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LaRuesews- Rotary cutter, freezer paper and quilt shops "Well Quilters and ME’s, it’s time again for me to give you a few words of wisdom on the subject of quilting. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on my last blog. That gave me ideas o ..." Type: Post
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LaRueSews - Things to Consider Before You Begin Quilting "Right from the beginning, I need to let all of you know that I am not a quilt/quilting expert. This blog developed because I spoke with the folks at AnnTheGran about something else and out came the id ..." Type: Post
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Making Chenille I recently created some in-the-hoop chenille burp cloths and the technique was so easy, you could do Type: Post
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LaRueSews-Quilts EXPERIENCE, not best teacher "Hello there, everyone.  First, I want to tell you the reason for the title of this BLOG. Monday, I did exactly what I’ve been telling you all this time NOT TO DO.  I cut MY finger w ..." Type: Post
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AccuQuilt: Not Just for Quilting If you buy one new piece of equipment this year, this is it. Whether it is the AccuQuilt Baby or the Type: Post
LaRueSews-Your Wish Is My Command "Hi Everyone.  It’s been a few weeks since I met you here at LaRueSews-Quilts.  I’ve taken a little time off to re-group, rest and plan.  Now as you asked, it’s time to ..." Type: Post
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A New Tool for Cutting in Close Quarters Sometimes, you find just the right tool for the job and it isn’t always made for that job. This one Type: Post
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LaRueSews - Quilting - BASIC TOOLS "Before I start to tell you about tools, I want you to know that I have been working on quilt projects that have been stacking up on me for years. The one I have done the most on is a quilt that goes b ..." Type: Post
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Start Now: Christmas 2016 Ideas I don't know about you, but my Christmas projects are sometimes two years in the making. I either ha Type: Post
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LaRueSews-Quilting-Quarter Inches to Heirlooms. "To begin this time, I want to relate a very “telling” experience.  This experience told me that you very well can become a really good quilter if only you practice, practice, practice ..." Type: Post
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Keeping It Simple – Mouse Pad Revival "This was not the original project that I planned for this week but was inspired out of necessity.  I am forever trying to do more than one thing at a time and this morning was no exception.& ..." Type: Post
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Organizing Embroidery Tools: Needle Book and Scissors Cases Following the Christmas season of making, January is typically when we try to get our sewing rooms b Type: Post
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LaRueSews-Quilts, More on fabrics and color "As I start this out today, there are so many things Zinging around in my head, it’s hard to tell which way this edition of LaRueSews will go. I’ve heard writers say that sometimes they sta ..." Type: Post
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Merry and Bright: Christmas Embroidery with Lights! "The blog below was originally published in November 2011. The Merry and Bright bundle is currently on special right now and can be found here. The new Merry and Bright collection from Amazi ..." Type: Post!
Merry and Bright: Christmas Embroidery with Lights! "The new Merry and Bright collection from Amazing Designs incorporates blinking lights with embroidery for an adorable holiday accent unlike anything I've ever seen.   Ten eyelets are embroi ..." Type: Post
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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Build a Better Mouse Trap - Do You Catch A Better Mouse? The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Build a Better Mouse Trap - Do You Catch A Better Mouse? Type: Post
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ABC Quilt By Stitchitize Project DetailsSkill Level: Some ExperienceTime Required: 4 Hour(s)Finished Size: 48 Type: Post
Free-standing Lace – Fun or Frustrating? Free-standing Lace – Fun or Frustrating Type: Post
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Ruffled Crib Quilt from Down Under "Every grandmother counts it a blessing when another child comes into her life.  Each set of tiny hands and feet hold a special place in her heart forever.  When the newest addition made his ..." Type: Post
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Learning The Basics, Before Delving In With Both Feet! "                                 &n ..." Type: Post
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