Please Welcome Me

Hello Everyone.....

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Pardeep Takhar. I have been working here at AnnTheGran (ATG) since 2007...... that's 6 years that's a really long time, time really does fly by. Here, at ATG, I have been involved in customer service, adding new products, sales and promotions.

It's funny although my friends and family would let you know I talk a lot , I am a little nervous about this whole blog writing. I love meeting and talking to people and I'm sure you will make me feel comfortable soon. Ok, so that's enough about me, this blog is about YOU!

I wanted to start blogging so that I could reach out to you; understand what you need, what you want to learn about, what you want to see, basically what you want.

So please flood me with your ideasIdea, questions, suggestions....(dare i say criticisms, dislikes :) and I (along with my wonderful team here) will try our best to solve them) ...Seriously, I want to hear what you have to say.

Well first of all, we changed the look of the new site a few months ago, do you like it?Yes Anything you don't like?No, please comment below.

This week I would like to start off by introducing new products on our site this month so far.....check at my presentation below:



Thanks for watching and please leave your comments below.

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I have been on this site either as long or longer than you.

We used to have a wonderful place to go for ME. The last couple of years you have lost 90% of the people that came here everyday.

The format of the new site is terrible.  You have to know where to look ot you would not know that there is a forum section.  All it is you trying to sell something that can be bought anyother place on the net for less.

Out of habit I stop in everyday and see what is going on but when Ann Cobb owned it we had soooo much fun.  That is gone now.

I have to agree the new format is awkward when searching for particular items.

When a site changes, activity decreases.  I saw this happen a few years ago at the Threads Magazine forum and it has not increased since then.

There are still a hundred or more individuals visiting ATG each day, they are not signed in as members and it is my guess it is for the free designs.

It could also be for the blogs.  I have offered certain ones as tutorials when it addresses questions asked at other sites.  I don't take credit for the tutorial or blog and always note the Ann The Gran website.

The voice over is so low in volume that I cannot understand what the girl is saying.  

I always thought that ATG was mostly for embroidery but I maybe it is quilting.  Thats ok.  

I to wonder where everyone has gone.  Maybe embroidery is not as big as it was.  with so much free stuff around, I wonder if people are not wanting to buy.  

My alpha express has been really good for me.  I like it a lot.  It is easy to use.  Some of the information that used to be here seems to be gone like in the forums.  I had been looking at some things that were older but cannot find them now.

The prices do seem to have gotten higher.  

Many times I have signed in at the home page but when I come to the blogs, I have to sign in again.  

The site is a lot slower to.  Some times if I want to see the forum, it takes 30-40 seconds to load.  I don't remember it being that long before.  It seems fine today.


Awesome concept Pardeep!

I can't speak for the forums, and I've only been involved on the site for a couple of years, but I thing the overall site is MUCH improved in appearance and function.

The video was interesting ONLY when the adverts were on. The recording of Pardeep was way too soft. Sack the sound man!!

This started off on the wrong foot with "Please Welcome Me" and then proceeded with advertising.  

Maybe just in case you could not find your way around "Shop".

I have noticed a few other blogs that are just advertising to sell gadgets and provide nothing that promotes interest in the craft of sewing, quilting or machine embroidery.

Appearance and function are NOT improved.  And the site is slower than molasses on a Winter day.  And for those of you who may not have ever experienced snowy weather......that's cold!

I agree with you Pattiann, the site is slower than molassas.

This site used to be very educational, now all it is about selling.

And yes there is some quilting on  the site and if you do ME than quilting comes naturally.

If there are not some changes and soon I don't think it will be around much longer.  I check to see who is online and most of the time it is only me.


Have you noticed how may visitors are online? Where are they, hmmm?  

I also wonder how many know if they click on Links at the bottom right of any screen there many more embroidery sites listed, including Embroidery Library as well as listings for books and magazines.

First of all Thank You all for your Feedback - keep it coming!

I just wanted to answer with the following:

1.  The unique visitor traffic on our website last month in the short month of February was 58,000 unique visitors

2.  Our traffic has increased over 28% as compared to last year.

3.  We admit that our blog software is old and outdated and slow and we are trying to replace it to speed it up but it costs 30k for the new software and we are researching alternatives.

4.  I will figure out how to increase the volume on future presentations.

5.  I am sorry if you feel I was putting advertising in the blog. I wasn’t really trying to advertise,  because I didn’t even mention that the products are on sale right now. I was just trying to point out new products on the site, so that you didn't have to go into each product to see more details.

6.  I  have asked our programmers to figure out how to not make users sign in twice with the site and the blog.  Once signed in they can automatically use blog.

7.Our prices are actually more competitive now e.g. it will be hard to find our popular products inc the Ultimate Binding combo at a lower price anywhere else and our Accuquilt products are very competitive too. If you do find anything cheaper elsewhere we do ask you to send us a link using the Found lower price? link on products and we can see what we can do.

8. You may think some blogs are advertising, but the purpose is to provide more product info/education from someone who has used the product, and some are to give you inspiration to show you what you can create.

8. If you have suggestions for blog topics that you would like to see, please let us know. We would love to hear what YOU want and will do our best to get it to YOU!

Thanks Pardeep

What is an unique visitor?

I would like to know that also.  I have never seen more than a hundred or so vistors at any one time and only 1 or 2 members.

I think if the site is going to survive it should go back to being a site were members can pour a cup of coffee, go online and visit with friends all over the world.  We used to do this and I learned so much for others.  If I want to buy something then I can go to the sales section.


This is how I see it (you can skip the the last sentence if you wish to just read the summary).

Here is the original introduction to the blog feature of ATG -">

In the beginning there were blogs by ATGS  (Ann The Gran Support/Staff) that were tutorials.  Some appear to by members posting via ATGS.  Then the merchants starting blogging and touting their products available at ATG (and elsewhere).  Then the ATGS blogs turned more toward advertising.  Now, we are receiving e-mail sales pitches as well.

I see no problem recommending a product as long as you (the blogger) have used it and can verify the results.

I went back and read some of them again, such a nice time then.  We all were worried about Ann after her husband passed and when she reapeared we were all extactic.

It is nice to go back in time but the problem with the site is now not then.  I still say unless there are big changes it won't be around long.



Thanks for all the feedback and that we are looking into what is causing the slowness.

Here is a couple of definitions for Unique User/visitor:

Taken from

When tracking the amount of traffic on a Web site, it refers to a person who visits a Web site more than once within a specified period of time. Software that tracks and counts Web site traffic can distinguish between visitors who only visit the site once and unique visitors who return to the site.

Taken from

Unique User counts for websites are typically counted by using cookies. When a browser visits a website, the website checks for the existence of a particular cookie. If the cookie is present, the cookie value is captured. If the cookie is not present, the website will create a cookie.

Also, regarding the login, if you are already logged into the main website, you only have to click a button to login to the BLOG IF they are leaving a comment/post.

Please let us know any other features or things you would like to see in the blog/forum and moving forward we can work on these and provide you with what you want.

Thanks Pardeep


I happened to see this yesterday and really enjoyed reading  it.

I'm 70 years old and I have 2 machines. A Viking Designer 1 and a Singer 9960. I'm thinking of getting another machine that falls somewhere in the middle. Any suggestions?

I hosted a group of quilters, embroiderers, and all areas of sewing a few years ago. It was a wonderful group from all over the Us, Canada, Austrailia, etc. I loved it but health issues caused me to leave and then everyone else did. It was a real shame to lose it and I still miss it so I understand missing a group you loved.

I will post if I remember where to go to do it [:@ I forget everything one second after I think about it - HA ! Getting older is not for sissies.


Hi Jackie,

Sorry I just read your message, I request you to post your question in our forums :"> and/or on our facebook community page :">

Thanks Pardeep

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