoyed your vacation to Arizona!!!...and I hope that you got to do MEing for the holidays. E has been MEing up a storm would NOT believe it. As of today he finished ALL the bath towel SETS for each child, grandchild and spouses!!!! They turned out SOOOOOO cute!. ( I did get my one set done for my son!) Yeah! sound like you have had a fascinating life! I bet those details to your quilts using your machine REALLY add a lot!

  HH Serenemachine2.....Thanks so much for your kind thoughts!!! You touched my life too!!! One update that you might love hearing is that

E and I are scheduled to go to Antarctica in January!!!! MAJOR YEAH!!!!

We aren't getting any younger and he knew it was my dream so he let me in on my Christmas present a little early!!! Can you believe it. Remember when I said I would go hanging on to the smoke stack......well it turns out we will have a view all is well!!! ( We never did hear from your friend though.)

It would have been great to go on his ship!!!...

As far as MEing....well my husband has been totally "fearless"' and has done more on the little Brother 270D I got him than you'd ever believe. He carts it with him on our beach trips!!! I'm NOT kidding!!! It's so funny.

I have learned how to download designs from companies and put them into 'files." My next challenge is to get my PED Basic to co-operate so I can actually use some of the gazillion designs I have been purchasing. Oh I still am totally hooked on designs.!!!!! ( I have been doing linen towels etc using the 'built in designs' on my PE700 machine and that has been fun.

I'd LOVE to hear from you again too!!! I hope you will keep in touch...

In the meantime...continued success with the work you are doing with those ladies!!!


HH cme....Have you started your room??? I'm glad some of my advice helped you!! That makes me feel 'good.' SmileSmileSmile My former guest bedroom/office has changed even more since the last time I described it....and I think I'll be 'tweeking it' for a few more months. I did 'take over' an additional room and put the cutting table in there along with a book shelf that will eventually store my designs that I have printed out and put into binders.

As far as my 'own blog' - well....that may come but not right now. I am getting myself 'tutored and assisted' in the 'basics' of MEing etc and I can hardly wait to get it all 'together!' I have a TON of thread now and a gazillion designs etc.

So once I DO have it 'together' I will be able to ME up a storm and hopefully not run out of supplies for awhile!! ( Once I really can get the designs that I purchased onto the Brother card) I will be in 7th heaven!!! I can hardly wait!!!

Sunrai.....Oh I am SO happy to hear you would like to visit next summer!!!

That would be just so much fun!!! I am looking forward to that!!!....Just let me  know....!!! Oh fun!!! Feel free to e-mail me anytime!!!

Valclements....thank you and yes...I DO have more time now and have spent extra time at the beach. The art studio IS making progress slowly but surely.

I got very side tracked there for awhile but it was FUN "meeting' each of you on-line!!!

Hopester...I'm not doing the maps anymore...not sure who is taking that over, but thanks for sharing your 'place.'

Joan12...Thanks...!!! ( I'm glad you thought some were great!) That makes my day!!!

Asseirene...WOW...from Denmark now in Australia! That is a change of scenery and cultures but I'm sure you are enjoying it!!! That's so great you have been doing this for years!! Keep up the good work!!! Smile

Joan/NJ...A few updates...the Miata is all safe and sound in storage....the dealership wants me to 'trade it in' but NO WAY....I'm keeping it forever. Smile

Oh...I have to laugh....a million women looking over my shoulder....well just know that I REALLY appreciated so many of you who took the time to help me and encourage me!!! It really meant a lot!!! I have done some MEing....but my husband's output is 99 times more than what I have done. ( He was VERY focused on getting ALL the Christmas gifts done for his kids and grandkids and by gum it....It is DONE as of today...Election Day!!!) It's so funny because he has his 'favorite stabilizer' and he is fearless when it comes to MEing..I kid you not. It's really fun to see him so engaged with it. He LOVES the cute Disney designs for those towels he's been cranking out on his days off!

I really think he's done atleast 100 towels & washcloths....They did turn out so cute and he put names on each and everyone of them too. SmileSmile

HH Judy...well we can keep in touch....and I will continue to pick your brain as you will let me!!! LOL You were SUCH a wonderful support and helper from the VERY beginning and I will never forget you for that!!! Thanks again!!!!


Well folks....this should wrap up my blogs so to speak....not sure any of you will get to read my comments because it has been so long since you wrote...but I did want to acknowledge each of you who had taken the time to write me a comment.

Hugs......and best of everything to each of you!!!!

Cathy in Oregon

Cathy, that is wonderful news about Antarctica! Your dream trip - congratulations! I hope you'll post some pictures somewhere!


travelbug1237 11/18/2008 2:07:50 AM

Thanks...It is a dream come true. Smile

Cthy your blog is such a HOOOOTTTT.  I just love it.  I am an experienced ME and will be glad to help you anytime.  I am Down South from you!  Only 15 min from Mexico border.

Love your pick of ur watercolor pencil work- Wish I could do it.  Not my gift, it's my sisters.

Auntie Pam in So Calif

Sewing & Emb are my \_/? of tea!

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