A Freebie and Tip #4 Alpha Xpress Customizes Words

Some days I cannot find my keys, or my glasses or whatever I really need. Too often, I cannot find a file I need and that presents a lot of problems for me. I am always on a schedule and get frustrated with delays!  This small application is really worth its weight in gold and then some.

Check out FileSeek. With this app you can search for text matches, folders and sub-solders, match 1 or MORE file patterns, exclude 1 or MORE file patterns and filter results by last modified date.  That is one hefty bevy of ways to get your file. I am sure that this was suggested from someone just like me, organized in my own, less than effective manner. 

Oh, yes, it is free, they ask for a donation. If you really like the app, consider giving $5 or more to support these types of things.

I really love Alpha Xpress AND, all of the fonts are on sale, and I really love sales!! In my embroidery business, I use it daily and it saves me so much time that I can really do some creative things rather than do the drudgery of putting things together. This blog is about something that I recently did for a friend and felt like I was really smart for making the wording truly unique.

I could not wait to try out my new fonts, I got two this time - Sweet Tweet and Precious. These are truly all purpose fonts because they are easy to read and don't add any embellishment to the design. I want the embroidery to be the star and the lettering to convey my thoughts. Sometimes I want the font to make a statement such as in an ornate monogram, but not with this type of design.

I downloaded my fonts and installed them.  If you have questions about the installation, check my blog for the instructions. 

I am starting with my Sweet Tweets which is a well defined, well digitized lettering. I was playing with the name itself.



The green square on each letter indicates that that letter can be handled individually. That is where the fun begins. I selected the capital T.  



Using the upper left corner, I enlarged just that letter.



Using the green square again, I moved the T into the position of my choice.



Now I am ready to add my design and I select "Merge Stitch File" from the File Menu. That is the best part of the over all design, I just need to have a design to add, and my creation will be ready to sew out.



I love this little bird, and perched him on the S where he can tweet away.



I am having a lot of fun generating something from my vision, that is what embroidery is all about. I enjoy my craft and get that satisfaction for my creative side. 


Next, I am using the Precious Font. Precious has a little whimsy but still very clean and excellent lines.  For this design, rather than selecting "Text," I selected "Circle."  I have been playing with it, and this is going to be a baby announcement with a lot of precious personality.



The Welcome is going to be my top arc.  I can make this up as I go along, but I had a circle in mind for the over all design.



I created a second arc and put the name in it. I also selected the "Invert" box.



Using the center cross, I move my arcs into a circular position. Since they have a different number of letters, they are not creating a circle just yet.



Next, I am moving my upper letters to create my circle.  I can have it as an oval as well. There are so many options.



Back to my "Merge Stitch File" for my design, a little wiggling her around in the center and - I have a great design.  I could add the birth date,, weight and length to the bottom if I like for a wonderful wall hanging for the nursery.


 Love it!!  On to play more with my Alpha Xpress!!!


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Thanks. Good instructions.

thecomputerist 1/16/2011 2:35:45 PM

Thank you for your comment, Sacleland!  Comments make my work so much more joyous for me!!

I find that adding pictures makes it more interesting and easier to understand. Not all of us can 'see' things in our minds eye.  

I had so much fun doing these designs, I could have tried more things to make different shapes.


This is great!  As someone who just started embroidery and is searching for every piece of information available, this is fantastic.  Pictures, information, and everything else are great.  Thank you!

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