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From the moment the first item of cloth was embroidered, clothing, church and home décor would never be the same. 

I enjoy ‘life' history.  Don't tell me about wars, politics or hate; give me the history of people who lived their lives during the time when war and pestilence were going on.  How did they survive? How did they live on a day to day basis? How did they make their lives as joyful as they could? How did they display their personality?  How did they show the world they laughed, loved and were not just survivors but were ALIVE?

Embroidery history is interesting in itself.  It was likely invented just after cloth!

It always surprises me when I read that machine embroidery has been around for a very long time.  As a craft that can be in any household, it probably is not as ‘old' but it is amazing to have something so beautiful at our fingertips.

New uses are always being dreamed up and while this is not new, it is an interesting use of embroidery -

How about putting some interesting things in a Doll House?  I have found so many great items that would work!

Here are a couple of rugs that are really adorable with the bedside rug has so much detail -



(photos courtesy of SoniaShowaltersdesigns.com)

How about something for the living room wall?

(this is a freebie right here at AnnTheGran - sign into the Download Designs and search the category "uncategorized.")


Here are some that will make great ‘wall hangings' for a doll house!

For the Game/Family Room - a "Guy Design Pack"- -



Or for the Baby's Room - - Baby's Design Pack



How fun is this one for Poolside? - " Summer Beach Accessories Design Pack"


And, if you don't have a doll house to decorate (what fun!!!) you can put these on baby items everywhere!  If it is not breathing or nailed down, put an embroidery design on it.  LOL

Comments (2) -

Never thought to do that for my granddaughter and her doll house project. She does everything in polymer.

I was also thinking (lots of thoughts after these are published) that you could use a 'charm' that would normally hold a photo and put one of the mini designs in it and hang it for a picture for any room.

I might also use small twigs for a wooden frame for a picture.

What fun to think of ideas!


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