Pashmina 10/3/08

Some words cause us to think Luxury, and Pashmina is one of them.  Pashmina is the Indian/Persian word for cashmere and is derived from the Kashmir region of India.  Wherever it comes from, it is soft, very expensive and always very chic.  Photos courtesy of boutiquejewel.



Pashmina comes from the Capra Hircus goat which lives above 14,000 feet where temperatures are around minus 30 degrees centigrade in the winters.  The fiber is from the underbelly down, producing only about 3 ounces of wool each year.  Obviously, not a lot of it can be harvested annually, and spinning it requires patience and dedication.  This yarn must be hand woven and hand dyed due to its fragile nature. 

Some shawls may include silk, which is usually woven with silk running the length of the weave and cashmere running the width of the fabric.   If, on the other hand, you find a shawl that is ‘faux pashmina,' you probably have a rayon product that will do an excellent job of pretending to be more expensive and is a lot easier to care for.

Pashmina must be dry cleaned and I advise you know your dry cleaner well; some have the ability to clean special garments, and some, well, not so much. 

A few other hints are:

  • Do not wear your garment daily; allow it to rest two or three days between wearing.
  • Do not wear your garment next to rough clothing, necklaces, belts, even purses, (That is why you see women carrying clutch purses when photographed.) etc. Rough items can cause abrasion and pilling will result. If that were to happen, you can use your Peggy's Stitch Eraser to remove the pilling.
  • Always clean your garment before storage and be sure to protect it from light, damp places and dust. Fold the garment with tissues and protect it with an appropriate moth repellent.


My garment, on the other hand, is rayon.  It is very lovely just the same and I am taking good care of it as well. 

Items I am using:

I placed my Badgemaster into my hoop and covered it with the ATG Water Soluble, Adhesive Stabilizer.  My design is large and I placed the stabilizers only into the machine and used the ‘trace' feature as shown.  I wanted to be sure that my center point in the hoop was aligned with the center point on my shawl.  Use of the crayon worked because I could shorten it easily. 


That ruler is terrific because it gives you exactly the center point and if needed, can be folded for smaller hooping.   



I also made careful note of the place within my machine's layout because I was planning on placing two, each on opposite corners and wanted them to be in the same place.



Here I have stripped away the cover protecting the adhesive on the ATG stabilizer.  I left the cross hair point to match to the placement on the fabric.



I have lightly finger pressed the fabric down while I prepare to place it exactly on the cross on the stabilizer and finger pressed it down on the adhesive.



Next, I use my brayer to adhere the fabric to the stabilizer.   Nothing is going to be more evenly pressed or stronger than the brayer press results.



I am using a fresh needle, great design and checked my hoop to be sure it will not ‘bump' into anything.  This is a large design.


The finished product is so elegant that I will be pleased to wear this light but warm wrap to any event. 





I know that AnnTheGran is looking into stocking the padmina - please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing some of the Rayon Pashmina Shawls such as in this photo, and I'll pass the message on.  It appears that they would sell for $19.95.


Comments (10) -

Oh,So lovely!!  If these were priced at $19.95,  I would by one in each color for myself,  then buy more for Christmas gifts.

I would love some.  What is the posage to Ontario, Canada?


What a beautiful shawl. For 19.95 you bet!!! I love the design too. Great instructions. thanks

cme  8^)

I'd like some, too!

fairyuniqueemb 10/4/2008 11:16:45 AM

Absolutely! These are so beautiful.  I would love to get one for each of my daughters and one for me!  I can even see one for my dad's lady, my daughter's mother-in-law, etc. etc. ..

I like these colors but white or black or some lighter colors might be good too.

Please do add them to your items.  Love it!


fairyuniqueemb 10/4/2008 11:19:00 AM

Also, could you show how the model in the light blue one

wrapped it? I love that look but not sure how she got it.



This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while! I think this will be "Christmas Presents" this year. Thanks.


Thanks ladies!  I did make a typo on the size, it should say 34" by 109" because it is a shawl!   I was so excited about this blog that I did not see that!

My model, Julie, used a hair clip, which was about 3 or 4" long to hold the back of the shawl because I wanted it to cascade gently down the front.  So the clip allowed her to make it as loose or tight as she wanted.

I also did the design on opposite corners.  I think it would be great for one each of the designs on the long side too.   Both had advantages.  One suggestion was to do something like an endless hooping across the short sides.  I think the possibilities are endless - don't forget, a great design on the center back is great too.  

With the holidays coming, it can be great to have something light to wear with a great dress.  I am checking on color availability now.


I have six sisters and this would be a great idea for upcoming gifts.  Looking forward to purchasing information.  Thanks for sharing.

maccarlibyrd 10/4/2008 3:29:19 PM

I would love to purchase some shawls.  They would be perfect here in Palm Springs and also for gifts.  Thanks so much for the info, too.  

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