Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...







Do you ever embroider small lettering that seems to disappear completely in to the fabric? Sometimes it seems that there is more thread on the underside of the material than on the top!

There are some simple things you can do to make sure that your small lettering and designs come out looking as crisp and clear as any of your creations. Here are some tips to keep your small embroidery looking its best!


Note: The lettering on the bear is very small. The capital letter on the script name is only 1/4" tall! The lower case letters are only 3/16" tall. Yest they are very clean and readable.

1. Choose simple lettering styles.

Try to avoid extra fancy script or serif block styles. Serifs are the extensions and "feet" on the bottoms and tops of letters.


2. Check to see if your software has lettering styles that have been created especially for small sizes.

These commonly state the size they were created for right in the name such as 1/4" block, 5mm block or small block. These have been digitized using special construction techniques that avoid bulk and add width.

3. If you are familiar with your software, adjust density and pull compensation.

Use lighter density settings that place fewer stitches into your small lettering and designs. Also, add pull compensation at 10% to 20% to make your small lettering "chunkier" and help avoid the disappearing act.

4. Use toppings on unstable fabrics.

Use a water-soluble topping on fabrics that you might not use toppings on. For example, unstable T-shirt knots will benefit from a topping. This helps minimize the effect of the ribs in the knit, and also eliminates the tendency of the presser foot to push the unstable material around during stitching. I used a topping on the smooth knit in this photo.

5. Use a small needle size, such as a 70/10 0r 65/9.

6. Use the smaller size 60 weight thread available now. Madeira and Sulky both offer this thread type that makes your smaller embroidery much cleaner.

You can get small designs like the megaphone in the picture at my web site


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irishrose379 11/19/2011 7:08:20 AM

excellent tips! Many I would never have thought of. Thank you!


Being new to the world of embroidery, I have really struggled with this exact problem. Can hardly wait to try out your tips and tricks! Thank you!

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