Ann's Sweetest Heart Collection: Perfect for Your Sweetheart

Ann's Sweetest Heart Collection makes it fun and easy to create a variety of special valentines you can't find in any big box store. And, for a limited time, purchase the small, large, or full collections, and get a Valentines Sayings pack absolutely FREE.

Intricate, yet delicate, the designs would be beautiful if embroidered on table linens or towels. I created three stand-alone valentines by embroidering the designs on organza and felt. When using organza, they are almost like freestanding lace. They can be placed in an envelope in place of a card, attached to a ribbon to hang for display, or embroidered on a larger piece of material to create a gift bag for candies or potpourri.

Organza Hearts

Hoop a piece of water-soluble stabilizer. Remember, join Ann's Club and save 50% on stabilizers.

Cut organza to fit on top of the hoop. I used burgundy organza for design ATG VAL 03L and a silver-white metallic for design ATG VAL 08L.

Spray temporary adhesive on the back of the organza and finger-press it to the inside top of the hoop.

I used burgundy thread with the burgundy organza and red thread with the metallic organza. Use matching thread in the bobbin. What‘s nice about these designs is that they use all one color so no thread changes!

I typically reduce the machine speed when embroidering on organza.

Stitch out each respective design. Remove the stabilizer from the hoop. Carefully trim the organza from the design with applique scissors.

Trim excess stabilizer and rinse the hearts in warm water to remove remaining stabilizer. The more you rinse, the softer the embroidered piece will become. I like to let some stabilizer remain to give the piece body when dry.



The burgundy heart is embroidered as a tone-on-tone while the metallic heart has contrasting thread.

Use a brayer to roll out moisture and flatten. Let them dry.

Attach a cord or ribbon to hang or use as a bookmark.

Cut out the loops with an eyelet cutter if desired.

You could also sandwich the finished heart with organdy, place some potpourri between the layers, and stitch around the satin stitch outline to secure. Trim the excess organdy close to the seam line and you have a sachet.



Felt Heart

Hoop a piece of adhesive tear-away stabilizer. Carefully score around the inside of the hoop and remove the protective paper.

Spray the back of a 4.25" x 5" piece of felt with adhesive spray and finger-press to the inside top of the hoop to secure.

Stitch design ATG VAL-03L. I used variegated red thread on the front and solid red in the bobbin.

When done, remove the design from the hoop and carefully tear the adhesive stabilizer from the back.

Trim around the heart. This heart can be hung as an ornament, added as a gift tag, or used as a coaster.


I'm sure you will find other great uses for these hearts. They sew up quickly. Make some for those you love!


Debbie (SewBlest)

Comments (3) -

I am a little confused.  Is this organdy or organza you are using?  I know they are easy to confuse.  Organdy is described here:">  and Organza is described here:">  Organdy does not seem to be sheer and Organza is sheer.

I am no expert, but yours seems to be sheer.  


Thanks, Sue. You are absolutely right. It is organza. Slip of the fingers!

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