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This is going to be a quick post, but I just was working with the Pashminas that I sell on Etsy, and it occurred to me that you might like to hear about a few things I've learned.  They sell the blank ones here on AnnTheGran - the shipping and handling are FREE - you cannot beat that for a good deal!

These wraps are selling like crazy this time of year, and thought that I might share a little something with you about how I work with my projects that are for sale.  From the amount of interest there was in my Embroidery Analysis spreadsheet, it seems quite a few of you out there are selling your projects as well. I don't need to tell you that handmade should not look like it was done by a 4 year old, unless, of course, you are a 4 year old!

I do use the "Sulky Heat Away" stabilizer because I am going to lightly press the shawl before sending out to my client anyway, so the Heat Away is ideal for this use. 


It is difficult to see this clear stabilizer, and I did cut away most of it for a quicker removal process.  Additionally, I was concerned about the Rayon pashmina and the effect on it, but there were no problems!!


In about 10 seconds, the results were those small plastic 'pebbles' you see in the second photo.  The iron is clean as a whistle and I have a lovely, pressed pashmina ready to mail to my client.


I was delighted with the results and the rayon is perfect as well.  These are really a gift that will be used many times, not only as a wrap, but also as a little lap blanket.


How do you suppose the photos of Mason and sleepy Addison got on here???  Well, it was a Thanksgiving and Christmas combination because we came from San Diego and Chicago to Phoenix. 

Best wishes to you and yours for a joyous and healthy season, Pat

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tourlady522 12/6/2008 1:40:28 PM

Hi Pat,

When you iron the Heat Away do you put something on top of it so it does not stick to the iron or can you just iron over it?

kjembroidery 12/6/2008 1:56:49 PM


do you use the heat away underneath too?  

How cute, how cute...

thanks for the tip on the heat away.

have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

cme   8^)                       *

                                    /   \

                                  /_  _ \

                                     | |

tourlady-The instructions did not say anything about sticking to the iron.  When I pressed the iron on to it, it did seem to drag a little, but I was committed at that point and waited about 10 or so seconds and there was no harm to fabric or iron.  The plastic residue was present, but I just pushed them aside and I was done!

kj-I only used the heat away on the bottom for stabilizing.  I have embroidered pashminas before and did not have to use a topper, this was a bottom stabilizer.   I used the same color on both top and bobbin, so the cat looks right on each side, there is no right and wrong side for fabric or design.

The pashminas look better when they have a light (very light) pressing, but the original pashminas are a natural fabric, and as such are meant to be a little wrinkled.  Some times I think we get a little too fussy about being 'pressed' and polished.  Nature is so much more forgiving and softly loving to us.


My blog on Leather was not advertised last weekend and if you missed it, please look at the "Blog Archive List" on the left side of this blog.  (November 2008)

I am pleased with my leather experience and want to share it with all of you.  It was easier than I expected!


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