Cross Stitch on Your Embroidery Machine

If you love the look of cross-stitch but don’t want to bother with the counting and charts, you will be happy to know that it can be stitched on your embroidery machine in a fraction of the time with Vermillion Stitchery. Better yet, it’s on sale!


                12 days                                Victorian Santas              Christmas Borders


There are dozens of adorable designs, and your friends will be amazed that you didn’t stitch it by hand.

            Antique Cats                                      Toddler Toys                       Birthstone Fairies

Here are some tips for stitching cross stitch designs by machine.

Fabric Type

You can embroider on any fabric but to make these designs look even more realistic, stitch them on the same fabrics used for counted cross stitch, Aida cloth. Other good choices are linen and woven fabrics.



If the item will be framed or sewn into a project, like a pillow or ornament, where the back will not show, you can use a mesh cut-away on the back.


For items like towels, where the back will show, use a fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer so that it can be removed, leaving just your stitches showing.


To keep your stitches from sinking into the fabric, you may also want to use a water-soluble topper or heat-away topper.


Rayons are beautiful, but a cotton thread, especially heavier threads like 12 wt. Aurifil, will make your designs look more like they were stitched by hand. Standard embroidery thread is 40 wt. Remember, the smaller the weight, the larger the thread diameter.


Finishing Up

If you don’t want the stitches to show, use Cover-a-stitch. Typically used on the inside of embroidered shirts to prevent scratching, it can also be used to cover the back of embroidery. This works particularly well if the item is white, like a hand towel or dish towel.


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