Free Slideshow Program and Alphabet Xpress Tip #3, stitch view

There are several very nice slideshow programs on the Internet, but I thought that this one was the best.   Most of the freebies are minimal and require that you download their data down to your PC.  As I have noted several times, more and more of the software will be purchased/used/available on the Internet as time goes by.  Enormous program files will make this a necessity, and frankly, it will keep the ‘non-paying clients' to a minimum.  (If I do the work, I expect to be paid fairly and honorably too!)  Additionally, you don't have to worry about a virus or other sneaky thing being added to your PC. 

PhotoShop -

World English Dictionary

Photoshop  (ˈfəʊtəʊˌʃɒp)

- vb  , -shops , -shopping , -shopped

( tr ) to alter (a digital photograph or other image), using an image editing application, especially Adobe Photoshop


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is actually now a recognized word in the English language.  Just like Kleenex and Xerox became verbs, so has photoshop  become household words.  It is at  After signing up, everything is relatively easy. 



I went into "My Gallery" in "Me" and pressed Upload. 

I created a new album, uploaded some photos and was able to select, add more for photos that were not in that particular folder.  I thought that was really handy.


I completed my upload and I selected a few options for my slideshow.


Next, I created an album for my photos and selected the photos using the ‘shift-click' on the first and last photos.  I dragged that group, which were highlighted with a blue box, into that album. 


Next, I was given the Properties box.  Think of properties as the ‘under-pinnings' of your album, sort of the ‘who, what, where, when, etc.'



Make your selections and press Done.   At the bottom you will see the Slideshow option.



You will select "Midnight" because the plus sign on the upper right of "33 mm slides" and "3D Globe" are only available if you make a purchase of the full software. 




There are a few more options to select.  They are simple, but I really liked the fact that you can use ‘fade' or ‘dissolve' with your photos.



 All you need to do now is decide to whom you will be sending your slideshow.  I choose you!

 See my finished project.


My next tip for Alphabet Xpress is one that I found to be so interesting that I could hardly wait to tell you about it. 

I do hankies for weddings and often the bride will want to have a large amount of text placed on her hankie.   I have to make a decision as to which font to use after the bride has told me what she has in mind.  Generally, it is either italic or not - -

I also want to be able to know how that font really looks, again Alphabet Xpress to the rescue.

Here is one of my hankie monologues.  It is in 3D and has a choppy look.


Notice, this is no small design, it is well over 13,000 stitches! 

Next, I want to see that design in detail.

I am zooming in and see why there is a somewhat choppy look.  Then I go further into the zoom feature.


What a view!!!  It is like looking at the wing of a fly!  I can see the underlay as well as the stitching.

 I chose another stitch to see if it will meet my needs better.


And a third font!  I really know that my design will appear exactly as I am planning.

How terrific is that!


ps:   How would you like to have a new embroidery machine?  Or, is there someone in your life who would love to have an embroidery machine of their own?  Check this out!    

You may ask me, if you already have a machine with all those lovely bells and whistles, why would you want this machine?  Simple, if your baby is in the shop, or you are doing a lot of projects for an upcoming event, a second machine is wonderful.   You do know, of course, that many of us still have a second machine that we do use from time to time?  That is not generally true of most other crafts, but embroiderers want to hang on to their special, older children!

This may be a beginner type of machine, but you can bet that it has a lot of great features.  Just a few are:

    • Computer Connectivity with Update Capabilities - USB Cable
    • 70 built-in embroidery designs, 5 monogramming fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations
    • 67 built-in sewing stitches with 98 stitch functions - Duo, both sewing and embroidery
    • Easy-to-view back-lit, touch screen LCD display - Easy to use
    • On-screen reference guide in 16 languages - Help is at your fingertips
    • Quick-Set™ drop-in bobbin and automatic needle threader
    • Built-in push button thread cutter
    • Large 4” x 4” embroidery area
    • Brightly lit LED work area

    Drawing will be held on 11/23, so time is fleeting!  GOOD LUCK!!!


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