Design Details – A Photo Record

Pat W. on the Molly Mine Facebook group posted this fabulous idea of how she keeps track of the threads she uses for a particular project and I wanted to share it. It is quite simple as in, “Why didn’t I think of that?” but oh, so valuable!


When she finishes a project, she takes a photo of it



and then a photo of the threads that she used showing the thread numbers. Instant digital record – brilliant!


I also like how she wrote the color number on the top of a spool that was not marked where you could see it in the photograph.


So often, we embroider designs multiple times or as parts of a larger project, like a quilt. It is useful to see what we have done before to either repeat it or make sure it is not exactly the same.


A few years ago, I wrote a piece on keeping an embroidery journal. I still keep a journal of sorts with notes for embroidery designs but, with the advent of smart phones, photos are so much easier to take and upload.


So how do you easily find these photos in the future?


1.     Create an embroidery photo folder on your phone or computer to store such photos or save them to your social media account for easy reference.

2.     Rename the photo file so you can search for it easily in the future.

3.     Consider saving it in the same folder as the embroidery design so it is right there the next time you stitch it out.


What tips do you have for keeping track of your stitching notes?


Debbie SewBlest

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