The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Sculptey and Lace

When I saw this project, I could not stop thinking about the number of ways that I could use this as a gift, pretty tray for pins, paper clips, candy, etc.  When an idea is a real inspiration, it has a life of its own. 

Sculptey is a clay that needs to be baked in the oven to be set.  Some clay can just dry on their own, but this one is an oven type. 

First, I gathered my tools:

·        rolling pin - I only have wooden and I found that it was not the best choice.

·        cookie cutters - I have dozens of these that are only used at Christmas, but I found a few that were suitable for year round.

·        'working' spatula.  I don't use this spatula for cooking because I use it in projects.  You may be able to see the very thin edge which came in very handy.

·        round cutter for creating bowls, I have this hand embroidery hoop and it is great for the size I want.

·        an oven proof plate with a little curve in it.  I also used some aluminum foil by folding it so it was 4-ply.  That worked just fine. Not everything is oven proof in my house.

·        I was considering placing holes in the top for hanging them but decided to glue a magnet to the back instead.  I really did not know if the hole would expand or contract in the oven.

Working with the clay was harder than I remembered.  I needed to be sure that both of the surfaces, bottom and rolling pin were able to create and yet let go.  I think that a parchment or waxed paper may have been a better idea.  I think I would have put parchment on the bottom and top and then roll.

My most difficult problem was getting the round finish to look nice.  For my first try, I ended up tossing it because it was terrible.

The lace was good on the heart, but one corner was not pressed deep enough.  I repressed the lace and it was just perfect.

After heating per instructions (250 degrees for 15 minutes for a 1/4" {6mm} piece), painting the cooled clay is the crowning jewel.  Over all, I just love placing the free-standing lace (FSL) into the clay. It is a great way to give depth and interest.

I can see doing this as a mother/daughter project using the pieces for a shadow box to create a wonderful, memorable gift for a favorite aunt or grandmother. 


I did find a professional sculptor, Kate MacDonald who is using a similar technique.  Well, mine are not exactly in this category but what an example to appreciate!


If you happen to decide to bake these clay items on a cookie sheet, don't forget how easy it is to clean years of gunk on them.  See my blog on how it is done.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined. 



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