Some of My Favorite Machine Embroidery Things (for Your Christmas List)

I don’t recommend machine embroidery items unless I have used them and believe in them. Here are some of my favorites!


I wouldn’t trade my Gingher applique scissors or Gingher Double-Curved scissors for anything. They work so well for applique and the double-curved are so easy to use when clipping threads in the hoop.

Another favorite is Fiskars Razoredge Tabletop Shears. They are just the right angle for cutting chunks of fabric, stabilizer, and batting on your tabletop.

Although I have not used them, I have heard good things about Karen Buckley’s Perfect Scissors and snip scissors too.

The DIME Hoop Mat

The DIME Hoop Mat is a wonderful tool for hooping and it takes up very little space. This silicone beauty rolls up or lies flat with just enough grip so that your bottom hoop does not slide around while you are trying to hoop your project.

505 Spray

Another favorite, 505 spray holds without fabric and stabilizer in place without gumming up your needle. It’s essential for floating projects on stabilizer and for spray basting quilting layers before embroidery.

Thread Stand

Who knew a thread stand could be so useful? It also is economical since you can save money by purchasing larger cones of machine embroidery thread.

Snap Hoop Monster

This magnetic hoop is worth every penny! I have the big one and am thinking about ordering the smaller one while free shipping is going on. It is so easy to use and accommodates substantial thicknesses of fabric, stabilizer, and batting so it’s great for quilting or multiple-hoop projects.

Wonder Clips

These little beauties are especially nice when pins will damage your fabric or vinyl. They also are nice when stitching thick quilt blocks together or adding bias binding and piping to project edges.

June Taylor’s Cut n Press

I have had a couple of these cutting/pressing mats over the years. They are nice for rotary cutting and pressing while in front of the TV using a small stand or ottoman.

They do tend to warp over time so I am tempted to replace it with the Omnigrid fold-away which seems to be very sturdy with the same amount of cutting/pressing space.

Pressing Mat

One of my most recent acquisitions, wool pressing mats are fabulous for getting the wrinkles out of your fabrics and trims. It is almost like ironing both sides at once since the dense wool holds heat and steam.

What's on your Christmas list?

Debbie SewBlest


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