Crash Course Cathy - WHERE in the WORLD are you?

WHERE in the WORLD are you ME’ers ( Machine Embroiderers(???!!!)

FINALLY……….Here’s your opportunity to share WHERE YOU LIVE with AnntheGran’s Community!!!!

It will be SO MUCH FUN to see where you ARE!!!! I hope you will SHARE!!!!!

Those of you who have read my earliest blogs, know that I have wanted to know this for a long time!!! I finally found  a simple map!!! (Those of you who are computer experts though will recognize it in a nano second:) It’s not what I envisioned to begin with, but at least it is a START. (I’m a newbie  in MEing and have very limited knowledge of computers, for those of you who are reading my blog for the 1st time.) These are just pictures of the Google maps I'll be using, but we'll put the real one up there once I have some locations put it into.

North America Map

Google World Map

Anyway, for those of you who DID tell me where you're from - way back when on my second post…I will go back and retrieve those, but it sure would help me if you did it here again on today’s latest post. It will save me a ton of time, but if you did it once & you don’t want to do it again here, now, I understand.  I WILL add you as I get back to each of those earlier posts & comments; it will just take me a little longer switching back and forth to add them to this one. 
Also, (I will ONLY add your NAME  IF you specifically gave me permission to do so.) IF I accidentally add or leave out one of you…please gently Hmm (thank you very much) let me know, and I will correct it as soon as I can. THANKS!!!!

For sure, please tell me your STATE, PROVINCE, foreign COUNTRY you’re MEing in, to the COMMENTS section BELOW and I will do PART 1 of the map right away. (It will have a marker on the state or country only to begin with.) Then after another tutoring lesson, I will be able to do ‘level 2’ so that with an additional click, it will list your cities (& name if you so choose.) Well or at least that is the plan!!! Wish me luck!!! Tongue Tied Hope that is all clear. LOL….:)Big Smile   If not, just write me a note!!! Wink

I hope you are all doing some ME projects!!!!….OH speaking of projects….I FINALLY went to the new MEDIA section on AtG!!!! Holy Cow….what  TERRIFIC pictures YOU folks have shared!!! I am totally impressed!!!! You’ve inspired me….even enough to get E and I to break out the new little Disney machine in our hectic schedule right now. We ME’d our 1st  Mickey Mouse.!!!! (with some errors, but I’ll share it anyway next time:)

Speaking of blogs….I have a  quick question for you!!!???…..Now that we have added many ‘expert’ bloggers on AnnTheGran (and I’m just a beginner AND because my blogs are SOOOOO long)…would you prefer me writing just once a month instead of more often as before? I can ‘chat up a storm’ in a flash, just not sure if it’s helping you M.E. or not though???!!! I’m not fishing for compliments or criticisms just wanting your honest input here. Smile

HAVE A GREAT time MEing until next time!!!!! Let me know how it’s going for you and what projects you are doing!!!! I ‘d love to hear!! (& SEE!!!!)


P.S.  Have a SAFE and GREAT Weekend!!!!

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Put me in Orlando, Florida, USA, Cathy!

travelbug1237 8/31/2008 1:07:00 AM

HH Ann,

I will put Florida and then Orlando as SOON as I get  'functioning ones working." ...well when "I am functioning" better It's not the map's fault! SmileSmileSmile I'll get them interactive with me yet!!!

     I'll keep trying. Smile is soooo great being a "newbie" at just about everything I've done in the last 4 months of my life since Orlando." NOT........but I keep trying and it will eventually all come together! Smile ...or at least I HOPE so!!!

   Ok ME'ers...let's see where all you readers are from!!!


CinO  (Cathy in Oregon)

P.S. THANKS GREG for getting the 2 up I tried to send you earlier!!! SmileSmile

Make mine Alexander City, Alabama.

Stitches . .


travelbug1237 9/5/2008 11:48:52 AM

HH Ann & LaRue!!!,

   Consider it done!!! ( Well almost....I wore out the last 2 Apple tutors trying to get an interactive map 'functioning." In the meantime, I will collect all the entries and will be getting together with another tutor this next Wednesday.

HOPEFULLY it WILL be soon. The one fellow who DOES for sure know how to do it, got married and is on his honeymoon in Hawaii for 2 weeks...

So the worst case scenario is that it will be 'interactive' by the end of the month.....but a lot of data can still be collected.

(Thanks for all of you who are patient with me in whatever I try on my blog, Meing, etc etc.) SmileSmileSmile

   I am off to the beach for business...( yes, really!!!) and will be back on Tuesday to acknowledge any of you other readers and MEing buddies that would like to be 'included on the map.'  So if I don't write to you right away,

I really am NOT ignoring you.

EVERYONE have a WONDERFUL and SAFE weekend!!!

( Now that some of you have your kids back in might give you some extra time for MEing and sharing what you are doing with us.)

We'd love to hear ( & see !!!)



P.S. My Miata IS now co-operating. YEAH!!! that makes it 'one down and one to go to get fixed! ) Never a dull moment around here! Smile

To be added to the map:

         Orlando, Florida

         Alexander City, Alabama

         Seaside, Oregon

jalcumbrack 9/5/2008 2:23:37 PM

Hello My Friend!!

Put mine in Sun City Center Florida,( 18 miles south of Tampa)


Hi Cathy

Put me in Ormond Beach, Fl.


Hi Cathy

I am living in Victoria, Australia.  I too am new to MEing and loving everything about it.

Kind Regards:  Vanessa

lornabouchard 9/6/2008 10:34:09 AM

Lorna Bouchard, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

iamderailed 9/6/2008 10:34:22 AM

Hi Cathy

I'm in Phoenix AZ  Joyce


Put me in Fancy Farm, Kentucky, 35 miles north of Paducah,

Kentucky(our big quilt show in April, we hope)



Put me in beautiful, but too dry Suwanee, GA.  It is 25 northeast of Atlanta.  



I am in Adelaide South Australia. thankyou

Hi Cathy,

I am in Bridgton, Maine and also Titusvile, Fl

Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

Linda C.

Hi Cathy,

I'm in Texas City, TX - yee ha!



Hi There, A big Hello  from Sydney Australia.

I have never left a comment on your Blog, but have been reading and enjoying it for several months.

I am from Tavares, Florida.



I am in Santiago, Chile.  I just spotted a new Brother Innovis 900D model at one of the local department stores here!

Hi Cathy,

Make mine Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Love your blog.



I am in White Hall, Arkansas.  Love to ME!!  White Hall is about 40 miles SW of the Capitol City of Little Rock.  Read you blog and love it.

Jenks America located in Oklahoma needs a pinpoint on your map.  Great idea.  Phyllis

You can find me In Harrison OH  Granny

I'm located in Harrold, South Dakota

Fort Gratiot, Michigan USA

Hi,  I'm in Canyon Lake California  

Dee Dee says, My "Pfaff" and I hail from Mayville, ND. half way between Fargo and Grand forks, ND


Trying machine embroidery in Orange, Texas

What a fun idea to "map" the location of ME'ers. I live in Hendersonville, TN near Nashville. I use a Husqvarna Designer 1 that I have had for about 5 years. I feel like I am still learning what it can do on my quilting and embroidery projects.

We have 4 grown daughters, and 7 grandchildren, the closest being 3 hours away.  Blogging has helped keep us in touch (you don't have to repeat the same info more than once).


Waynesboro, Georgia  30 miles southwest of Augusta.


I am a McPherson. KS USA machine embroiderer.

Linda B

Hi,I'm Betty from Calgary,Alberta,Canada.  Just got the HUS Diamond and it's abeauty.  Look forward to ideas you have --a great idea!

Hi my name is Alice and I live in Collinsville, Il USA love quilting and embroidering and of course my Lhasa Apso named Khandi

Hi, I am from Ross, OH. Enjoy your site!

Hi, I'm Carol from Loranger, Louisiana I'm new to ME but am loving it more each day !

Hi Cathy!

What a wonderful idea!  I was going to say I wasn't going to sign up, but then I looked at  the list and no one form my state was listed.  who knew?!?

Sign me up in Randolph, New Jersey.  I do believe I am your first in the norteast.


Kim  (and Mush too!)

Hi Cathy and all you MEers

Glad to see soooooo many of us. Put me in Port Orchard, WA across the water from Seattle, south of Bremerton

matherssewing 9/6/2008 12:13:49 PM

Great Idea!  I love creative people to chat with.  


I live in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Thanks and God Bless!

gregorysgirl 9/6/2008 12:16:00 PM

I am Needles. and I live in Northampton England

grantwrites 9/6/2008 12:18:28 PM

Well, I'm new to your blog, but it looks interesting.

I'm the second to sign in from California.  Stick my pin in Walnut Creek, CA.  I've been MEing for about 10 years now!

Put me in Peoria,Illinois, about 180 miles south of Chicago!      Marge

Hi Cathy

what a great and ambitious project!

Stick my pin in Melbourne, Florida USA!

Have been sewing for 50 yrs, MEing for about 8, needlpoint for 35, knitting for 45.  don't know how to crochet still want to learn Smile

It looks like I am the first from NY too?

MooMommy (Edith) and my Pfaff 2170 are in Suffern, NY (but really Pomona, NY)

LOVE reading your blog!

and hope to hear from more NY'ers and northern NJ'ers too Smile

cindystump53 9/6/2008 12:47:21 PM

I started ME at the same time you did. This was the first web site I found. It has been fun reading your blogs. I just wish I had more time to play with my ME, but I work 5 days a week. Put me on your map in Woodbridge, VA (about 20 miles south of DC).




please put my pin  to the little point, which marks the German/Dutch border.

I`m from Essen and just sitting beside my compy,my Elna, my Pfaff and a Brother embroiderer...

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


Hi Cathy

My nane is Kitty and I ME on my Designer SE in Anaheim, CA. Yeah Mickey Mouse!  Your Map Idea is awesome!  It will be exciting to watch the map grow!

I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

Thanks and God Bless!

Put me down for  Hoover, Alabama. Just got my embroidery machine last week......have seen for years but  just starting this new adventure since i retired last month......

Hi Cathy,

My name is Donna and you can put me down for Syracuse, NY.  

Great idea Cathy,

You know where I am about 5 miles from you!!!

Hillsboro, Oregon

The other Kathy in Oregon

Hi Cathy,

I'm from Norway. At about 70 km south-east from Oslo.

Hilsen fra Norge


I am in Fayetteville, GA. 20 miles SW of Atlanta

cinchriste 9/6/2008 1:32:32 PM

Add Dallas, Ga on you list!



Hi  I am in Westerly, RI .Add me to your list.



It is exciting to see the locations from all over the world...."it's a small world after all".  

I am located in Danville, Kentucky (40 miles south of Lexington).


pyracantha 9/6/2008 1:46:03 PM

Another Texan...MSO from Abilene (150 west of the metromess).  :>)

You can put me in Mobile Alabama

baywatchgranny 9/6/2008 1:55:41 PM

Hey Ya'll, I live in Graniteville, SC. It's 10 miles from Augusta, GA and 50 miles from Columbia, SC.  I love the information I get off this blog and Ann's website.

anniesue113 9/6/2008 2:04:20 PM

I'm in Madison Alabama, just next to Huntsville and Space Camp.

Hi Cathy, Love your blog! Vivian in De Soto, WI.  I own a Janome 10000. Spend lots of time collecting free designs and reading ME info. Have lots to learn.

I am in Orangeburg, SC~ Danene

I'm in Tallahassee, the capital of the state of Florida.

I'm in Dallas, TX

lindasewnsew 9/6/2008 2:41:24 PM

You will find me and my Husqvarna SE in Restoule, Ontario, Canada.  It is south-west of North Bay.

nanniesangel 9/6/2008 2:49:41 PM

Hi there you will find me at Duffield Alberta just west of Edmonton Alberta Canada.  

Hi, I look like the first from Wales, Pop my pin just north of Swansea!


Hi there, my name is Nadyne and I am from Cranbrook, B.C., Canada. I also have a Brother and just love it!!

My Designer 1 and I reside in Cleveland, GA....home of the Cabbage Patch Kids!  I have one itty bitty granddaughter  (4 months old) that I love MEing for....but like to do things for son, daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law.  They all live about 45 minutes away....out of our hair but close enough to visit often.   Phyllis

tourlady522 9/6/2008 3:25:33 PM

Hi Cathy, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the summer and Silver Springs, Florida in the winter.

Love what you are doing. keep up the good work.


treefrog1007 9/6/2008 3:26:11 PM

I grew up in Pensacola, Fl but my husband is currently stationed on Oahu in Kailua, HI

I'm a newbie too!

I am in San Diego, southern California.


My Husqvarna Designer 1 and SE and I live in Bloomington, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, USA.  I love sewing, designing apparel and wall quilts, and almost anything you can make from fabric!

I moved to NYC after college because I wanted to be an apparel designer, but worked as a managing editor of a trade magazine for the home sewing and art needlework industries instead.  I moved back to the  midwest after a few years and have lived in MN for the last 30 years.

I have had a number of interesting and demanding jobs since then, but still come back to designing.  I taught myself a bit about digitizing, too.

I, too, love beautiful things and people.  I think creating beauty in art expresses the richness and loveliness  we find in life all around us.  I have always found that people who create things are wonderful, positive, enthusiastic and inspiring!  I have designer friends from around the world who are all great people I feel priveleged to know.


marjoriezurfehr 9/6/2008 3:52:36 PM

Hi! My name is Marjorie and I live in Las Cruces, NM. i love to embroider for my 5 children, 4 grandchildren, 7 great grand children and also my dear husband. I have a Baby Lock Ellagante machine and just love it. I have been sewing for about 65 years but only embroidering for about 10 years. I love to embroider especially  FSL. but I do a lot of other kinds of embroidery also.

I am in Bend, OR and am originally from Honolulu, HI.

My user name gives a clue to that as I have butterflies and it is the workd for buttefly,


riverlakes 9/6/2008 4:10:47 PM

Sunny  beautiful Brisbane Australia is home to me...Leone

Hi!  My location is Glover, Vermont  USA .  about 20 miles south of the Canadian Border On Interstate 91.  I've been MEing for about a year.  Still working full time so don't get as much time as I would like to  ME.


cherylfaxon 9/6/2008 4:19:17 PM

Hi Cathy,  

I love to ME here in DEEP SOUTH Texas !  I live in Palm Valley, a small city built around a lovely golf course.  We are adjacent to Harlingen, Texas, and we enjoy the tropical climate, and a wonderfully economical place to retire !    When I'm not trying to learn golf, I love to turn out things on my Baby Lock Accent.  It's an older machine,  but it has been amazing to create golf related gifts,  and fun things for the grandkids...all 16 of them !

Thanks for the map !  I look forward to finding other ME fans close by..........               Cheryl

alssweetheart 9/6/2008 4:25:19 PM

Hi Cathy!

I'm in Chesapeake, VA (just 10 minutes from Virginia Beach,VA a more recognizable city).

I am an RN, unfortunately disabled from Whooping Cough~really weird complications. HOWEVER now I have time to ME, learn digitizing, improve computer skills and surf the web and learn everything I can about machine embroidering, digitizing and sewing. I also know how to knit, crochet, decorate and recover boxes (fabric and paper), quilt (tops only~I have a person who is fabulous on finishing~absolutely beautiful stitching) and also am learning to make primitive ornies. I have to keep my brain busy and do things that don't require much energy.

my motto "Today is not a dress rehearsal, stay as busy as you can and enjoy life"!!!

Kia Ora, My Janome300E and I live in Kaitaia, New Zealand. I am very new at Me but loving it Smile


Hi Cathy, My name is Chris, put my pin in Buhl, MN, which is about 70 miles north of Duluth. I too, am fairly new to ME. Love your blogs. Keep them coming.

suemccully 9/6/2008 4:40:41 PM

Hi Cathy,

I live in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Enjoy reading your adventures in ME

Susanne McCully

grandmothercarolyn 9/6/2008 4:55:39 PM

What an AMBITIOUS project - good luck !  I hail from Hendersonville, NC, the home of the Annual Apple Festival (Labor Day weekend) - have been ME'ing a year-plus on a simple Simplicity SE3 machine - once we made friends, the machine and I, we create daily.   Thanks for the mention!

Hi Cathy,

Put me in Belleair, Fl (Clearwater, St. Pete area).  Have had an Elna CE20 for about 9 years and just bought a used Brother Ult2002D and am having a lot of fun with the larger hoops!  Love your blog.


HI, i'm smiley2 and I'm from Arkansas

jalcumbrack 9/6/2008 5:36:05 PM

Wow! Cathy what a great idea, you have your work cut out for you!! It is so totally cool to see where everyone is from! I love it!


Hi!  I'm Kris and please add Mansfield, OH  to your lovely list from all over the world.  

Hii  I'm a newbie ME from Gouverneur, NY

My name is Nancy and I live in Melbourne, Florida.

That's right, we were just a few blocks away from all the flooding from Fay. 20.65" of rain was dumped on Brevard County.

I enjoy your web-site very much. It is always so interesting. Keep up the good work!

Hi Cathy,

I hail from Marion, TX about 30 miles NE of San Antonio.  I enjoy reading your blog.  You're as chatty as I am

Hi again

I'magine my surprise to see that jnbmd is also from Melbourne, Fl.


I'm Barbara from Lynn Haven, Fl in the panhandle.

lynnhaggie 9/6/2008 6:44:08 PM

Hi.  I'm in Moosomin, Saskatchewan.  3 1/2 hrs west of Winnipeg, Mb. and 2 1/2 hours east of Regina, Sask.  Love to craft by hand and machine.  Hard to use my singer whe we're travelling.

virginiafromne 9/6/2008 6:57:44 PM

Hi Cathy,

I live in Bellevue, Nebraska, it is just south of Omaha, Ne. Both are located on the Missouri River.

What a great plan! Pin me in Louisville, KY!  Thanks, Teresa

Hi - I'm from beautiful Cookeville, Tennessee.



I'm Joyce from Littleton Colorado.

Hi from Winton in New Zealand.  Winton is about 23k's from Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand and one of the southernmost cities in the world.

turnerymrq 9/6/2008 7:52:30 PM

Yvonne, Jacksonville, Fl.


Put me in at "Rome New York"



peggybarton 9/6/2008 8:25:29 PM

I am a ME from O'Fallon, IL.  Thanks, Peggy

Put me in Trussville, Alabama (thanks for all the great ideas!!!


Put me down for Carterville,IL-app 60 mi north of Paducah, KY. I have a Baby Lock Esante and have only been ME'ing about a year.  Cathy

grimbergen 9/6/2008 8:35:49 PM


Great idea. I'm from Caboolture, Queensland , Aistralia.

Put me in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.  Thanks.


Hi Cathy,

I'm R and live in Fenton, MO ... just outside of St. Louis. Haven't seen anyone from Missouri on here as yet.

Place my pin here.  Have a Innovis (Brother)4000D and my husband has the Brother PR600.  Love them both!  Enjoy your travels.

rosebud314 9/6/2008 9:07:49 PM

I'm Roseanne and I'm in Orange City, Florida

Jefferson Hills, Pa.  about 15 miles south of Pittsburgh, Kathy

maxinezene love the site and newsletters that arrive all the time. I live on the coast of Western Australia at Bunbury and look straight to Indian Ocean and have dolphins swimming at breakfast in the summer months.

casper3legs 9/6/2008 10:25:32 PM

My name is Celia.  

Put me in for Brisbane, Australia.  

lvmissellie 9/6/2008 10:25:53 PM

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi, I am from Fairplay Co. in summer and Edinburg Tx. in winter. My Janome MC10001 goes with me back and forth.  I see another lady from Harlingen area near us.

Great idea.

Hi Cathy  I'm Kate from Sun Prairie WI.  It is close to Madison , the capitol of WI.    YES!!! frequent blogs I love your blog because it is so close my experiences, 9/6/2008 11:10:59 PM

Hi Cathy. My name is Francine and I live in Middleport. NY. It's about 25 miles north east of Buffalo. The 1st Bills game is tomorrow. Wish them luck!

Hi Cathy!  My name is Joan and I live in Okeechobee, Florida.  Look at a map of Florida and notice the lake in the middle - we live at the top of the lake.

Wow, Cathy!

You're really getting a lot of responses. Push my pin in the small town of Columbia, Illinois (just southeast of St. Louis, Missouri)


cherrylmaree 9/6/2008 11:51:03 PM

Hi Cathy, my name is Cherrylmaree and I'm from Adelaide, South Australia.

Hi Cathy,

My name is Janice and I'm new to ME too.  I bought a used Babylock Esante and I'm having a ball when work doesn't get in the way!  I'm in Richlands, NC (about 50 miles north of Wilmington on the coast)

grandmanonnie 9/7/2008 1:32:44 AM

Hi Cathy,

My name is Melanie and I am very new to ME. I have a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1. I'm in Covinton, GA, on the east side of Atlanta.

Hi, I am a new ME . I recently retired from teaching elementary school. I have loved quilting and more recently ME work on mu Janome 10001. I love to do projects with a group from church and

for my grandkids. Just finished a picnic quilt , placemats and a demin bag with embroidery for the 21st birthday of my first grandchild. I have two other grans Dan is 18 and Mary is 15.

Put my pin in Winchester KY, I am 30 miles south of Lexington,Ky.

ksherry95120 9/7/2008 2:32:58 AM

Hi Cathy

I'm in Sunny San Jose, CA



Looks like I'm the first one from Riom, France

Hi I am Helenjay fron Balranald Australia

My sister and I Have opened a soap and craft shed I do MEing and sister does aromatherapy makes soap room sprays face creams etc I do baby embroidery teatowels bags etc  It is going quite well so hope it continues    Helen

scoutdancing 9/7/2008 3:48:24 AM

hi. love this site, i am christine in bulgaria

debbieedwards 9/7/2008 5:06:53 AM

Hi Debbie from Mandurah Western Australia.   Great site, very interesting to see so many aussies contributing a comment.  Keep up the excellent designs

Hi Cathy

Judy from Perth Western Australia

Love Ann The Gran site and absolutely love Machine Embroidery.

Have worn our two machines now on my third. Smile

Hi Cathy,

I am also very new to ME.  I really enjoy reading the blogs.

I am Cindy from Hudson, FL

basketlorrie 9/7/2008 7:28:01 AM

I'm  Lorrie  and I'm in Christopher, Illinois, that is very Southern Il.

sarasaretta 9/7/2008 8:06:17 AM

Hi!i'm Sara and I'm in Matera South italy!


Hi Cathy,

I'm Connie from Fullerton, CA

montserrat1 9/7/2008 10:17:34 AM

Hi! I'm Montserrat and I live in Laufenburg, Germany

Hi Cathy,

patch from Whitehall, NY  aka Upstate NY'er   Brother PC 8500D MEing about 2 yrs.

colleenhughes 9/7/2008 10:26:41 AM

Hi there, I'm from FLORIDA, in GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA.   I am a keen ME, have an Elna (Janome) "Xperience" embroidery machine in my fun room, with my computer, Elna Sewing machine and Overlocker (serger).   I love your site, and it is super to open my e-mail each day and just click on your web address.  (My, but time flies when you're having fun!)    I am a Granny of 12 and a Great Granny and love embroidering motifs on anything for anyone, Haven't really tackled projects yet. I'm too busy, but maybe I'll retire one day!! Please put me on your map,  

quiltembwrite 9/7/2008 10:59:19 AM

Hello there

I am Shirley from Candlers Ford near Winchester in th UK


Hi Cathy,

This is a great idea.  You can put my pin in PENSACOLA, FL.

My name is Rachel & I live in New Woodstock, NY

quiltembwrite 9/7/2008 11:39:51 AM

Hello there

I am Shirley from Chandlers Ford  near Winchester in the UK, I have been added already but I did not spell  Chandlers Ford  correctly in the above mail, we can't have that can we, so if the wrong one can be erased that will be good. I write and embroider, I love to do Large embroideries especially the ones that make up a window, at the momnt I am working on a Christmas Sleigh Ride, I have also completed 2 quilts for friends .

Howdy there!

I am transplanted to DALLAS, TEXAS, USA and Blooming Bluebonnet Proud (with help from my fertilizer our Miricle Maker, and The GOOD BOOK), from Nashville, TN! I travel with my machine when I go back to visit so does this count as two cities for me??? LOL.  

My Husqvarna Viking:Rose and I are one year learning together with the help of great ladies like our very own Ann the Gran, and good fellas and gals like yourself. Thanks!

Here is my latest ME project idea: Don't have time to make those re-usable bags to take to the grocery store? Well make a statement by decorating those purchased ones from the stores you frequent! This makes it nice for you to learn and practice on and shows off your work that does end up looking great... you never know if it will lead to a paying job for you in the future! I use scrap pieces of fabric and fuse them on (USE PRESSING CLOTH or the bags will melt), use the bag to stitch out a practice design I am wanting to use, then sew on clear vinyl pockets for pictures or even slip ME business information into to get some ME jobs, I also teach cake decorating and I can slip into it information of upcoming classes and where I teach!  Free Walking Billboard!  Hope this helps!


Dawn P.

Hi Cathy

I'm in Sun City AZ


Hi Cathy

I'm in Etowah Tennessee, which is in East Tennessee about halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga.


hi cathy, gloria from boyceville wi.   90 miles east of twin cities, mn.

michsnowbird 9/7/2008 5:00:28 PM

Hi, Cathy...

I'm a real Snowbird, living 6 months in Lady Lake, FL and 6 months in Escanaba, MI. So do I get 1/2 a pin for each??? Love your Blog!



Anderson, SC

Hi Cathy,

You can find me in Duncansville, PA.

Hi Cathy, I am new to ME, and to the site. I don't usually post but felt I needed to add another Oklahoman, Marlow OK is where I am from. Thanks for the site and all the wonderful information. Kolleen

Hi ,I am Ellen from Jay Maine which is 30 miles west of the capitol city of Augusta.  I ME on my Bernina 730E

and there is so much to learn but I am loving it.


I'm so impressed with the responses you're getting! This is proof of how technology (the internet) has made this a small world. It also shows that although we have so many differences in where we're from, our backgrounds, etc, we're all basically the same!

Kudos to ATG for bringing "the world" of ME'ers together!


nauticaliz 9/7/2008 6:24:54 PM

HI, I'm a newbie and struggling along and enjoy the info I get from this site.  I just bought a Viking SE LE.  I'm Liz from Latham NY and Waterford CT.

serenemachine2 9/7/2008 6:49:17 PM

Wow, look at all of you go!!!  Cathy what a great idea for all of us!!  Put my pin in "Paradise"  Oxnard, Calfiornia.  For those of you that haven't a clue, between Malibu and Santa Barbara on the coast.  Today it is 71 degrees and a little overcast.  

Cathy, I still love your blog and ATG .  Thanks everyone,for sharing yourselves!!

margiepeart 9/7/2008 7:15:48 PM


I am Margie Peart and am from Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.  I think there are only about 4 or 5 other Canadians on this list.  

schwartzmv 9/7/2008 7:34:04 PM

Hi Cathy,

I am from Winchester, WI in the summer and Ft. Myers, FL in the winter.  I have a Viking Designer SE in both locations.

Love your blog!

berrylious 9/7/2008 9:28:38 PM

Hi Cathy,

I'm Sharon and have a new Jamone MC11000.  I have been embrodiering for about a month now.  I'm having fun.  I am from Tampa, Florida.  Wow, so many from Florida.

You can add me in Fort Worth, Texas.  I have a innovis 4000D.  I very much enjoy you blog.  Thanks

Hello all:  I am Nancy from Albany Georgia by way of Montgomery Alabama.  I have had my Husquvarna Viking Embroidery machine for 6 years and have become an embroidery junkie.......

OK, I live in Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island in the Capital of the province: VICTORIA

Louise ..W.

heatherkrul 9/8/2008 2:54:52 AM

Hi, I am Heather, From Centurion, South Africa. Nice to see there is at least one other South African. We have the best weather here, so it is always a tough decision: spend time outside in the sunny weather, or sit inside and embroider?

At least nights don't pose the same problem!

jalcumbrack 9/8/2008 5:44:23 AM

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to also extend a Warm Welcome to all the new Florida folks in here and wanted to invite them to come on in to the FloridaME groups section and say Hello. We have lots of exciting things coming up for the Florida folks. Just pop over to Groups and we are the only one in there for right now,so stop by and say HI to us! (After you talk with Cathy of course!) we would love to have you in the loop of what is going on here in Florida,in case you would like to join us for one of our luncheons or get togethers sometime. Sorry Cathy, not trying to steal your thunder here,just wanted the New Florida Folks to know what is available right here in the state for them.

I am so happy you are doing this project, it is soooo much fun seeing where everyone hails from! How exciting!! Hope you had some fun at the beach, and I am glad your baby(miata) is up and running again. I could see myself driving one! I used to have a red Fiaro that I loved! Will be looking forward to you getting back from the beach,I miss reading all of your comments, take care~~~


Hi    I'm Cheryl from sunny Groveland, Florida. I have a Brother PE 150. Love your blog!

jenniedoyle 9/8/2008 8:00:34 AM


Add Lebanon, Or. to the list, I am currently returning from a 5 month once in a lifetime trip, my husband and I have been to 25 states and 3 provinces of Canada so far.

I have a Babyloc Elllegante 2 special Nancy Zieman llimited ediition and still trying to learn all I can about ME. When I get home I will really get going. I did bring my machine with me on the trip.

I have been sewing for about 45 yr. I also crochet,hand embroider, crosstitich and relearning to knit. I was a 4-h sewing leader for 20 yrs and belong to American Sewing Guild and a quilt guild, oh yes I am learing to quilt as well !!!! I am supposed to be retired !!!?!!!

I have  3 grown daughters, 1 grandson, 1 granddaughter and one new granddaughter on the way in Oct.

Looking forward to all I can learn from this site. Glad you are back on 2 feet !!!

I'm in Clermont, Florida

Hi!  Anita Drennon here in Ridgeville, South Carolina in the good old USA.

laurgassman 9/8/2008 11:10:39 AM


My ME buddy and I both purchased Innovis 4000D's past year....Please put  a pin in for us in Newport New, Vrginia!  Enjoy you blog....and share your love of traveling!!!  Go Girl Go!~! 9/8/2008 11:35:54 AM

Apex, NC  Pfaff 2134 using 3DEmbroidery.  I love this site and frequently get answers to questions to get me out of messes.  Thanks mm

Hi All!  Sew nice to see others from southern Illinois!!  (russ7857 & basketlorrie feel free to contact me maybe we can do lunch Smile   Me and my Singer futura 200 are in Royalton, ILL I have been ME for about 2 yrs.  

THANKS for doing this and keep up the blog - it makes me smile, nod my head & grab my notebook


Hi Cathy,

I have had  my Husq/Viking 1+ for a lot of years.  I won the bid on e-bay for a Toyota 820 - six needle machine.  I 'm just a amatuer,  (sp)  I babysit my 6 grandkids ages 7 - 18 mo.  I keep very busy with them.  I've also started quilting.  

 I'm Carol from Stockbridge, MI,  right in the middle of Michigan State U (Lansing0  and University of MI  (Ann Arbor  -   rivals.

Hi, put me in Titusville, Florida.

bowlinggirl 9/8/2008 1:30:39 PM

Well, put me in Mesa, AZ.  Land of Sunshine - nice way to say hot !!!

Hi there -- have been sewing for over 50 years and still loving it!  I am from Norman, OK -- GO SOONERS.  Love your blog and your "sunny" attitude.  Keep up the good work.  Sharon

travelbug1237 9/8/2008 2:17:50 PM

HH (Hello Hello) all you WORLD-WIDE  ME'ers!!!

Oh my goodness...I am not sure how and when I will be able to write an individual comment to each of you, but I definitely will TRY! Just know for sure that your input WON'T be lost and that I will be coming back ( & back and a did I say BACK ) to this site on a very regular basis to 'collect map data !!!' Honestly...this is one of the COOLEST things I've ever attempted...


( My tutor is STILL on his honemoon and as much as I NEED assistance...I gotta draw the line on 'bothering him'...until he gets back....what a PERFECT excuse not to be working!!!

  Speaking of not working...congratulations to all of you new retirees!!! Oh great to have "free time" to play, travel, ME etc etc.

  It is going to be an ON GOING effort....but it will be SO MUCH FUN to see AnntheGran's MAP locations continue to grow!!!

  SO any of you who are reading this past ( or WAY past )the launch,  just know that I will continue to monitor this particular blog & I'll ADD you!!!

  OK have DONE YOUR PART...I need to do MY part but as I said earlier ( & oops I am repeating here, sorry...I do do that)  I am NEW and will absolutely NEED help to make the map interactive on my part.

Oh and yes...if you live in 2 places I'll go ahead and put a marker on both places once I know how to do it for sure!!!

  THANKS again everyone for your WONDERFUL responses...It's SOOOOOO exciting to 'hear from you all! I had a hunch you were all over the place and INDEED YOU are!!!!  

  Hugs from the beach ( on my very SLOW computer with an ergonomic keyboard that I need to push about a half inch down to work typing....hmmm????? How ergonomic is that???? ) Anyway....

  I won't lose you...promise and I hope to have you

'seriously' recognized  as soon as possible!!!

In the meantime...I hope you will do a LOT of MEing and share with us.

  WOW...I just have to say that I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with each of you. I'd LOVE to hear your more of your stories/pictures when you have time.

  I am also TOTALLY impressed with the number of non-USA contributors! My goodness...I think we have every continent represented except Antarctica and Asia so far. Surely with Brother machines being made in Japan...we have some ME'ers from Asia, correct???

Hugs and continued Meing!!!

Cathy at the beach....

P.S. OH...& my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you in dicey major weather related areas!!! We hope you will ALL be safe and sound!!!! Let us know how you are doing!!!!...especially once the storms pass!!! 9/8/2008 4:11:57 PM

Thank you for doing this.  Joyce is near me, I just read.  How can we get in touch.

Put me down in Castle Rock, Colorado. I ME on a  Singer and I go by the name SingerScrapper.


I am new at ME and put me in Brazoria, TX

angels1111 9/8/2008 5:20:23 PM

Hi, I am new to ME and put me in Casper, WY

Hi I am only two yrs into ME but am loving it. Am so amazed at some of the unbelievable patterns that can be done. My Janome 300E and myself come from Chain Valley Bay. Approximately 45klms south of Newcastle, NSW Australia.

piddykiddy 9/8/2008 6:42:33 PM

Hey! I have been MEing for like three weeks, sewing for 50 years but I have jumped in with both feet. LOVE IT! I am from Ft Stockton, TX. When I retire, Katie bar the door, I'm gonna be a sewing and ME fool.

My name is Lyvonne and I live in Tucson, Arizona.  I'm raising my 2 grandchildren, now 13 & 11 and work full time.  I just got embroidery machines 5 years ago and sew every spare minute I can find.   I love making personalized baby blankets using my serger & Pfaff 2140 for every new baby born in my church or my friend/family circle.  I also love to personalize towels for wedding presents.  This was a great idea so see how spread around the world our ME Sisters are!!!

802zoohome 9/8/2008 8:09:40 PM

I'm Pam from Warren, Ohio.  I've been playing with my Baby Lock Ellure for a little over a year now and we are having so much fun.  I have 2 daughters, a granddaughter, a grandson and another due the end of March.  Of course I did all the designing and decorating of both nurseries and am about to start on a big girl room so the nursery can go to the one on the way.  Anyone else from Warren?  I would love to have someone close to chat sewing.

sewcreativentn 9/8/2008 10:36:35 PM

Hi!  My name is Jackie, and I live about 60 miles north of Memphis in Ripley, TN   Home of "Ripley Tomato's".

Have been ME'ing about 3 yrs, sewing for about 20+ yrs.  This was a wonderful idea!  I can't believe all the different locations listed.  I am looking forward to reading other entries.  You are welcome to use my name and location.   Bless you all!

Well, I leave for the wekend and come back to find a whole world of people already placing their pins!

Put mine in Redmond, WA (of Microsoft fame).   Sure do wish I'd jumped on that bandwagon when it was just starting up!!  

I've been ME'ing for a couple of years and still feel that I have so much to learn.  I'm enjoying this blog immensely!  I just retired from Boeing, so am looking forward to doing more ME'ing and sewing.

Thanks, Cathy for this blog, and ANG for the website!

SunRai Pat

grammysjoys 9/8/2008 11:41:13 PM

Great idea Cathy!  I'm close to Disneyland in Lake Forest, California.  I have been MEing on my Janome 10001 for about 2 years.  



I live in Union City, CA (East SF Bay Area, between Oakland & San Jose).  I think your idea is great, but with this kind of response, are you going to have time to ME.  


I'm Sally in Murray, UT.  I've been sewing since I was 8 years old (36 years) quilting for about as long and have been ME'ing for about 10 years.  I absolutely love my Viking/Husq Rose and have made dozens of projects on it.  

travelbug1237 9/9/2008 3:17:36 PM

HH ME'rs.... It's Tuesday ( I believe ????) LOL....I worked ALL day yesterday/evening -  writing down your names and places. ( & color-coding the states and countries....) Must be a throw back to my teaching days getting my 'kids' organized ...ha ...It is I who needed to get organized last night. Being organized WAS such a forte in my younger years, not now.  Anyway, Holy Cow...I'm all over the place here...but it was fun to start "seeing'" the map with markers in my "head." ...    The blog....coming up asap...but don't hold your breath quite yet.!!!! Smile, but I'm getting all the ground work done... Ah to be a senior in the 21st century!!!!

Oh what a GREAT great and far reaching group you all are!!! It was SO fun to read about you and where you are from. I loved the personal antedotes too!!! Usually I am pretty good getting back to you individually, but this time it will take longer.

  So far there are foreign entries from Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Wales!!!!! Isn't that something!!!???!!!  How FUN is this???

(Oh...& Kimberly...not sure WHEN I will ME again!& that's the truth!!)LOLbut I am staying at the beach for the rest of the week as the tutor who 'can do maps' is still on his honemoon in Hawaii. How fun!!!

  Oh and any of you Oregon gals that caught last night's PDX news, that was my husband up in the 'bucket' fighting that 3 alarm commercial fire in SE Portland. He just "loved it" & it was "fun" he said on the phone later that night) ....We

all have different definitions of 'fun' don't we.????I'm 'color-coding and he's fighting a fire umpteen feet in the air in a metal bucket with the building walls collapsing beside him & flames shooting out !!!SmileSmile Hmmm?

 OK...  Switiching back to the "genteel activities of embroidering..." & not to leave out us USA ME'ers....

so far....we have Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma,Oregon, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota,Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming represented

  I hope I did not leave anyone out. (This is from the 'rough draft' from my notes.

    I'll check back tonight and see if there are new entries. ( I DO still have all your names/avatars & cities in my notes....but for time sake I just put in the countries and the USA states so far.) OH...& these are JUST from this #8 blog....not the earlier ones yet. I'll get to those too, but it sure helped me by you doing it here on this one. Thanks!!!

What an EMBROIDERY group we have world-wide!!! Smile

Bye from Cathy at the beach who just mowed her lawn & watered her roses, window boxes and my stargazers that were prolific this year. SmileYeah...those are done! Smile Oh and just to clarify....Ann the real person from Ann the Gran does the ME designs....I'm a 'newbie' to MEing. She deserves the credit for the designs for machine embroidery. Smile

travelbug1237 9/9/2008 3:20:26 PM

Hi Sally from Murray, Utah.....this just popped up in the comment sections when I was posting my last comment. I will definitely add you to the map!

beamishboy 9/9/2008 4:45:45 PM

Wow, Cathy, you just keep amazing us all! I want to echo what Judy said. I've noticed that there are quite a few Australians, Canadians (yay!) and people from the same US states.

If you're reading this and you've read through the comments above (200 or so, Cathy, a new record for a single post!), and you see lots of people in your area you'd like to network with, let me know and I'll set up a group for you in our Groups section. The Florida group is getting lonely in there!

To contact me, just click on my username and click 'Send beamishboy' an e-mail, and I'll have your group up and running in no time.


hookedonembroidery 9/9/2008 5:01:19 PM

Hi can add me to your map. Lynn---Aloha, Oregon. Call me when you get back from the beach, I have a research project that I need your help with.



Hi, I'm Donna from McArthur, CA. Please add me to the map. I am enjoying the blogs and learning much. I have been MEing for about a year and half, mostly self taught. I love learning about techniques and seeing all the creativity. I live in a remote area and hope to continue my online education.  Thanks for all the info and fun!

jalcumbrack 9/9/2008 5:21:27 PM

You are correct BB,

We are getting lonely in there!!  I also would like to invite each and every Floridian to come on in and say Hello as well, The more the merrier I say!!

Marge From St Petersburg, you live close to me! Finally someone in my area, Whooopppeee!!! I am in Ruskin Area, in Sun City Center. Come on over to groups and we can chat!!

I also see someone from my home state of Michigan, Hi, how is home??

Cathy, my goodness  you have really got your work cut out for you ,my friend! I can see you won't be doing any ME for a while,LOL!!!

I am so Excited for you, wow, all over the world!! This is so Cool!! I hope you are getting some rest at least.( you are going to need it !)

Can't wait to see your interactive maps now!!


karenwalltrott 9/9/2008 6:31:05 PM

Stick my pin in Boyd, Texas, USA.  That's 25 miles northwest of Ft. Worth Texas.

I have 3 Brother machines.  My first, a Brother 8500, I purchased used in 2000.  I got my Inovis 4000D in 2005, and just recently my 3rd the Brother PRO 620.

Digetizing software is what got me hooked.  I really love doing my own designs and customized designs for others.

Karen Trott

my 2 cents  ..........

Now that we will know our neighbors,  could maybe someone at ATG set up forums or something (like the FL group) so maybe others could get together etc.

Im SEW excitted, never have any one in my other groups from my area

THANK YOU Cathy  and we will ALL owe a big TU to the honeymooner  Smile

Hi Cathy.  Another Texan on board.  I am from Sulphur Springs, Tx.  I really do enjoy this site.  Margie

Hi Cathy!

Can you add me?  I'm an imported Texan in Bryan, TX.  ;o)

I'm struggling along with a Janome 10000.


Add me please

I have a brother 8500D

Collinsville OK  

Judy B

Hi Cathy, I'm Carolyn from Sun City, Arizona. I am breaking in a new Brother at the moment, but I love you and Annthegran.  Thanks for all you do.

travelbug1237 9/10/2008 2:27:08 PM

HH ( hello hello ),

 THANKS to each of you who are writing me for the 1st time and thanks again to each of you who have 'been with me from the beginning!" SmileSmile  I am checking for additional entries once a day and will continue to do so.

  Oh I just had to ask Sharlotte...have you been to Calama, Chile before? I taught there for a year!!! What an experience....earthquakes and all...but loved it in a very special way. For those of you who don't know about is located on the dries desert of the world....( Who would a thunk that??!!) It wasn't sand but rather dirt....several shades of dirt but there were some patches of green and a few trees that were nurtured.  I was there as an independent contractor for a US mining company.  I loved Santiago and the

coastal city nearby! So beautiful!!!

  OH I did want to ask a question to the New you have trips to Antarctica from there?

I would think so....just curious.

I still have my dream of going there sometime the next year or 2.

  Well I need to finish up my guest room ....remember

I have an OPEN INVITATION to exchange a room for

a lesson here at the beach!!!!



P.S. Yes Lynn I'll give you a call....'research huh?" now that is a bit more up my alley!!! Smile

Please add Batavia, Illinois to your growing list of cities with embroidering friends.


Cathy - Montgomery, NJ; a sneeze away from Princeton.  Joan/NJ

harptraveler 9/10/2008 7:12:27 PM

Presently in Rapid City, SD, but since we are full time RV'ers.....never know where I will be!  Soon, heading to Ocala National Forest in Florida for the winter.


I've always enjoyed your designs. Include me in San Juan, capital city of Puerto Rico.

HH CinO,

I'm finally getting around to posting (after your gentle nudge the other day).  It's your bud Linda from Orlando.  I commend you for the hugh undertaking your have committed to.  It's great to see all the postings from around the world.  I love seeing the naems from places I have been to or through.


ccembroidery 9/10/2008 10:56:27 PM

Hi Cathy,

I live in Dothan, AL

Put me in Minot N,D Jean

Put me in Minot N,D Jean

Hey, from Chauncey, Georgia  Mary

love the site, put me in Decatur, MS



desotoginny 9/11/2008 3:48:39 PM

Hey TravelBug;

Put me in--- Morrilton, AR

Thank You,


serenemachine2 9/11/2008 3:53:37 PM

I just had this thought that if we each put in $2 you would be in Anartica in no time!!! lol  Look at us go!!!

Hi there - not the first from England, but looks like the first from Colchester, Essex (about 60 miles north of London). Recently taken early retirement, and looking forward to playing with my Bernina 630

travelbug1237 9/11/2008 5:58:39 PM

HH Everyone....Today is September 11th and I have spent most of the day viewing the History Channel and

thoroughly taking in events and the images from 7 years ago today. ...A day that most of us in the US will never forget. I also flipped over to another channel to watch the evacuation of Texans headed out because of Ike and my thoughts are with each of you today too.

I was moved in a GOOD way to see it when BOTH presidential candidates were 'not politicing' rather both were at Ground Zero today to honor those who have passed in that tragic event.

   Since my husband is a current firefighter I watched with added interest as a group of men ( Ladder 6 ) went up into a tower and their miraculous blessing of all making it out alive eventually.

   I'm glad I took the day to 'pause' and reflect.

My hearts go out to all of those who have lost loved ones....and my gratitude runs so deep to all of those

who gave and still give of themselves to allow me to

enjoy all that I do everyday.

    It sort of puts everything into perspective when you watch as many 911 programs that I did today.

I LOVE the spirit and actions of good people here and everywhere...and I know so many of you are such 'givers.' You help those that need it. Many of you make beautiful things and uplift others with your generosity and talents.

     I will 'get back to the map' tomorrow...but did want to say 'hello' to you all and let you know that each one of you IS important and I will 'record' you on the upcoming integrative map.

 Oh and thanks for the kind thought serenemachine...

Oh's a toss up between wanting the newest Brother machine and a trip to Antarctica but I do believe Antartica will win out...or who knows...I MAY somehow WIN that.....( well I'm not holding my breath for that one...) Smile One never knows what is around the corner!!! Smile

By the way...I never heard from the 'captain." Did he lose me?

   Everyone be safe and maybe give an extra hug to your loved ones or someone else who needs it...

E is headed over the coast pass right now.

It will be good to see him again.


Cathy in Oregon

Hi Cathy.  Lisa in Benbrook, TX--adjacent to the southwest corner of Fort Worth.  

I bought a Designer SE a year ago. I've MEd shirts, quilts, and pillowcases.  I still consider myself a newbie because I haven't tried anything like cutwork or redwork.

Thanks for all of the info. you have shared with us!

Hi Cathy.  I am new but read blogs & forums, etc.  You are a riot to read.  I would love to meet you.  You have so much personality.  I am from Finger, TN.  It is located between Memphis & Nashville.  I bought a babylock emore' last Dec. so am still learning.  I have

had experience sewing but had thought about the embroidery machine for about two years before getting it.  I love to sew, embroidery & quilt.  I basically love to learn anything new.  Everything interests me.  I have Fibromyalgia so have my up & down days. I have a wonderful shop in Jackson, TN where I am taking classes.  You will have a unique map with all our pins!


I am so excited to see three others from my area listed above.  

This is a fabulous idea Cathy!  I spent all my extra time this evening reading this blog instead of meing Smile

Add another pin to the Hampton Roads clump!  I'm from Virginia Beach, VA.  

BB-if we get a few more we might take you up on the group offer.

Hi my name is Trish & I live in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. G'Day to you all. You have taken on quite a job. Good luck to all.

Another one from Essex, England, this time Brentwood.  Find a pin for me please.   Patferrans

Hi Cathy

I'm Mary from Amanzimtoti, Kwa-zulu Natal, South Africa - a little holiday town just outside Durban.

Fun idea this!!!!!

Put me in Pacific, Mo.


Evalena Duncan

Hello Cathy,

IMy name is Mary, I'm new to this site but am enjoying it along with my Singer Quantum XL-5000.  Please put my pin in Mount Pearl, NL, Canada, 4 Km form the capital city of St. John's.

savvystitches 9/13/2008 7:24:22 AM

I'm in Smyrna, TN  10 miles south of Nashville. Deidra

I am in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Fantastic place once you have been there for 38 years!!

Perky Paula

I am in Pella, Iowa - about 40 miles southeast of Des Moines.  I am brand new to ME, just bought a Viking machine two weeks ago.  Still do not have my software program working on my computer, but I am really looking forward to downloading designs.  I cannot believe all the possibilities of things to do with ME!!  

Thank you for doing the map - it is fun to see where everyone is from!


serenemachine2 9/13/2008 4:33:12 PM

Taylor is on vacation right now in his 5th wheel, actually on the coasts of Oregon and Washington.  Maybe I'll call him and have him stop by Seaside to see you.  When r u at the beach again??

Noswaith dda! Good Evening from the North of Wales in the UK.

             It is good to see that Embroidery and Sewing in general is truly Universal.

             Look forward to seeing your Map and thank you for doing it.

Ridgecrest, CA. the High Desert area by Death Valley.


travelbug1237 9/16/2008 10:15:13 AM

HH Everyone....I am busy collecting the 'data' and you are all in the process of being 'color-coded' to help me make sure you all are 'accounted for"."



Hope to have 'level 1'  ( countries and states with a marker ) done by Friday for you all! Your input has been incredible!!!!


travelbug1237 9/16/2008 10:16:48 AM

Oh oops....Serene.....I'm 'in town' this week but hope to be at the beach again in the next 2 weeks or so.  It would be great to connect with Mr. Antarctica himself!!!! SmileSmileSmile

serenemachine2 9/16/2008 2:13:09 PM

Okay, Cathy, I'll see what I can do!!


North Carolina, sometimes Kernersville and sometimes Gastonia.  


travelbug1237 9/19/2008 10:29:55 AM

Quick update...

  The USA map 'level 1" is DONE!!! I don't mean to 'slight' you international

readers....but the tutor ran out of time with me.. neither of us could find

Bulgaria...I THOUGHT it was by Turkey....but when I went to the map for that area it was NOT in English & I wanted it to be 'accurate'....the 'teacher in me...!!! Yikes....SO rather than leave you out ( Bulgaria ) are scheduled again NEXT week so IF Greg does publish the USA map today....please know that you are NOT forgotten!!!! Oh and Canadians...I will have time to put in your provinces instead of just the country of Canada...for level 1.

HOLY cow....level 2 ( when I write your cities/ names etc)...Not sure WHEN that will be totally completed....It just takes a LONG time.....but I think you will enjoy seeing the NEW maps) that will be coming out...even with just states recognized for starters!!!

Hope you all have a VERY FUN, SAFE and HEALTHY weekend!!!


Cathy in Oregon

we 9/20/2008 12:01:59 AM

Mary Ann, from Santa Fe NM. I own a single head Brother 1216, Janome 9000, and a yr ago purchased a PR600II. I love embroidery and if I didn't have to sleep, I would embroider 24\7

Hi there, I love reading everything you and all the others have to say.  So many people from so many places!  

 Put me down in Holladay, Utah.  That is just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I think I am the first for this state.

 I will be looking forward to seeing the map as it fills up.

 It is OK to use my name.  Dorinne Banks  


Please add me to Birmingham, Al.

Sharon Evans


            Add me to Wynne, arkansas

travelbug1237 9/23/2008 6:47:56 AM

HH Everyone...

 It's the middle of the added 'bonus' to blogging! Smile

Anyway... just wanted to give you an update.

  I'm scheduled Friday morning with my tutor and we should have the WORLD map...(level 1)  done and sent off to Greg for launching this Friday. (The USA map did not get launched alone

last Friday because my blog was 'too short." Now THAT is a 1st. SmileSmileSmile I tried to convince him you readers might 'appreciate' a short one from me...but he

has the control so all I can say is 'I tried.'

  Oh and are the 1st from Holladay, Utah but we had one other reader submit from Murray, Utah? Does that almost make you 2 neighbors?

(I haven't done the CITIES on the states yet....that is a WHOLE other

major major project.) In fact Greg wrote and suggested I 'get help' with it but

I am going to submit the 'level 1 ' maps 1st on my own....sort of feels like 'my baby' that I conceived and am 'trying to give birth'  

( well with the help of my tutor!....He's a doll and the happily married newlywed! Smile

Level 2 may be done by others...but I didn't want to give out my password because it matches the one I use for banking!!!  ( At this age I am doing well to remember 1...I don't DARE give that one away!!! ) LOL

 So with a bit of all WILL get the map you've been patiently working on. ( I can't believe how much time it took....but it is MY gift to each of you who have taken the time to write me and be a support.)

  THANKS!!!...It should be just a little longer now.

   Hope you all have a great week!!

Hugs,....fingers crossed for this Friday!!!

Cathy with eye lids finally getting droopy!

Nighty-Night! Smile

Hello Girls - I am a newbie from Lafayette, IN.

I am enjoying reading & learning from all your comments & posts.  I hope someday to be able to contribute something worthy.

Happy Stitches - SandyNana

Hi, I am in Kent, WA.

I have been MEing for a long time and I also quilt.


Hi gran

I am in Orlando, FL and have had my Designer I for about 5 years.  Your blogs is great

Kathy B

Hey Cathy

Put my pin in Aloha, Oregon, just southwest of Portland



travelbug1237 10/3/2008 6:40:58 PM

HH Fellow ME'ers....

 Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you and that I did get an e-mail earlier this week that the LEVEL 1 MAPS for both the USA and WORLD

are to be launched today..( Friday ) so it should be happening any minute now.


Wow we have 2 more Kathy's in the group and the ie one is almost a neighbor...

that is really cool!!! I hope we can 'meet up' sometime.

Hi to Cheryl and Sandi too!!!

( I have Oregon, Florida and Washington ON the map....just waiting

for it to be published so you all can see the diversity of the group.

It's really something! Smile

I'm Victoria in Conner, MT, A VERY small place south of Darby MT. Thanks for all your hard work. Love Ann the Grand

put me in sunny Kailua Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii

marjoriezurfehr 10/4/2008 1:51:10 PM

I am from Las Cruces, NM where it is hot and dry most of the time. I have lived all over the world as both of my husbands were in the Air Force. Right now I am trying to make coasters for Christmas gifts. I do not digitize so you can imagine the time I am having. I just won the computer progam called Creative Drawings which should help me a lot with my projects. I won the program from a drawing in Creative Machine Embroidery.  I just hope I can learn the program! Time will tell.

Marjorie Zurfehr in NM  

travelbug1237 10/4/2008 6:00:06 PM


  The 'level 1' maps our out.

Kataan are the 1st to be from Montana!!!.. Way to go!!!!!!! are the 1st to be from the island of Kona!!!! ( There was one transplant from Hawaii and another whose husband is stationed in Hawaii but was unclear if she was there with them.....but Hawaii is 'present and accounted for" now for sure!!!

marjoriezurfehr...........Oh you have lived all over the world???!!

I'd LOVE to hear all about it.  The Air Force was SOOOOO good to me when I was on my USO tour in the Orient....actually all the branches were but I had a lot of fun dating those darling pilots!!!

Since the NEWest blog of mine is out you might want to switch over to that....but I will check back here during the next week .


Hope you are ALL MEing up a storm!!!

Cathy in Oregon

Please add me to list. I am from Muswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia and enjoy ME and reading all the blogs

What a great idea!  It's nice to know we're not alone in our love for AnntheGran.

I'm in McCalla, Alabama (a suburb of Birmingham)

Have been a fan of Ann's for several years.  Love to visit.


Hi Cathy

I'm Amanda from Howick, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Thanks for all the tips, great web site and blog.


sewcrazyforcats 10/26/2008 7:03:20 PM

Well, I'm a military wife, so we move every 3-4 years. but right now, we're at Ft. Riley KS. And at the moment, it's WINDY!

travelbug1237 11/18/2008 2:10:40 AM

HH Boblyn, Crocker, amanda1 & SewCrazyForCats.....

Thanks for submitting your locations. I am no longer blogging for AtG

but I do hope that someone on the staff will add you to my last blog.

  I hope you all are enjoying your MEing experiences..


Chatty Cathy in Oregon

Put me in Albuquerque, NM.

tourlady522 3/29/2009 7:42:15 PM

Hi Kathy, Where have you been hiding yourself. I miss seeing your blogs on here and \|i missed you at the 2009 Community Circle. Hope all is well with you.


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