The Advanced Embroiderer’s Bucket List

Continuous embroidery   Since we love embroidery, we also love LOTS of embroidery!  Filling a border or quilt strip with continuous embroidery is number one on the advanced embroiderer’s bucket list.  There are several ways to attack connecting designs end to end but they all ... [More]

Cutwork Snowman Gift Bag

I've had the idea for this design since this time last year, so it's well overdue! The design is part of the Christmas Cutwork Collection by Dakota Collectibles. I added two variations on this design. Originally, the thread colors were shades of blue and plum, but I had a piece of... [More]

Clippie Fun - Zipper Charm designs

I love to make things from embroidery designs that were not created for the purpose I have in mind.  Hair clippies are so popular, I thought of Dakota Collectibles' Zipper Charm designs.      I used these designs: Turtle Flower Frog Owl Penguin Ladybug Heart ... [More]

Snowflake Window Ornament

Applique designs are so versatile. They can be used as a traditional applique on apparel or a quilt and they can also be used as a stand-alone piece, much like freestanding lace. The Window with Snowflakes ornament (XM1791) from the Merry Christmas Ornaments set by Dakota Collectibles features ... [More]

Baby Activity Book Project

Individual designs can be found here, as described below.  The complete set is now available, t [More]

Happy Haunting October Fest

Don't be afraid to change up the colors in your embroidery designs. Just because it shows up as an o [More]

Painted Embroidery

Like to color? Add a new dimension to traditional embroidery with fabric painting. I first read about fabric painting in an Anita Goodesign newsletter. The idea is to stitch an outline design and color it, giving it a watercolor appearance. They used Copic markers and a Copic blending tool wh... [More]

What is a Kaleidocycle?

The kaleidocycle designs are available now.  They are available in the design packs mentioned, and also individually.      A while ago, a friend sent me a link to a website that discussed an unusual geometric form.Created by a math student, the form is called a Kaleidocycle... [More]

The Intermediate Embroiderer’s Bucket List

The Intermediate Embroiderer’s Bucket List Last week, I posted the Embroiderer’s Bucket List for newbies. If you missed it, click here.   Many of you commented on the list – some of you have already checked off all 10 items while others promised to work through the l... [More]

Freestanding Organza Leaves

I am fortunate to live in an area where I am surrounded by autumn's brilliance this time of year. With some water-soluble stabilizer, an applique design, and organza in shades of red, orange, and gold, fall leaves can be enjoyed well beyond their typical lifespan. Using the same Amazing Design... [More]

Crafty Cupcake Coasters

Make an assortment of cupcake coasters to bring a smile to your guests.  You can select fabric to reflect your favorite flavors or your party theme.  Supplies Dakota Collectibles Crafty Cupcake design pack #970443 or purchase the single designs.  I have used these 4X4” des... [More]

Keeping It Simple - Embroidered Book Slings

Do your kids love to read?  Ours do, but keeping track of the library books can be a challenge.   And while our daughter was reorganizing their schoolroom area she wanted a reading nook and a place to keep those library books.  Here is what we came up with:   The original ... [More]

Keeping It Simple - Create A Fabric Background and Embroider Some JOY

Have you ever just had an idea that kept calling out to you?  This is one of those projects.  More than a year ago I found this pile of blocks in the clearance section of a local department store.  The packages had been broken open and a couple of the lettered blocks were missing.&nbs... [More]

What’s on Your Bucket List? by Eileen Roche

What’s on your embroidery bucket list?  Want to get the whole embroidery experience?  Then write an embroidery bucket list.  You’ll find if you write it down, you’re apt to tackle some of those easy-to-put-off complicated embroidery projects. And once you do, y... [More]

Reversible Applique Towel

Take your applique to the next level by making it totally reversible. It is really easy to do with m [More]

Embroidery Advisor Presents: Ice Cold Beer

Football season has begun and you know what that means!  A lot of us will be glued in front of our HD TV screens watching and cheering on our favorite football teams and Fantasy players.  Sipping on an ice cold beer can really enhance the viewing pleasure though while your favorite team an... [More]

Keeping It Simple - Is it a Snake or a Caterpillar?

Now, here is a fun idea, complete with designs to make it, that would make a great stocking stuffer or busy bag learning toy for any preschooler on your list.  My daughter was looking for ideas one day and came across one of these cute little guys that had been made with colored felt squares.&n... [More]

Embroidered Notebook Covers

Make this from this    and this! It is almost back-to-school time and this embroidered notebook cover is a quick and easy project using a standard 50-cent composition book. It takes about a half-yard of fabric, or two fat quarters, and a few scraps for the applique. Best of all, you c... [More]

Simple Casserole Carrier

              These casserole carriers are simple to make and are perfect for upcoming pot luck gatherings.  You can make them different by using an assortment of fabrics (maybe from your “stash”) and embroidery designs. Materials: 2 pieces o... [More]
The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Another thing to do with Paint Chips

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Another thing to do with Paint Chips

Some day we will all be embroidering on spider webs, in the meantime, this is an idea that has so many ways to use it, I just had to share it. 

This idea came from a blog titled 50-fun-things-to-do-with-paint-chip-samples. I think this one may have lots of uses such as wedding or baby announcements, school projects, or a very eye catching advertisement!

I started by looking at Disney colors which are vibrant and everyone goes with each other.  Mixing them will be easy.  The biggest problem was selecting just a few of them to use. 

This is the wallet I am going to embellish.

Here are a few examples of colors that I liked together.  I did feel like the brightest chip was not getting enough notice so I placed it in the center for a 'pop' of color.

This was one of my original ideas to do.  There are multiple things that don't work in this design, including too many stitches (9,000). I will find some other place for it because I like the layout and effect.

This is better but not quite right.

This was another thought I had for my design, but I felt the three colors were distracting from the design (3,000 stitches).  I was using a #9 needle which really was still too large, it left holes in the paper.  Fabric is much more forgiving with holes.

I like the way this turned out.  As a work in progress, it fixes most of the issues of the first two.  In the end, I am thinking that I would do the design on fabric like an upholstery type.  We have all seen that used in wallets, so, go with the pros and keep it simple. 

You may remember that Debbie at SewBlest, had a blog on doing chalkboard embroidery items.  It is a great blog, if you missed it, check it out.  In this case, instead of using fabric, you can use these paint colors that are in the chalk format. You don't have to paint the whole room in chalk paint, just do circles of varying sizes with fun sayings, embroidery designs or other ideas for a teenager's room.  The Disney site is 'chalk-full' of ideas!!!   


We here in California are still in a drought condition.  We are also having flash flooding (the ground is so dry, it cannot hold the water).  If you are in an area that is getting heavy snow and significantly cold temperatures, I saw this tip and thought it was a really good one.
  • Batteries for your car take a beating in the cold weather.  Even one that works just fine one minute can be worthless the next time.  Back your vehicle into your parking space.  If you need a jump, someone will be able to get to your vehicle much easier.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. 


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team_smooth 9/9/2017 1:33:30 PM

How fun, thank you for sharing your experimentation and broadening my ability to  see application options

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