Gift Card Holders in the Hoop

Don't let the red and green of this Gift Card Holder fool you. You can make gift cards for any occasion with the same design and it is done entirely in the hoop!

Using felt, the front is stitched in the hoop (two hoopings) and the edges are finished in satin stitches. Instead of using tear-away stabilizer, use a fabric-type wash away like the Gingerbread Cookie project. That way, your edges will be completely clean.

The pocket is embroidered in the first hooping. Actually, because you are using felt, you would not need to put the satin stitch edging on the pocket.

In the second hooping, the front is embroidered, a backing is added on the back of the hoop, and the pocket is layered on the backing before final satin stitching finishes the outside edges.

You can use fabric instead of (or in addition to) the felt and customize the gift card holder for the occasion.

Choose a classy fabric for a birthday or wedding gift card.

Make sure to use a contrasting fabric for the bow.