Christmas Tree Skirt from Table Runners

To take a simple or plain idea and mold it into something personal and unique is always rewarding. Michelle Gauthier created a special Christmas tree skirt to become a focal point for holiday cheer in her home. Without spending a lot she gave of her time and love to bring special smiles to those around her. This is a clever and simple way to make a tree skirt, but if you insist on the Battenburg lace variety, you can find them on my site.

Michelle's Description
I made this skirt out of 3 1/2 table runners that I purchased from the Dollar Store. I chose to use two different colors, but three could be used, or it could all be made from one color. I have to give full credit to AnnTheGran embroidery design contributer Diane Carothers, whose snowman designs inspired me to make something out of them.

Step by Step:
I took the 4 table runners, purchased for one dollar each. I cut them in half so that I could double the tassled ends available to me. I chose to use Christmas red, and cream, and alternated, sewing together along the already finished seams. On the cream pieces, I embroidered the snowman designs by Diane Carothers. Once the embroideries were completed and the pieces were sewn together, I simply turned the top edge under and under a second time to form a pocket to run a fancy cord through.

The purpose of this is a drawstring to pull the top of the piece around the trunk of the tree and gather it to make it look fuller. Once the drawstring was fed through, it was as simple as tying the drawstring around the trunk and straightening the skirt out around the base of the tree.

What Makes This Project Special
I started with something simple and the result was an expensive-looking, original tree skirt that is one-of-a-kind. I am excited to present this easy, attractive and inexpensive idea to the sewing community. I hope that others are able to take my idea and expand on it in ways I haven't yet thought of - and then let me know how you have improved on the idea.

Skill Level
I think that this is a very simple project and might be good for beginner or budding seamstresses. I would also suggest trying applique designs on the panels, as this would be an attractive variation. Even to put padding under the applique would be really cute.

Table Runners
Snowman Designs
Attractive Cord (for drawstring)

Time Invested
The entire project, once embroidery was complete, takes approx. 30 minutes. The embroidery is something you can do while doing other stuff around your house.

Why I Love This Project
My kids love the idea that the tree skirt is special and unique and their friends' families do not have anything like it under their tree. That is what makes it worth the work, I think. Seeing smiling faces at Christmas time is the best! I hope you can all enjoy my idea and make a tree skirt for your home that is uniquely your own.

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What Would You Do?
Michelle used simple $1 runners to inexpensively create an item that can sometimes be quite expensive to buy. Click on the Comments link to tell us about the most creative item you have used to make a decorative project.

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