Keeping It Simple – Easy Embroidered Laptop Sleeve

Last week my laptop began making very strange noises.  It is a few years old so I decided to replace it rather than have it repaired.  Now there is a brand new Surface Pro to waiting to be set up.  The sleeves in the computer store were basic and boring.  And the few nice ones I found on-line were quite pricey so I decided to make my own.  I wanted something simple and classic enough for business trips so although I usually tend to gravitate towards bright colors when choosing fabrics and designs I selected a gray wool felt and floral design for this project.  I used leftovers from other projects to make mine Here is the finished sleeve.


Here is what you need:

½ yard wool felt

½ yard cotton for lining

1/2 yard fusible soft interfacing

Magnetic clasp (or several inches of Velcro would probably work)

Coordinating cotton sewing thread

Embroidery design of your choice (we used one from the Morango Lacey Accents Collection)

Cutaway stabilizer

Embroidery thread

Lapel stick or other temporary adhesive (I love my lapel stick because I can control exactly where the adhesive goes and avoid the needle area if desired)

Here is what you do:

1.        Measure your laptop (mine measured 11 ½” X 8”).  Add two inches to each measurement (so my working measurement was 13 ½” X 10”).


2.       Cut your pieces

a.       Front cut 1 piece from wool felt at your working size (so mine was 13 ½ X 10”).

b.       Front cut 1 piece from the cotton lining at the same working size.

c.       Front cut 1 piece from interfacing at the same working size.

d.       Inner pocket cut 1 piece from wool felt at working width but 1” less than working height (so mine was 13 ½ X 9).

e.       Inner pocket cut 1 piece from cotton lining at the same size as the inner pocket wool felt piece.

f.        Inner pocket cut 1 piece from interfacing at the same size as the inner pocket wool felt piece.

g.       Back (add 4” to the height of your working measurement) cut 1 piece from wool felt (mine was 13 ½ X 14)

h.       Back cut 1 piece from cotton lining at same size as the back wool felt piece.

i.         Back cut 1 piece from interfacing at the same size as the back wool felt piece.


3.       Iron interfacing to back sides of the cotton pieces.  Set aside.   Note: Reserve a couple of 1 1/2” square scraps of the interfacing for later.


4.       Embroider your chosen design.


a.       Print a template from the software of your choice (Alphabet Xpress or the Amazing Designs software products are great for this).  Pin as desired on your front wool felt piece.

b.       Hoop cutaway stabilizer.  Align your template and adhere the wool felt in the hoop using the lapel stick.

c.       Slide the hoop onto the machine with the design loaded and ready to embroider.  Make sure the needle above the center of the template.  Remove the template and embroider the design.

d.       Remove the embroidered piece from the hoop, flip over and cut away the excess stabilizer.


5.       Add the magnetic snap to the front.

a.       Find the horizontal center by folding the felt in half.

b.       Measure down from the top 2 ½” and mark.

c.       Iron a scrap of interfacing on the backside centering at the mark for reinforcement.

d.       Mark the interfacing where the two prongs will go through the fabric and cut using small sharp scissors.

e.       From the front side insert the snap.  Flip to back, add the back support piece and bend the prongs down. 


6.       Place the front face up on a flat surface.  Lay the front lining piece face down on top and pin.  Sew ¼ “around leaving a 4” opening to turn. 


      Clip corners and turn right side out.  Press.  Top stitch all the way around closing the opening as you go.  Set the front piece aside.


7.       Repeat number six above for the inside pocket.  Lay the pocket on a flat surface with the cotton lining side up.  Place the front cotton lining side down on top and align the bottom and sides.  Top stitch along original stitching lines around the three sides creating a folder.     


 8.       Add the magnetic snap to the back inside.

a.       Find the horizontal lining on the cotton lining piece.  Measure 2 ½” from top and mark.  Follow the steps in number 5 above to complete the snap.


9.    9.       Lay the lining face up on a flat surface.  Lay the back wool felt piece face down on top and align edges.  Sew ¼” seam around leaving a 4” opening to turn.  Clip corners, turn and press.  Topstitch close to edge all the way around closing the opening as you go.


2.      10.  Lay the back side lining side up with the snap at the top.  Lay the front folder piece front side up, with snap at top, on top aligning bottom and sides.  Stitch around the three sides just inside the current stitching lines.  Go slowly if needed as this is fairly thick.


Enjoy your new laptop sleeve.  This was really easy.  I will be making one for the girls as well.  One wants hers to be hot pink with a black kitty on it and the other wants teal with and owl.  Maybe we will do one for papa for father’s day – we’ll see.

Take care,


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Ultra cool! It is simple and so handy.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  


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Embroidered Hot Cup Wraps

Embroidered Hot Cup Wraps

We had so many requests for Diane’s hot cup wraps from an earlier promotion that we decided we should share her secrets with you all. Fun gifts that are easy to make and can be given for no reason at all are always popular. Aside from being cute, this wrap is reusable so it is helpful to the environment. Whether you make just two or a whole bunch, you’re sure to get a giggle from each and every recipient.

Diane's Description
I was trying to think of a fun little gift for the girls in my morning study class when one morning a couple of them walked in grumbling that the local coffee store was out of jackets and their cups were too hot to handle. In the same class they got their cups mixed up and didn’t know which was which. That gave me the idea for these personalized wraps.

Step-by-step Description
1. You’ll need:
a. A 6”X12” rectangle of fashion fabric for the front.
b. A 6”X12” rectangle of fashion fabric for the lining.
c. A 6”X12” rectangle of leftover batting (Hobbs warm and natural type works best)
d. An alphabetfont software or embroidery design of your choice. One collection that is absolutely fabulous for this project is the Mornings collection, from Amazing Designs.
e. Matching embroidery thread.
f. Tear away stabilizer
g. One paper coffee jacket
2. Carefully cut the coffee jacket down one seam. Fold in half. Fold all three rectangles in half so they are 6”X6” and place you pattern on top so the folded edge of the jacket is lined up with the folded edge of the fabrics.
3. Trace adding ¼” on the 3 sides (not on the folded edge). Cut one wrap piece each from front fabric, lining fabric and batting.
4. Using whatever method you like center your design or text on the front wrap piece. Hoop fabric with the stabilizer and embroidery the design. Remove the stabilizer.
5. Baste the batting to the wrong side of the lining. With scissors trim the batting close to the stitching line.
6. Pin front and lining right sides together. Using ¼” seam stitch along both long sides and one short side. With pinking sheers or a rotary cutter and pinking blade, pink close to the seam.
7. Turn the wrap right side out and press.
8. Fold the raw ends of the open side in ¼” and edge-stitch along the fold.
9. Fold in half with right sides together. Align the ends and stitch a ¼” seam. Press this seam open. Top-stitch ¼” in along top and bottom catching the opened seam at the top and bottom. (You can edge-stitch or tack the open back seam down if you like – I did not.)
Note: Add some trim to the bottom if you like for even more giggles from your friends.

What makes this project special?
It’s fun to gift small gifts that are easy to make and provide laughs as this one did when I took a special one for each member of the group.

Skill Level

My embroidery machine
AnnTheGran Alphabet Xpress 
AnnTheGran tear-away stabilizer
embroidery threads

Time Investment
About 4 hours once all the supplies were gathered. (But I made more than one.)

Why I love this project so much
It was different and useful and gave the girls something to giggle about. My 3- year old granddaughter had to have one too - with her name on it – and she doesn’t even like hot drinks.

Send Us Your Creations
Do you have any creations that go with a great story? If so, we'd love to hear about them, and see them! If we choose to post your project, you'll get a free $25 gift certificate to use in the online store. Click here for details on how to submit your creation.

What Would You Do?
This is a great way to make a quick, personalized gift. Share some of your favorite sayings and quotes or a project idea that gave you the giggles, by clicking on the Comments link to share your story.

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Iam going to try this for my coffee shop owner. Thanks

What a neat idea, think i might try this

Thanks I have so many friends who are coffee junkies,something they can keep in the car close by as they travel.Thank you!

lafscrapfanatic 3/1/2008 4:18:03 PM

I'm always looking for something fun and unusual for co-worker holiday gifts.  I believe this will be my choice for 2008.  Thanks!

I have been trying to download your Cup Wraps but all that will ever print is the headings of your site.

Is there some reason, that you know of, that I cannot down load this?

Thank you for your quick response.

Have a good day today and a better tomorrow.

annthegran 3/4/2008 1:09:41 PM

Hi Sursely,

There is no actual download for this project; the materials list in this post tells you what you need to complete it.

Ann 5/3/2008 12:24:44 PM

This is one of my sources to find special designs!

To download the directions, I did a "copy" then "paste" to a Word Doc.

What a cool idea! I plan to try these.


sheilalawrence 6/27/2008 6:31:37 AM


nubiansewsista 12/11/2008 4:23:22 PM

Dear Ann  i was trying to get the details on how to submit a project and i keep getting a script error message. could you advise me or send me the submission imfo. thanks.  nubiansewsister

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