Holding the Slippery Stuff

wrap hoopSlippage and marring are the two biggest challenges when hooping satin. Because of its soft hand, it is necessary to hold it securely without damaging the delicate surface yarns. Hoops may have nicks, splinters or burrs that can catch and damage these long delicate warp threads. I prefer that the hoop does not contact the satin directly. There are two methods that I use to create a buffer between the hoop and the fabric.


You can wrap the hoop with cohesive or self-adherent wrap. This special wrap is available at the drug store or large pet supply stores. Two brands that I have purchased are Vet Wrap and Pet Wrap. They are widely used in veterinary practices because they do not stick to animals' fur. In fact, this unique material sticks only to itself. For this reason it will not leave a residue on the fabric.


wrap HoopAnother simple way to create a buffer is to hoop a layer of tissue paper between the fabric and the hoop. Place the matte side of basic tissue paper on top of the satin and hoop it in on top of the satin. Tear a window where the embroidery will be stitched. This simple solution provides grip and prevents hoops from contacting the fabric directly.



















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what a great Idea. even some thin materials will not stay tight in the center of a hoop, because of the length of the loop. this  pet wrap would help that. Gloria  B.C

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