Keeping It Simple - Embroidered Book Slings

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In-the-hoop Cookies

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A Pretty Felt Playhouse -Part 2

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A Pretty Felt Playhouse - Part One

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Sweet Sweet Shoes

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Leftover Minky and those Elusive Binks

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Keeping It Simple - Owls Are In

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Easter Goodies for Infants

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Let's Talk About Terry---Terrycloth, that is!

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Keeping It Simple - Big Kid Hooded Towels

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Keeping It Simple - Sewing for Sunday

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Our youngest has a baby girl now overdue.  But for several weeks she was put on bed rest - mostly due to extreme swelling.  So the rest of the family shared taking care of the other two (five years and two years old).  We kept them at our hous... [More]

Keeping It Simple- Lampshade Makeovers

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Keeping It Simple - Barrette and Band Holders

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June from Brother - Tone-on-Tone Designs & Hole-Punching on the Quattro

June from Brother - Tone-on-Tone Designs & Hole-Punching on the Quattro

Frame OptionsNot sure where the last two weeks have gone but it seems like it is time to check in with you all,  again.  I have recently been to Des Moines, Iowa for two reasons.  The first was so I could film a video for a new feature on (part of Better Homes and Gardens) and the second was so that I could see how exciting the newest AQS show was in downtown Des Moines. 

Both events were most interesting.  For any of you that might wonder what it would be like to let a film crew come into your home and film a magazine story….think twice.  The film crew that I worked with was wonderful but they can sure turn things upside down, plus the hostess had to be well versed in “no problem.”  She told me that her ordinary home had been a few different colors and that she often had to be comfortable with it being Christmas in July.  For those of you who might be considering painting your furniture but just can’t quite put the paintbrush in your hand….her beautiful dining room china closet that had one been a pecan wood finish is now white. She took off the lower doors and slid in some pretty baskets on the shelves.  Chancey but none the less interesting.  Kind of reminded me of when we have a pretty blouse and we are afraid to add some glitz to it with machine embroidery.  Really, are the plain blouse police going to come find you?  Go for it!  And while you are at it, why not try embroidering with two threads in the needle or embroider a design more than once for emphasis?  Better yet, have you considered changing thread colors or even leaving a color region unembroidered?  You can do it, honest it’s all right, I promise not to tell any one.  Threads

In case you have not heard, the new Quattro machine will let you do a few crazy things too.  You can actually turn on the mono-color thread icon and those multicolor designs become all one color.  I love this feature because I am a real fan of tone on tone designs.  Another wonderful feature is the ability to turn off the thread sensors.  This now means I can “sew” without thread….hole punching if you will!   I also love the fact that I can turn on the edge sewing feature and the machine will automatically track as close to the edge of the fabric as I dare go! 

For those of you who might wonder what I am up to this evening….I am embroidering a cute little dog image from the Brother memory card SA374.  The image is actually a few dachshunds and terriers surrounding a frame.  I am going to use it for a scrapbooking project that I have that never seems to end.

This week I am headed to the first annual Georgia Quilt Show.  This show is in Atlanta.  Perhaps I will run into a few of you?

From what have read…a few of you gals in the Tampa were hoping for a choice of dealers.  Well you might be interested to know that the second part of my trip this week is to train the employees of a new dealer that has 3 stores in the Tampa area.

Finished Embroidered Photo FrameFrom the sound of things on the blog there are some gals who need lessons on how to embroider.  Has anyone reached out to offer lessons or at least some tips as to what to do first?    I have to honestly say that this site has always had members who never hesitated to help each other! 

I am off to take quite photo of my newly finished photo frame.  This time I sealed the edges by using the handy appliqué wizard feature on the Quattro.  For those of you with the upgraded NV4000D and NV4500, you have this feature as well! 

I have to admit, I am becoming addicted to making these photo frames.  I already have two on my desk!

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Hi June

I love the photo frames you pictured at the top. I went to my local dealer to see how many machines came in, they said only one. Why does it take so long for the stores to get them?

I agree with you about the tone on tone designs. They are beautiful.

cme  8^)

June and cme-I too am a tone on tone fan.  I love to do my projects that way.  It can be a foral design, and with good digitizing, a single color can still be outstanding.


I love tone-on-tone, to, and it's so difficult to digitize, even more difficult to convert a multi-color design to shades of one color. That's a fantastic feature!

June I am from Australia and I have a inovis700E and I am haveing a lot of trouble with needles,top threads and bobbin thread could I email you my concerns and would you be able to help me. I have tried to join the brother club put ozzies seem to be left outi relise you are very busy but I don't know what to do any more it is very frustrating when you cannot get it right and other times it sews great please help  maureen Fenn

jalcumbrack 10/23/2008 3:01:52 PM

Hi June;

Sorry this is so late, but Wow. Is there any way you can let me know what new stores in Tampa that are selling Brother? I am very excited about that!

As far as lessons, I would love to help anyone in my area learn to do anything. All you need to do is bring your machine and come on over.



I'm getting the quattro 6000D for christmas.  My husband just told me he wants a new four wheeler.  I gave him the name and address of our local dealer here.  I cant beleive they are selling them for so low and they are going to sell my ult on consignment for free.  I am so excited i cant stay away from the dealer (and my machine)  They let me play on it any time I go and I learn 15 new things each time.  Patiently waiting!!!!!


I'm with cme Why does it take so long for the stores to get them? (the quattro) Our dealer said they are on back order.  Mine is the first in line!

I've had my Quattro 6000D for a week now and I LOVE IT! This machine is amazing; takes sewing and embroidering to a whole new level!

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