Keeping It Simple - Oven Towels

My machine has been under the weather lately.  Somehow I had put the needle through the bobbin case and just replacing that one part did not do the trick.  After a trip to the machine tech I am up an running again – just in time to make Halloween costumes.  But first I wanted to try it out with something simple to be sure.  My friend had requested some redwork “oven” hanging towels a few weeks ago.  She even gave me the towels.  So, I decided that this would be a good test.  There will be four when I get them all made but I thought I would share the first with you today.  Here is the simple version of a hanging kitchen towel:

Here is what you need:

One kitchen towel

One 9”X12” rectangle coordinating cotton fabric

1” square Velcro set

One large button

Embroidery design of choice (We used Annthegran Winter Redwork)

Tear away stabilizer

Lapel Stick or temporary adhesive (optional)

Wash away stabilizer if using a terry towel

Embroidery and sewing threads

Here is what you do:

1.        Fold the towel and cut in half.  You will only need one half to make a hanging kitchen towel.

2.       Using tear away stabilizer embroider your design as desired leaving the raw edge of the towel at the top.  (Note:  If you do not want to hoop the towel just hoop the stabilizer and adhere the towel on top using the lapel stick.  If your towel has nap adhere the edges of the wash away stabilizer on top before embroidering.)

3.       After embroidering.  Using cotton thread and long thread tails at beginning and end sew long stitches about 1/4:” from the raw edge.  Repeat about 1/8” below the first stitching line.  Take one long thread and gently gather the towel top to approximately 8”.  Set aside. 

4.       With right sides together fold the 9”X12” rectangle in half so that it measures 9”X6”.  Using ½” seam sew both 6” sides.  Trim corners.

5.       Turn right side out and press.  Turn bottom raw edge to inside ½” all the way around.  Press.


6.       Insert gathered edge of towel into the opening of the cotton rectangle.  Adjust the gathers to fit and pin making sure to cover the stitching lines on the raw edge of the towel.  Check the backside to be sure all is covered there as well.  Sew close to the folded edge of the cotton rectangle through all layers.


7.       Top stitch all the way around the cotton rectangle.  Trim any thread tails.

8.       Place towel face up.  Center the Velcro squares at top and bottom edges of the cotton rectangle and sew in place.

9.       Fold down so the Velcro square match up.  Hand sew the button on the front covering the stitches of the Velcro.

10.       Make another with the remaining half towel.  Wrap it up and you have one gift ready to give.

There are lots of ways to make these and they are nice for keeping that towel off the floor, out of the sink and in a place where you can always have it handy.  It is a gift that many do not have but, like my friend, find they cannot do without after they have used them.  I hope you like my easy version.

Take care,


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