When is a Quilt Not A Quilt?

While I don't do quilts myself, I always enjoy and appreciate the work done by the talented people who do.  The work that goes into a quilt has to be a labor of love.  Since the operative word here is 'labor,' I keep thinking that it is too much work to squeeze into my schedule. While looking at quilts, I found this one - -

But, I keep seeing things that are so tempting.  If you quilt, I wonder how you even chose the one you want to do next.  Do you select just from the scraps you have around your sewing area (and probably stashed around the house).  Do you see something on the Internet and copy it?  Or do you select a kit and get the project that is user friendly and ready for the compliments and praise?  Do you decide in advance if this heirloom will be a quilt for a bed or wall hanging. . . .

I have been looking at the kits that are available and frankly, I am amazed.  Since I don't consider myself to be any sort of quilter, I decided to go to someone who not only makes quilts, but appreciates them for all their warmth and beauty.  Marge, aka, marsuz

Marge has probably been here as long if not longer than I have, you will see her frequently in the Forum helping with questions and encouraging others - she remembers being where a newbie is!  Additionally, one of her quilts was on the Janome site for sometime showing off the workmanship of both the machine and especially the creator.

I asked Marge several questions and she cheerfully gave me so much good information that I am excited to share with you today.


Pat:  Is there some tip about doing the panels that you wish you had known from the beginning of your journey?

Marge:  When putting them together the sections, work them as you would a quilt block. If one is a tad longer than the another, work it in so they end up the same length.  Also you can always do satin stitches around the edges.  I do one with a border, it is like looking through a window with panes. 

Pat:  What is the largest number of panels you have done?

Marge: 16


Pat:  I noticed that some have 'edges' on every panel and some not.  Is there one that is better than the other? 

Marge:  I really like doing the edge or border on scenes.  When doing animals I wouldn't put a border on.

Pat: Do you need to block your finished design?

Marge:  No

Pat:  Have you ever done one for someone on commission?  With all those stitches, how do you know what to charge? 

Marge:  I don't charge by the stitch, it is by the piece and it would depend on who it was for. I just sold one for $150.00 and last month I sold one for $300.00.  It was one I didn't want to sell but the buyer was adamant about it so she paid more. LOL.  I will never get rich doing them but I do enjoy them so.


Pat:  It seems like you do a lot of large pieces.  Do you do other things?

Marge:  If it can be embroidered, I probably have done it.  I like making patches that can  be appliqued on things.  I find that on some items, putting a patch on is the best method to achieve the desired results.



Marge:  I have made the golf design twice, one was for my grandson and the other one was for a friend who lives and breathes golf.   



The American wild animals was for me.  I  also made one very much like it for my daughter, hers was wolves and American Indians.

Pat:  Do you give away (gifts) most of your work?  I know that family and special friends can be your recipients with a great deal of love.  That is win-win, you get to do what you love and they get something they are going to love.  Creating something for others has been done for centuries.  Women nurtured their loved ones through their hand work.  It is wonderful that it continues today despite the busy lives we all lead.

Marge:  I do probably give away 70% of my work.  Most of these 'windows' have anywhere from 640,000 to 896,000 stitches in them.  If I was to charge $1.00 per 1,000 stitches I would have to charge from $640. and up.  I know of very few people who would pay that.  Single designs are easy to sell and I don't charge as much as anyone else I know but I do have people coming back for more.  Anyone who wants an embroidery business can't sell these big pieces of work, they have to do them like I do, for the love of creating. 


Just thinking of the amount of time it takes to create that many stitches makes me dizzy!!  (Actually, it is really cold here in San Diego, I would love one of these right now!)

In celebration of the love of quilting, AnnTheGran is offering BOTH Free Shipping and Free Quilt Grid on selected Quilts.  This is my personal favorite:

 Bathing Beauties

So, when is a quilt not a quilt?  When it is a loving work of art!


(My freebie is coming right up!)


Now, I want to show you my freebie for this blog - she has stars in her eyes!:



She is really beautiful!  I do want you to notice that she has "candle wicking" all over this pattern.  If you are not familiar with that stitch, check my blog on candle wicking.  One thing I feel that this design portrays is the quality of the designs that are FREE here at AnnTheGran.  While you are at it, you may want to look at Bella-Mia-Designs for the beautiful designs available at a reasonable price.  You probably can find something - there is over 22,000 designs just by Bella-Mia-Designs!!!

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