Unique Thread Storage Ideas

Just because you use thread doesn't mean you can't enjoy it in the process. Here are some unique ways for storing thread.


Nancy Silvernale posted this project on the Machine Embroidery Help Facebook page. She took a pair of six-foot shutters and drilled holes into which she glued quarter-inch dowel cut into two-inch lengths. Pretty awesome!

Fly Tying Spool Holder

This was another surprise. It is a spool case for... fly tying supplies sold by Cabella's. Regular thread would work just as well!


Here is another novel idea from QuiltingBoard.com. It was created by framing out two drawers on their sides and adding dowels set at an angle. This one was built for long arm thread but would work just as well for sewing and embroidery thread sizes.

Jewelry Organizer

No finish work needed for this one from MadeOnMonday.com. A jewelry holder makes the perfect thread organizer and easily hangs out of the way when not in use.