Share Your Creations with our Community!

Our creations are like our babies! The amount of time and care we expend on a cherished project makes those products of our hands and our hearts feel pretty special.

You are currently resting your eyes on my new blog. If you don't know what a blog is, don't worry about it. Neither did I until a short while ago. Suffice to say for now that it's a great way to communicate and share. And sharing what we've made is why we do this whole embroidery thing, right?

So, bring me your projects, your creations, your handiwork, your accomplishments. The last thing, or the best thing, you did that made someone stop and say "Wow, you made that?!?".

Here's what I need:

1. A general description of your Project in 100 words or less.

2. A step-by-step description of how you completed it.

3. What makes this project special to you?

4. What skill level do you feel is required to complete this project?

5. Which products specific to your hobby did you use to make your project?

6. How many hours did you invest in creating this project?

7. Tell me why you love this project so much.

Please include a photo of your finished project and, if you can, step-by-step photos of how you made it. If we can make a decent presentation of it, I'll put it in my new blog and the next thing you know, the whole embroidery world (some quilters and crafters too!) will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over it.

Click here to see what a completed project is supposed to look like.

If you don't mind us publishing your picture with the project, please send us a recent photo of yourself as well.

E-mail this information to me at and we’ll let you know if your project has been chosen to be featured. All contributors whose projects are chosen will receive a $25 gift certificate to to use as they please in our store.

And, no, there's no catch. I'm not going to put you on a mailing list or try to convince you to buy anything; that's what the site's marketing gals and guys are for! Of course, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if you did...

Anyway, round up those babies -- I mean, those projects -- and get them over to me. They'll appreciate the attention!

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