The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Bed Sheets with a helping hand

I recently was just thumbing through a catalog for bedding because I think I should be considering some new sheets.  It is really hard to tell the quality from looking at a photo.  Furthermore, what is soft to some may not be soft to me.  About 10 years ago I found that I was not able to tolerate the scratchiness of 'new' sheets, especially if they were of a poor quality.  I do know that many people are just fine with a 200 thread count. (see my sheets blog - a lot of good information on quality of sheets)  But scratchy sheets keep me awake. 

When I came across this, I thought, I can do that with my current sheets!!

The information said that the pocket was 15" (38 cm).  It looks simple enough but I noticed that the sheets were on 'clearance' and I always check, clearance or not, what the lowest rating people have to say.  Often, one cannot please everyone, but I look for real and valid issues.  In this case, one rater said that the pockets were on the wrong side of the sheets.  Hmmm. . .

OK, I have this as a vision and it is still a work in process.  If you have some suggestions, please add it in the Comments below.  Everyone benefits from a single idea - share your ideas!

I have an old robe that I use as practice for embroidery.  It has two large patch pockets.  Frankly, the pockets are too big (is that really possible? well, yes it is).  Unless I am going to carry a quart of milk in my robe, they are just too big.  Then, I simply cut them from the robe, size is disregarded at this time.

I cut the pockets at their bottom, I probably don't need that (**afterthought, should have kept about 6" that could have been folded to be smaller pockets).  I also cut a 1" edge where they would butt up against each other and I will sew the pockets together with this selvage.  I cut 6" above the top of the pocket for an area to be tucked in between the mattress and box springs.  I was so busy thinking about what I wanted that I forgot to take photos.  Sorry.

I actually kept changing my mind about the sizes and the methods.  This is what I want to pass on to you:
  • This fabric was cotton but I would something a little heavier like a bottom weight.  I would not use a heavy fabric like canvas, but it might work for you.
  • On the pocket that will hold the magazines, I am going to do a monogram.
  • I started with 2 pockets and divided the pocket on the left so the remote would not slide over and sewed a vertical and horizontal line to create the third pocket.
  • I sewed a horizontal line to match the line on the pencil pocket. That left an unused area that was not open.
  • I cut the top of the (just inserted) horizontal line which created a fourth pocket that was just right for my glasses. 
  • I am going to use some sort of ribbon on the tops of the pockets for a visual pop and to cover up the top of the glasses pocket that is a raw edge.
  • I found that about 6" was suitable for tucking between the mattress and box springs.  Then I figured it would work on the sofa too, and it did.  For the sofa, I may want the caddy to be the same color as my sofa so it disappears. That is next on the agenda.

I think there are lots of people who would love one of these, check your gift list, twice of course.

LOL - I was looking at some things at Pinterest and came across a store that I did not recognize as being in my area.  I put in my zip code and it said "There is no store in your area.  You should consider moving."  

Tip:  I thought I had heard  everything but this one is a newbie for me❣  I had the neighborhood kids painting a few weeks ago and left them with plenty of water to wash out the brushes.  Well, that was not exactly my brightest hour. . .  Eleven brushes were hardened.  Then I found this trick - using an amount of hot (yes, hot) vinegar to cover the bristle part of the brush.  In about 5 minutes, 8 of the brushes were ready to go again.  The remaining brushes were just as stiff as they had been.  I prefer not to use harsh chemicals like turpentine, so this was a great idea for me.

Now I have to come up with something to use that left over vinegar.  It is still clear and smells normal.

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lindafroggie 11/23/2014 10:54:51 AM

Have used something similar but doesn't stay between mattress and "box springs" when bed is raised and lowered (Tempur-Ergo System).  Might try stitching to a sheet to see if that works.  Loved the post.

Thank you Linda.  I had not thought of having a unique bed.  Your information is valuable for me.  I think I would do a cross stitch (for strength) and place it on the dust ruffle, if available.  

I have used mine for a week and love it.

I forgot to add that using a small amount of elastic on the top of the pocket is key.  Otherwise, items will not sit well.  As I noted in the blog, I am still seeing things to do better.  Linda showed us that there are traps along the way.  Thank you all for your input.  It takes a village to create a caddy. . . .  Pat

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