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As a Quilter and Sewer I know how important it is to find products that make my projects better and easier without blowing my budget or potentially damaging my work by using something complicated or harsh on fabrics.  It is a balancing act when shopping for supplies, tools, and accessories – maintain the quality of the finished piece, save money, and saving time.  For a new tool to get a place in my already crowded sewing kit it has to meet all three of those things.

One my favorite items is the temporary adhesive Lapel Stick, it not only meets my 3 sewing kit entry requirements but also adds a fourth – it has other applications around the house and for my whole family.  Lapel Stick is a “must-have” notion for anyone who quilts, sews, or does crafts as it removes the need for pins, toxic sprays or glues and protects their machines and fabric.  It is the only one I have found that is 100% non-toxic, safe to use on all fabrics, and won’t irritate skin but still actually holds my fabric in place!  It comes in an easy to use roll-up stick which is perfect for seaming, binding, or applique. 


·         Replaces baste stitching, pinning, tapes, and spray adhesives

·         An amazing tool for quilters, sewers, crafters, and appliqué or embroidery

·         Can repair a fallen pant hem or skirt hem instantly

·         Easily teach children to sew and quilt by holding fabric in place

·         Ideal for Bridal and wedding day emergency kits

·         Keeps men's collars, cuffs, and ties in place and looking sharp

·         Eliminates gaping necklines or button gaps on blouses or shirts

·         Ideal for costumes or temporary embellishments to clothing

·         Great for hundreds of D.I.Y. projects around the house


Lapel Stick is water soluble and child friendly – it comes out with warm water – it’s safe to use on cottons, wool, polyester, blends, felt, linen, and leather.  This unique adhesive is also safe for your equipment and has undergone extensive real world testing with confirmations from leading Quilters and Sewers that it will not gum up your needles or damage your machines.


Ann The Gran currently has a great promotion on Lapel Stick: a 3 pack for $17.99 with free shipping in the USA or Canada  click here for more details:


The manufacturers of Lapel Stick are big supporters of many amazing charities in the quilting and sewing community including: Quilts of Valor, Project Linus, Kozy Kovers, World of Charity Stitching, and many more.  If you have a registered charity that is making a difference in your community by quilting and sewing for children in need, seniors, people in crisis or providing support in other ways, please contact to tell them about your charity and you could receive a supply of sticks to help your volunteers in their work.


Lapel Stick is my new sewing box hero and supports heroes who are sewing and quilting every day.  To get your 3 pack visit the Ann The Gran promotions page at:


Please note the Free Shipping Sale - ends Monday 18th June.

By Leslie McNiven 


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