21st Century Hooping

21st Century Hooping

Machine embroidery advances are being driven by the same things that drive the computer industry - High interest, Innovative ideas and human ingenuity. 

With so many new embroidery products on the market, one can hardly get to know what they do and why an item should be bought unless they can see a full demonstration.  This is why I encourage everyone to attend classes and programs for embroiderers so that you can keep up with it all.

I fell in love with this item at the Stitchin' Sisters event last month in San Marcos, California.  Because the concept of the embroidery hoop has not really changed much in hundreds of years, this idea really caught my eye.

Snap-HoopTM is the brain child of the Designs in Machine Embroidery people.   This trusted brand of multiple embroidery materials has created something that has great features.  

I purchased the magnetic hoop and used it on my first project.  It requires a few seconds to assemble using the 4 ruler strips that are included.  Just the rulers on the hoop were a great idea that I wish my other hoops had as well.




The rulers are self adhesive and were easy to apply.  You may also recognize the target stickers that are a great way to be sure your item will be placed where you want it.  I use them frequently; they are especially great if you want to position a design at an angle. 

Next, I placed one of my pre-cut pieces of stabilizer and quickly noticed that it was 4" too long for this hoop.  I cut several pieces of my own stabilizer to save time.  This hoop will be saving about a full piece of stabilizer for every 3 pieces I use.  That means I use 33% less stabilizer:  for every three that I would have gotten, I now get four pieces.  (Heavy duty math on this one!)




Next, I hooped my fabric.  I wanted to be sure that I was square on my garment and I can see that I am right on target.




Those extra markings on the rulers make it a snap to be in alignment!

Because I do so many of them, I know to use two pieces of stabilizer in the magnetic hoop for this fabric.  One attached to the hoop and one floating.  The floating is usually a piece left over from another project.




I just need to place the hoop on my machine.  The machine recognizes the hoop just like it recognized the original ones.




My project is done and perfectly aligned.

I will be doing a continuous embroidery such as an edge around a pillowcase.  The significant benefit will be that, after stitching the first set of designs, I will just lift the top frame and slide the fabric.  Replace the top frame and I will be ready to go!  Eileen has generously given this design for you to try for the endless hooping.  You can see my instructions for endless hooping at my blog.


Just like the pastic hoops, I did notice that really thin fabric like shears and organzas tended to slip a little.  I used a little painters tape, running it down the face of the bottom hoop for more grab.  That seemed to work just fine.

For more benefits, check the Snap-HoopTM videos right here at AnnTheGran.  Welcome to the 21st Century hoop!


Note:  My last blog was about a Bridal FSL Glove.  One comment was that the reader had a shrinkage problem because the thread was cotton.  I had the same problem the next time I created the glove.   I solved that issue by using a thick (2") piece of Styrofoam and pinned (about 25 pins) the stretched glove to it while it dried. 

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Great tip on using Snap Hoop for sheers and organzas.  

Can't wait to try it.  Glad you like Snap-Hoop, I know it's my favorite hoop!

Eileen Roche

Just wondered if the snap hoop would fit my Brother Pacemaker ULT2003 machine. Please advise. Thank you. sherrysews669@cox.net

Will there ever be a snop hoop for the janome 350e. That machine connects to the machine different then most.  Sandy

If you don't pre-cut your stabilizer, and just let extra hang over the side (I roll and pin sometimes), you can get even more use out of it. You can hoop close to where your last design was instead of a few inches away...


I also would love a snap hoop for the Janome 200E.  Would make embroidering so much easier.  Anne

I got the Snap Hoop back in the summer when they introduced it for the Viking.  I love it now, but didn't realize I would need a software upgrade to allow me to use the 120 mm hoop.  So, off to the shop.  I noticed your comment about slippery fabric & I made my own "Hoop Grip" from a "fabric-type rug grip" -- it's almost like a dense, thin batting & goes between rugs to keep from shifting -- it's not the rubbery one w/ the holes.  I cut it to fit the frame & cut out the inside square & it works great!  BTW - great idea on the pillowcases!  

You are so clever!  I am unfamiliar with what is going to be available.  I have asked Designs in Machine Embroidery respond to those questions.

This is really one excellent tool.  Is it perfect?  Well, the slippery fabric is an issue, but EKWMS has a better idea that I did!  

Over and over, I learn as much from you all as I do from researching my projects for this blog.

I love doing the blog and so appreciate all your comments.


Sherry, we do not have a Snap Hoop for the ULT machines at this time. We are currently working on various versions of Snap-Hoop to accomodate all manufacturers and models.  Look for new releases throughout 2011.  Check back here on Ann The Gran or visit the Designs in Machine Embroidery site (www.dzgns.com) for updates.

I cant believe all this is happening in embroidery.  fantastic

Love your blog.  I did see some FSL mini ornaments you did and how to dry them so they dont curl.  Did you digitize them yourself or purchase?  If purchased where did you get them? Thanks much

Thank you all for comments!  They make me feel like I am doing something worthy of your time.  That is very rewarding for me!!

Suemn - You can see the FSL info at:  www.annthegran.com/.../...presents-bridal-fsl.aspx">www.annthegran.com/.../...presents-bridal-fsl.aspx  

I get the designs from Emblibrary.com.  IMHO, they are one of the 'go to' places for FSL.  I use a couple of others as well, and an upcoming blog will have more Christmas, Holiday FSL items.

I don't digitize for many reasons, the foremost of which is that I don't have an artistic eye.  I can see it when others do it, but I cannot create myself.

When I first saw FSL, it was the first thing I wanted to do, and it is still my favorite!


noninademama 11/13/2011 1:14:22 AM

What a fantastic hoop, I have a Janome 11000, will there be a snap Hoop for that model???? I can't wait to have one .....


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