Please Tie Me

     I have added a third design for the Please Tie Me page of my baby activity
book.  Someone emailed to ask whether it would be okay for her to stitch
eyelets instead of setting metal eyelets in the shoe quarter.  I thought it would
be easier to embroider the eyelets as part of the design so I added the eyelets
to the parts design.  The original parts page, 02-1_Please_Tie_Me_parts, is
still included in the design set.  02-1_Please_Tie_Me_parts_eyelets is included
as well.  You may choose which one to stitch.  Click here to see the all the
designs for the Please Tie Me page.

     To aid in removing the fabric from inside the eyelets, I also added lines for
cutwork needles.  In traditional cutwork you cut the holes, baste a new piece of
stabilizer under the hoop, and then satin stitch around the cuts.

     For the shoes, I do the satin stitching first and then cut the holes.  There is no
need for the extra stabilizer to be placed under the hoop.  I left secure points in the
cut lines so that the bits of fabric don't get pulled into the bobbin area.  You can
snip those with scissors.  If you don't have the cutwork needles, just ignore the last
four colors in the design.  Instead, use an awl to punch a hole and then trim as needed with
small sharp scissors.

     If you purchased this page or the complete set, re-downloading your purchase
will give you the enhanced design.  I have added information to the instructions as well,
so please be sure to take a look.  Here is a picture of the page with embroidered
eyelets.  Click here to read more about the baby book and where to find the designs.

please tie me page with eyelets

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