Fancy Water Bottle Caddies

     I am having entirely too much fun.  I admit that freely.  Ever since
I started creating my own motifs in my digitizing software, I have been
finding ever more ways to use them.  My latest is this Cathedral Windows
water bottle caddy.  I created a panel that fits in my 200 x 360 mm hoop
and embroidered two of them to make a caddy.  The panel includes a base and
a strap sleeve (the top of the caddy finishes raw edges and has an opening
for the strap).  The base has centering lines to help you add text to your
design.  Here is a picture of one of the panels ...

wbc_cw_design image

... and here is the completed caddy.

wbc cw front

     I used a Superior Rainbows variegated thread for the fill pattern.
The lettering is arranged with my Contour Script 75 alphabet and is
stitched in white.

     There are five repeats of the cathedral windows motif so I named this
design wbc_cw_5.  I also arranged versions with four and six motifs per
row, called wbc_cw_4 and wbc_cw_6, respectively.  In the next image, the
four-motif arrangement is a wine caddy (a gift for friends who like to
bring a bottle of wine when invited to dinner).

wine caddy vlr

     I also offer three sizes of shell designs, wbc_shell_6, wbc_shell_7,
and wbc_shell_8.  The numbers again refer to the number of repeats per row.
Wbc_bicycle_1 has straight lines of bicycles, while wbc_bicycle_2 has wavy
lines.  The bicycles appear to go up and down hills.  The final two designs
in this collection are wbc_octagon, and wbc_waves (representing water).  The
following picture shows all ten fills together.

10 fills vlr

     The base alone fits in a 200 x 260 mm hoop.  Two strap sleeves
together will also fit in that hoop, so I arranged the designs for ease in
embroidering.  Embroider two _base panels, mirroring one as suggested in
the instructions included with purchase.  Stitch only one _sleeves panel.

     Each design is available as a single design for the 200 x 360 mm hoop
and as a set of two or three designs for the 200 x 260 mm hoop.  I mirrored
one strap sleeve for the _sleeves design, so the panel is ready to stitch.
For the bicycle fills, you may want to reverse one panel, but you may prefer
to see your bicycles riding in one direction all around the caddy.  Therefore,
I arranged the design of two strap sleeves for both options.  The design ending
_1rev indicates that one strap sleeve has been reversed.  Individual designs
are available here.  The designs are also available as a complete set.
See my Water Bottle Caddy Stitch Counts document for a listing of all designs,
their stitch counts, and other information you may find useful.  Instructions for
embroidering and assembling the water bottle caddy are included with purchase.

NOTE:  The 13.92" x 7.5" designs fit in the 200 x 360 hoop mm.  The 28.71" x 7.50"
and 19.26" x 7.5" designs fit in the 200 x 260 mm hoop.  The longer ones include
the second strap sleeve design as described above.

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Love the bicycle design... this is great!! I really like all your work

Thank you, cme.  You are very kind.


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